Medical Genius Chapter 990

 Linlin took the money and went downstairs, looked around and found that her companions who had come with her were gone.

                She couldn't help but be surprised and walked up to a security guard, "Hey, let me ask you, where are those people who were here earlier?"

                The guard gave her a disgruntled look and returned indifferently, "I don't know!"

                Lynn was annoyed, "So many people standing here and you don't know where they went?"

                "Do you grow eyes to take out your anger?"

                The guard was a little annoyed, "My duty, is to patrol the hospital, not to watch people for you."

                "If you can't find anyone, you can go to the police, it's not my responsibility or obligation to help you find them!"

                Lynn was instantly annoyed and pointed at the security guard, "How do you talk?"

                "What kind of attitude are you having?"

                "What, I shouldn't ask you should I?"

                The security guard didn't bother to pay attention to her, turned his head and walked away.

                "Hey, I haven't finished my sentence, have I let you go?"

                "What kind of quality is that?"

                "What kind of crappy hospital is this, why did they find such trash to be security guards!"

                Lynn followed behind, cursing angrily.

                The guard was completely enraged, he turned his head and pointed at Linlin: "Shut up!"

                "Try swearing one more time!"

                Startled, Lynn strained her neck and said, "Who are you scaring?"

                "I'm telling you, my husband is around here!"

                "Later when they come, I'll get you killed!"

                The guard was furious, clenching his fists and wanting to lash out.

                Just then, the captain walked over.

                "What's wrong?"

                "What's happening?"

                Lynn immediately said, "Hey, you're just in time."

                "Look at this security guard of yours, I asked him a question nicely, and even if he doesn't answer, he still wants to hit someone?"

                "What kind of hospital is this, what kind of quality is this person you have hired?"

                "You tell him to apologize to me immediately, otherwise, I'm going to file a complaint against you!"

                The captain frowned and looked at the security guard.

                The guard angrily told what had just happened.

                The captain glanced at Linlin: "Sorry, this young lady, our security guards, are not obliged to watch your friend for you."

                "Also, we work here as security guards, it's just a job, it's not something to be ashamed of, I hope you can respect us!"

                Lynn glared, "How am I disrespecting you guys?"

                The captain laughed, not bothering to explain.

                "You're looking for those young men who were here earlier, aren't you?"

                The captain asked.

                Immediately, Lynn said, "That's right, where are they?"

                The captain took over, "Was there a man in there called Ho?"

                Lynn smiled instantly, "That's right, that's my husband."

                "Where's he gone now?"

                Captain: "Oh, they've been taken away by the police!"

                Lynn's eyes widened, "What?"

                "How did that happen?"

                Captain: "They entered the hospital with a controlled knife and tried to attack one of our doctors, causing bad publicity."

                "The hospital authorities called the police and have arrested them."

                Lynn was furious: "You called the police?"

                "Who are you to take my husband and the others away?"

                "This matter, it must be that doctor of yours who has the problem!"

                "Otherwise, how would my husband attack a shitty doctor of yours here for no reason?"

                The captain was speechless, this woman, her brain circuit is really quite new ah.

                "Get it straight!"

                "You are the husband, molesting this doctor's wife of ours, that's why the two sides clashed."

                The captain said back in a deep voice.

                Lynn froze and then whirled around and said angrily, "What did you ...... you say?"

                "My husband molested this doctor's wife?"

                "You fart!"

                "You piece of trash, you want to frame my husband? Dream on!"

                "My husband said he would only love me in his life, he wouldn't even look at another woman, how could he molest another woman!"

                "It must be you people, who are collaborating to slander my husband, I won't let you go!"