Medical Genius Chapter 991

 Lin Mo nodded slowly, "It looks like someone is really out to get us!"

                "Who do you think, who could have done this?"

                Lao Hu pondered for a moment, "I think that the Ten Families are the most likely."

                "In Guangyang City, there aren't many people who can control the market."

                "Master Tian and General Huang wouldn't do this, so it would have to be the Ten Great Families!"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "Do you think that the Ten Families alone would dare to do this?"

                Lao Hu froze for a moment, "Brother Lin, you mean that behind the Ten Great Families, there is someone else?"

                "But, if you look at the entire Guangyang City, the only people who can back up the Ten Families are Master Tian and General Huang ......"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "Don't set your eyes on Guangyang City, you can look farther."

                Laohu took a deep breath: "Put farther away, you mean, the provincial city?"

                Lin Mo didn't answer and said directly, "You first find out clearly, who is holding the materials in Guangyang City!"

                "For the rest, take your time!"

                Lao Hu immediately nodded, "Okay, Brother Lin, I'll go do it now."

                Putting down the phone, Lin Mo fell into deep thought.

                Guangyang City, where Nanba Tian was sitting, had always been calm and quiet, so something like this would definitely not happen.

                It looked like it was his own rise that had attracted the attention of certain people.

                It could be Nanba Tian's enemy, or it could be his own enemy!

                However, no matter whose enemy it was, since the other party dared to strike, they had come prepared.

                Nanba Tian was about to leave, and in a year's time, Lin Mo had to grow enough to defend himself.

                Otherwise, after Nanba Tian left, he would be the fish on the chopping block!

                This time, the other party was just a test.

                It was a test of his ability, and it was also a test of Nanba Tian's reaction.

                He had to handle this matter well, this little matter, he couldn't let Nanba Tian take action!

                Otherwise, he would not be qualified to receive the forces left behind by Nanba Tian!

                After pondering for a while in his office, Lin Mo took out his mobile phone again and contacted Fang Wu De, inviting him out for tea.

                If it was really the side of the Ten Great Families that wanted to deal with Lin Mo, then Tiger might not be able to find out anything, as they were definitely on guard against Tiger.

                Among the Ten Families, the Zhou Family was now very close to Lin Mo, and those people were definitely also on guard against the Zhou Family.

                Therefore, if you want to figure out what's going on here, it's most appropriate to start with the Fang family's side.


                In the middle of the compound.

                Linlin took the money and went downstairs gleefully, looked around and found that her companions who had come with her had disappeared.

                She walked up to a security guard, "Hey, let me ask you, where are those guys who were here earlier?"

                The guard gave her a disgruntled look and returned indifferently, "I don't know!"

                Lynn was annoyed, "So many people standing here and you don't know where they went?"

                "Do you grow eyes to take out your anger?"

                The guard was a little annoyed, "My duty, is to patrol the hospital, not to watch people for you."

                "If you can't find anyone, you can go to the police, it's not my responsibility or obligation to help you find them!"

                Lynn was instantly annoyed and pointed at the security guard, "How do you talk?"

                "What kind of attitude are you having?"

                "What, I shouldn't ask you should I?"

                The security guard didn't bother to pay attention to her, turned his head and walked away.

                "Hey, I haven't finished my sentence, have I let you go?"

                "What kind of quality is that?"

                "What kind of crappy hospital is this, why did they get this kind of trash to be the security guard!"

                Lynn followed behind, cursing angrily.

                The guard was completely enraged, he turned his head and pointed at Linlin: "Shut up!"

                "Try swearing one more time!"

                Startled, Lynn strained her neck and said, "Who are you scaring?"

                "I'm telling you, my husband is around here!"

                "Later when they come, I'll get you killed!"