Medical Genius Chapter 99-100

 Chapter 99

Madam Huang was surprised, "What's the difference?"

                Divine Doctor Xue said, "Of course it's different!"

                "As the saying goes, a medicine is three times more poisonous."

                "If you take so many medicines, they will definitely be toxic."

                "If the sores were on the arms and legs, it wouldn't be a big deal to take some medicine."

                "But it's on the stomach, where all the internal organs are."

                "If you take that much medicine, the toxicity will eat away at your internal organs."

                "By then, if the sores are not cured, I am afraid that Mr. Huang's internal organs will rot first."

                Mrs. Huang was confused, "Then ...... how can this be cured?"

                The divine Doctor Xue looked at Lin Mo: "Mr. Lin, do you have any high opinion?"

                Lin Mo glanced at Mrs. Huang: "How much are you willing to pay to save your husband?"

                "I'm willing to pay any amount of money!"

                Mrs. Huang blurted out, without hesitation.

                Huang Yongfeng was the backbone of the family, if Huang Yongfeng lived, any amount of three hundred million could be earned.

                If Huang Yongfeng was gone, then his family would probably be finished.

                Without Huang Yongfeng's might, the family behind the Huang family, would definitely want to seize power immediately.

                Madam Huang and Young Huang, orphans and widows, how could they be a match for those in the family?

                "Three hundred million, you're willing to do that too?" Lin Mo asked rhetorically.

                Madam Huang did not hesitate: "Willing! Willing! Divine Doctor Lin, I beg you, save my husband."

                Next to her, Elder Yue and the others also nodded secretly, Huang Yongfeng's one life was worth three hundred million!

                Lin Mo looked at Huang Yongfeng's sphinx sore and took the silver needle pack out.

                "Mr. Lin, this sphinx sore, it can still be treated with acupuncture?" Divine Doctor Xue exclaimed.

                Lin Mo shook his head, "The sphinx sore, it doesn't need to be treated."

                "No need for treatment?" The crowd exclaimed in shock.

                A deadly thing that still didn't need treatment?

                Lin Mo explained, "A sphinx sore is not a bad thing. On the contrary, it's a good thing!"

                Yue Lao was shocked, "No way? Didn't you say that this disease could kill people?"

                Lin Mo laughed, "In a way, it can be said to be a new birth for the human body."

                "It's like a new life, birthed inside the body."

                "The sphinx sore, will absorb the nutrient essence of the body."

                "If you don't deal with it and all the nutrient essence of the body is absorbed by the sphinx sores, then the body will definitely die."

                "But if you can successfully draw it in and return the essence of the sphinx sore to the body. Then, the essence will be nourished."

                "Simply put, with the condition of this sphinx sore, Chief Huang. If you can channel the sphinx sore back to the original body, Mr. Huang's body can function at least ten years younger!"

                "What!?" The crowd exclaimed, dumbfounded.

                Ten years younger?

                This was something that many people could only dream of!

                Even though Huang Yongfeng was extremely uncomfortable right now, he was still in a stirring mood when he heard these words.

                To be ten years younger, not to mention three hundred million, a billion, three hundred million, he would be willing to do it!

                Mrs. Huang said excitedly, "Then Mr. Lin, please hurry up and save my husband!"

                Lin Mo took out his silver needles, and with a solemn expression, he suddenly stabbed out three needles, sealing three acupuncture points on Huang Yongfeng's chest.

                Immediately after, seven more needles were stabbed out, sealing the acupuncture points on both legs.

                In less than five minutes, thirty-six silver needles were inserted into Huang Yongfeng's body.

                The thirty-six acupuncture points corresponded to the thirty-six Heavenly Deities, which were the thirty-six places where the body's Yang energy was at its peak.

                The expression of the human-faced sores suddenly became livid, as if they were suffocating and uncomfortable.

                Huang Yongfeng's expression was a little better, as if he was competing with the sore for survival.

                If the sphinx was uncomfortable, Huang Yongfeng could feel better.

                After about half an hour, the sphinx's expression became more and more hideous and looked extremely terrifying.

Chapter 100

"Mr. Lin, is this ...... this considered a cure?" Divine Doctor Xue asked cautiously.

                "No." Lin Mo shook his head, "This is just the beginning, I want to force this human face sore back into his five internal organs."

                Divine Doctor Xue was surprised, "Why do you want to force it back there?"

                Lin Mo glanced at Huang Yongfeng, "He's already showing signs of cirrhosis, severe kidney deficiency, had a stomach perforation and persistent gastritis."

                "The heart is also bad, and it's estimated that in another two years, he'll need a stent."

                "If we let this human face sore disperse its essence within his five internal organs, it will cure him of all these diseases!"

                Divine Doctor Xue looked to the old man Yue next to him, who was Huang Yongfeng's personal doctor. Elder Yue knew Huang Yongfeng's physical condition the best.

                Elder Yue exclaimed, "Mr. Lin is truly a godly man!"

                The divine doctor Xue could not help but be shocked, even his master could not tell someone's physical condition at a glance.

                After another ten minutes of time had passed, the sphinx sore seemed to finally be unable to take it anymore and slowly retreated.

                "It's really receding!" Mrs. Huang was surprised, "Mr. Lin, now ...... is it better now?"

                "There's no rush!" Lin Mo shook his head.

                "Ah?" Mrs. Huang was stunned.

                Not long after, Huang Yongfeng's belly fluctuated, and the human-faced sore surprisingly rushed out once again.

                Moreover, Huang Yongfeng's belly was propped up.

                As if it was trying to burst out of Huang Yongfeng's belly, the sphinx sore struggled desperately and opened its mouth wide.

                Although the sphinx sore could not make a sound, the crowd could feel as if the sphinx sore was hissing.

                The crowd was stunned.

                Lin Mo looked at the sphinx calmly.

                The sphinx struggled like this three times, and eventually, it completely stopped moving.

                Lin Mo began to act, as he stuffed a small Returning Elemental Pill into Huang Yongfeng's mouth.

                With his right hand, he clasped Huang Yongfeng's neck and lifted his entire body up.

                With his left hand, he grabbed something that looked like weed from his pocket and stuffed it all into Huang Yongfeng's mouth with one gulp.

                Then, covering Huang Yongfeng's mouth and nose, he made him swallow it all.

                Huang Yongfeng was so suffocated that he rolled his eyes, and Lin Mo threw him to the ground.

                Huang Yongfeng rolled and struggled desperately on the ground, letting out a burst of beast-like hissing as if he was in pain.

                "Mr. Lin, I ...... my husband he ......" Mrs. Huang panicked to the extreme.

                Lin Mo: "It's alright, it's almost done!"

                After seven or eight minutes of tossing and turning, Huang Yongfeng gradually calmed down.

                Lin Mo nodded: "It's done!"

                Huang Yongfeng slowly stood up, only feeling an indescribable sense of relief.

                Those old ailments that had nagged him for many years in the past could not be felt at all at this moment.

                Disregarding the expressions of the crowd, Huang Yongfeng directly fell to his knees and said in a trembling voice, "Thank you, Mr. Lin, for your rebuilding grace!"

                Lin Mo had not only saved his life, he had also made him a decade younger, that was a great favour!

                Elder Yue, the divine doctor, looked shocked and had even more admiration for Lin Mo.

                This was a true miracle doctor!

                Lin Mo said, "Mr. Huang doesn't need to be polite, I'm also being paid to do something."

                Huang Yongfeng immediately said, "Within twelve hours, five hundred million, absolutely to Mr. Lin's account."

                Lin Mo shook his head, "No need for that much, three hundred million will be enough."

                "Besides, the matter is not yet finished, I can't take the money yet."

                "Huh?" Huang Yongfeng was surprised, "It's not done yet? I ...... feel like I'm fine, ah, my illness hasn't been cured yet?"

                Lin Mo shook his head: "Your illness is cured, but your family's business, it's not over yet!"