Medical Genius Chapter 989

 Lynn stormed, "I repeat, my family's business is none of your business!"

                "And how come I don't care about her anymore?"

                "I came to see her yesterday, and I came to see her this morning!"

                "And, don't I have to pay for school?"

                "I don't have to eat? Starve to death?"

                "Mom, why don't I just drop out of school?"

                Fang Qian was so angry that her face turned red: "You ...... you ...... how have you become like this?"

                Fang Hui sighed and took out some money from her pocket, "Forget it, I'll give you the money first, you can use it first!"

                Linlin took the money as soon as she could and glared, "Only three hundred? What's enough?"

                "It's not even enough for me to eat!"

                Fang Hui froze for a moment, "A week, three hundred isn't enough?"

                "When we were at school in Hanxia, we couldn't even spend two hundred a week!"

                Linlin: "Are people the same as people?"

                "When she was in school, when I am now, what kind of prices are there now?"

                "Besides, I have so many friends, I usually have to treat them to a meal, a song and a movie or something."

                "How can I go out and meet my friends when I can't even eat a single meal for 300 yuan?"

                Fang Hui was furious: "Your mother is in such a state, and you still want to meet friends?"

                "Can't you get together with your friends less often and come to see your mother more often?"

                Linlin: "Who are you to control me?"

                "If I don't make friends now, who will help me when I enter society?"

                "In my family's situation, there are no good opportunities for me, who can I rely on if I don't rely on myself?"

                Fang Hui: "The friends you make now will be able to help you in the future?"

                "Don't be silly, you're spending money to make friends like this, these are fox friends, they won't help you in any way!"

                Lynn was furious, "Shut up!"

                "Who are you to judge my friends?"

                Fang Qian was furious, "Linlin, don't talk to your second aunt like that!"

                Linlin snarled, "Mom, shut up!"

                "What did I say that was wrong?"

                "What kind of second aunt is she? She's never given me a penny in her life, and now she's given me three hundred dollars, and she wants to tell me what to do?"

                "What qualifications does she have?"

                Fang Qian was so angry that she covered her heart nest, she really couldn't say anything else.

                Fang Hui sighed helplessly, after all these years of not taking care of this niece, she felt guilty in her own heart and couldn't refute ah.

                "Forget it, I'll get you some more money."

                Fang Hui took out another two hundred and handed it over, "Five hundred for a week, that's enough, right?"

                Linlin looked unhappy, "Enough for what?"

                "This is enough for a coffee at Starbucks, how can I go out with my friends?"

                "Mom, why don't you give it to me, it's not enough money!"

                Fang Qian covered her chest and couldn't say anything.

                Fang Hui was afraid that Fang Qian would be furious, so she could only take out another five hundred yuan and hand it over, "One thousand yuan, that's enough!"

                Only then did Linlin smile and take the money and laugh, "Now you have the appearance of being a second aunt!"

                "Okay, mum, you have a good rest, I'll go back to school first!"

                With those words, she took the money and left happily.

                Fang Qian was so angry that her eyes burst into tears, lying on her bed and lamenting continuously.

                Fang Hui looked helpless: "How did Lin Lin become like this?"

                Fang Qian sighed, "I don't know either."

                "She was fine when she was in high school, come to college for half a year, and she's become like this."

                "Buying new clothes all day long, buying cosmetics, putting on makeup and dressing up all the time."

                "When she goes back, she doesn't stay out all night."

                "Either hanging out or going back to me for money."

                "Between the two of us, for so long, we don't seem to have anything else to say except that we want money."

                "Hey, you say this kid, how did he become like this?"