Medical Genius Chapter 997


                Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia had eaten out with friends and drove home.

                When they reached a deserted area, two vans suddenly rushed out from the side, one in front of the other, squeezing Xu Hanxia's Maserati in the middle.

                A couple of people came out of the vans, rushed over and opened the doors, and went straight to pull Xu Hanxia out.

                Lin Mo frowned and rushed out of the car at the first opportunity, reached out and pressed the roof of the car, jumped straight over and kicked one of them to the ground.

                Seeing this, the man behind him pulled out a machete from his body and fiercely slashed towards Lin Mo's back.

                Lin Mo spun around, dodging the slash from behind, and at the same time turned around, grabbed the man's wrist, pulled the machete back from his hand and slashed him halfway across the face.

                The man let out a scream and his whole face was almost split in half. The scar was expected to follow him for the rest of his life.

                A few more people got out of the van, one of them, none other than Binzi, who had followed Chen Hao in the morning.

                After Lin had promised to help Chen Hao, he had them bailed out.

                When he saw Lin Mo, his eyes were full of resentment, "Brother Black, it's this kid!"

                Standing next to him was a dark-skinned man, none other than Brother Lin's henchman, Old Black.

                Old Black's gaze was icy as he said in a deep voice, "Quite a tough spot!"

                "Humph, kill him!"

                Several people around him immediately rushed over, pulling out their weapons and attacking Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo didn't say a word and rushed out ahead of him, landing a straight punch right on the chest of the man at the front.

                The man quickly flew backwards and crashed into the van behind him, shattering several of the van's windows.

                A sharp aura flashed in Old Black's eyes, the power of Lin Mo's blow had shaken him too.

                And Lin Mo didn't stop there, he once again struck out to kill several other people.

                This time, Lin Mo did not show the slightest bit of mercy!

                If these people had attacked him, that was fine.

                However, if they had attacked Xu Hanxia, they had violated Lin Mo's bottom line, so he would not show any mercy!

                In a short while, all seven or eight of them fell to the ground, letting out harsh roars of pain.

                Old Black's face changed, he didn't expect that Lin Mo's strength would be so strong.

                Lin Mo glanced at Binzi and finally stared straight at Old Black: "Who told you to come?"

                Old Black gave a fierce laugh, "Want to know?"

                "Defeat old me, and I'll tell you!"

                Lin Mo didn't say anything, he rushed straight up and punched Old Black.

                Old Black sneered, "Bagua Fist, humph, try my Wing Chun!"

                As he spoke, his hands were already raised and his right arm swept across, ready to sweep Lin Mo's fist away.

                However, he still underestimated Lin Mo's strength.

                His right arm swept against Lin Mo's wrist as if it had hit an iron pillar, unable to shake a single bit.

                Old Black's face changed completely and he wanted to retreat, but it was already too late.

                Lin Mo punched him directly in the chest, and Old Black involuntarily retreated several steps, barely standing still, as a sweetness came to his throat and he vomited out several mouthfuls of blood one after another.

                "Nothing more than that!"

                Lin Mo sneered.

                Old Black clenched his teeth and stared at Lin Mo with a deadly stare, "Who are you ...... you really are?"

                "Guang Yang City, when did an expert like you come out?"

                Lin Mo was too lazy to talk nonsense to him and said directly, "Say, who the hell told you to come?"

                Old Black gritted his teeth and didn't say anything.

                Lin Mo also didn't bother to pay attention to him and turned directly to Binzi: "You say?"

                Binzi trembled in fear and said in a trembling voice, "It's ...... Liu Lin!"

                Lin Mo frowned, "Liu Lin?"

                He remembered this name, Chen Hao had mentioned it several times in the morning, but Lin Mo didn't give it a second thought.

                Unexpectedly, this Liu Lin was so bold, he dared to send someone to attack him at night ah!

                Lin Mo frowned, he remembered the name Liu Lin, Chen Hao had mentioned it several times in the morning.

                "I didn't go looking for him, but he came looking for me first!"

                "What does he want?"