Medical Genius Chapter 993

 Lin Mo stood at the back with a speechless face.

                This girl, gave off the impression that she was completely brainwashed.

                The captain walked over to Lin Mo and whispered, "Director Lin, this your friend?"

                Lin Mo shook his head helplessly, "Not a friend, it's a relative of mine."

                "Just that patient upstairs, Fang Qian, do you know?"

                The captain nodded his head repeatedly, "Oh, I've heard of it. Didn't you say that her daughter was very ungrateful?"

                Lin Mo nodded, "That's my sister-in-law, that girl just now, that's her daughter!"

                The captain's eyes widened, "What?"

                "This ...... this is her daughter?"

                "Oh my god, what kind of person is this?"

                "Mr. Lin, if this was in my temper, I would have smacked her face long ago!"

                "Her mother is like that, why does she still care about that what's-his-name husband?"

                Lin Mo sighed helplessly, he was quite speechless too.

                After contacting Fang Wu De, the two soon met up at a secluded teahouse.

                This was the Fang family's property, and Lin Mo had come in after disguising himself, so no one could even know about Lin Mo's meeting with Fang Wu De.

                The Fang Family, was also a back up for Lin Mo to stay with the Ten Great Families, to facilitate understanding the news from the Ten Great Families' side.

                Lin Mo directly explained his intention to Fang Wude, who pondered for a long time and shook his head, "Mr. Lin, this matter, I really haven't received any news."

                "However, I can tell you with certainty that if this matter, there are really ten major clans intervening."

                "Then, there is one family that is definitely involved!"

                Lin Mo immediately asked, "Which family?"

                Fang Wude took a deep breath, "The Liu family!"

                Lin Mo was puzzled, "The Liu family? Why?"

                Fang Wude: "The ten largest families in Guangyang City each have their own industries. Except for some particularly large industries, most of the others, are near monopolistic in nature."

                "The Liu family, on the other hand, has a monopoly on various construction and decoration materials in Guangyang City."

                "If someone wants to target you from this aspect, they will have to have the Liu family's support."

                Lin Mo nodded slowly, he already had a clue in his mind.

                Fang Wude looked at Lin Mo and whispered, "Right, Mr. Lin."

                "Recently, some people from the Miaojiang compulsion clan came to me, asking about Master Sanzhuo."

                "I told them, as you said, that Master Sanzhuo had suddenly left last time."

                "They didn't suspect either, they just told me to keep looking for clues about the girl."

                Lin Mo couldn't help but frown, there were quite a few people from Miaojiang.

                It looked like he had to start preparing for his own plan!

                "Alright, I know about this matter."

                "You continue to do as I said, don't pay any attention to them."

                "After this period of time, I will personally come and settle this matter!"

                Lin Mo said softly.

                Fang Wu De gently breathed a sigh of relief, he was still very scornful of the Miaojiang compulsion tribe.

                If Lin Mo could solve this matter, then he would have nothing to worry about.


                Police station near the hospital.

                Lin Lin had just taken a taxi and arrived here when she saw Hao, who had a swollen face, walking out.

                "Honey, how are you doing?"

                Lynn hurriedly greeted her.

                Hao glared at her and said indignantly, "How do you think I am?"

                "Don't you have eyes? Can't you see for yourself?"

                Linlin blushed a little embarrassed and whispered, "Honey, does that ...... hurt you?"

                Hao: "Nonsense, I beat you up like this, do you think you're in pain?"

                "I said why did you net say such useless nonsense afterwards?"

                Linlin lowered her head and dared not speak, afraid of angering Brother Hao.

                Hao looked impatient, "By the way, do you have any money?"

                "Binzi and the others are carrying controlled knives, I'm afraid it's a bit of a problem."

                "I want to bail them out!"