Medical Genius Chapter 996

 Lin had a disdainful look on his face, "What kind of beauty dares to say the word stunning?"

                "Kid, don't you fucking brag."

                "I've even played with stars, so don't bring up your trashy stuff!"

                Chen Hao heatedly smiled, "Brother Lin, let me put it to you this way."

                "There's no need to mention the stars you've played with, even the first-rate stars you haven't played with are not as pretty as this beauty!"

                "This beauty is definitely hundreds of times more beautiful than the most beautiful girl you've ever played with!"

                Brother Lin instantly came to life as he glared at Chen Hao: "You're not fucking bragging, are you?"

                "Prettier than even a first-rate star? I don't believe you!"

                Chen Hao said urgently, "Really, Brother Lin, do I dare to lie to you?"

                "Moreover, I'll tell you this. Not only is this a beautiful woman, she's also a white rich woman!"

                "Driving a Maserati CEO, that guy, with a thin waist and long legs, when he sits in the car, he will kill the current spokesperson of Maserati!"

                "That's a standard top celebrity!"

                Liu Lin's eyes lit up, "Really?"

                "Where is it?"

                "Hurry up and get it over here!"

                Chen Hao looked a little embarrassed, "But, it's slightly troublesome."

                "She has a husband ......"

                Liu Lin disdainfully brushed his mouth, "What's wrong with having a husband?"

                "Over the years, is there still less married women that Laozi has played with?"

                "Let me tell you, this kind of female is the most fun to play with!"

                Chen Hao immediately laughed: "It's still you, Brother Lin, who knows how to play."

                "However, she ...... her husband, is quite capable of fighting."

                "Several brothers around me, have been injured by him ......"

                Liu Lin frowned: "Or a practitioner!"

                "Haozi, you're not trying to introduce me to a beautiful woman, you want me to help you take revenge, right?"

                Chen Hao was instantly filled with embarrassment, "Brother Lin, I ...... I certainly do want you to help me take revenge."

                "This beauty, however, is really beautiful."

                "Moreover, I even reported your name today, Brother Lin, and that son of a bitch didn't even give face, and said that you're nothing."

                "I ...... am not angry for you too?"

                Liu Lin slapped the table and sneered, "Yo, this guy is still arrogant!"

                "What does this person do? What's his name?"

                Chen Hao hurriedly said, "I've made some enquiries, this kid's name is Lin Mo, he works at the hospital, he's the head of one of the hospital departments!"

                Liu Lin thought carefully, "What Lin Mo, I've never heard of him."

                "Hmph, just some small person."

                Chen Hao was immediately happy: "Brother Lin, you ...... you are willing to help me take revenge?"

                Liu Lin glanced at Chen Hao: "To help you take revenge, that depends on whether you are sincere or not!"

                Chen Hao hurriedly said, "Brother Lin, I really want to follow you!"

                "You are my big brother, in the future, if you have anything to do, I ...... I will definitely help you to do it!"

                Liu Lin waved his hand: "Don't be later, just now."

                "That chick you brought over last time is nice, let me play with her?"

                Chen Hao froze: "Which time?"

                Liu Lin: "Just the one you brought over last time, what's her name Lin Lin?"

                Chen Hao was a bit confused: "Brother Lin, that ...... is my girlfriend ah ......"

                Liu Lin glanced at him, "Girlfriend?"

                "Fuck, you say that, don't you feel ashamed of yourself?"

                "You fuck, in the old me this sub, picking up how many horses, you still have the face to say what girlfriend?"

                "You're just playing around with her, a woman, just playing around, you're still afraid I'll play her badly?"

                Chen Hao took a deep breath and analysed the situation carefully for a while.

                He didn't plan to go with Lin Lin for long either, it would be too good a deal to exchange Lin Lin for Liu Lin's support for himself.

                So, he immediately nodded, "No problem, Brother Lin, I'll help you arrange it!"

                Liu Lin smiled with his eyebrows and patted Chen Hao's shoulder, "Haozi, you have a future!"

                "Don't worry, follow me, in this part of the university city, absolutely no one dares to touch you!"

                "Right, go find Old Black, tell him to bring a few people and get that chick over to me."

                "F*ck, she's prettier than a star? I really want to see it!"