Medical Genius Chapter 988

 The security chief immediately nodded, "Yes, Director Lin!"

                The few youngsters were dumbfounded.

                To hurt someone with a weapon, that was a far more serious crime than beating someone with your bare hands!

                Only that Hao was still yelling, "Kid, you don't know anything about strength!"

                "Do you know who my big brother is, this little matter, trying to scare me?"

                "One word from my big brother and we'll all be out in no time, nothing will happen!"

                "On the contrary, it's you who hurt us, huh, guess what will happen to you?"

                "How about we put you in jail for a few years first, and then I'll bring your daughter-in-law to see you later?"

                "Hahahaha ......"

                Lin Mo didn't even turn his head back and said aloud, "By the way, after you report to the police, go to Sheng Yuan Law Firm and look for a lawyer named Hou."

                "These few with knives, I want them to be sentenced heavier."

                The captain immediately nodded, "Yes, Chief Lin!"

                Hao was confused, he really couldn't figure out what kind of people this was. And to get the help of a lawyer?

                However, thinking of his big brother, he didn't panic in the slightest.

                "What's wrong with getting a lawyer?"

                "Hmph, if any lawyer dares to come, I'll waste him!"

                "Kid, you wait to die you ......"

                Brother Hao hissed loudly.

                Lin Mo didn't even turn his head back, not bothering to look at him.

                Walking upstairs, Lin Mo thought about it and sent another text message to Lawyer Hou.

                He had decided not to let this Hao go to jail.

                This man, he still had to be given a good beating!

                At this time, in the ward upstairs, there was still a brawl going on.

                Fang Qian's daughter Lin Lin came to the hospital and she saw Fang Hui sitting here when she entered, causing her to stare in disbelief.

                Fang Qian, on the other hand, was delighted and sat up in a hurry, "Lin Lin, you're here!"

                "Quick, call Second Aunt, this is your Second Aunt!"

                Linlin glanced at Fang Hui, "I know!"

                "Isn't that the second aunt who married into Guangyang City!"

                "Hmph, what does that have to do with me?"

                "I've been in Guangyang City for so long, and this second aunt hasn't even visited me, what kind of relative is that?"

                Fang Hui looked embarrassed, this was something that she really felt a little guilty about.

                Fang Qian hurriedly said, "Lin Lin, you can't talk like that!"

                "Your second aunt doesn't even know about you coming here to school."

                "I never told your second aunt, it's not that your second aunt doesn't love you!"

                Lynn waved her hand, "Come on, cut the crap, I don't want to hear this!"

                "Let me ask you, when are you going to give me next week's living expenses?"

                "I don't even have any money here, I've been managing to borrow money from others for food these days ......"

                Fang Hui immediately frowned, "Linlin, the 130,000 that your mother had saved on her card before, didn't you withdraw it all?"

                "Where did this money go?"

                Linlin glared at her, "My family's business, it's your turn to care?"

                Fang Qian became anxious, "Linlin, how are you talking to your second aunt?"

                Linlin said angrily, "Am I wrong?"

                "I've been going to school here for so long and she hasn't even visited me."

                "Then it's not her turn to be in charge of our family's affairs!"

                Fang Qian's face turned red with anger: "You ...... child, how can you talk like that?"

                "This is your second aunt!"

                "I've told you, it's not that she didn't come to see you, I didn't tell her, I don't blame her for this ......"

                Lynn: "Geez, come on, don't give me that shit!"

                "Anyway, I didn't have much to do with her before, and I won't have to do it again."

                "You give me the living expenses, I'm going back to school!"

                Fang Qian looked embarrassed, how could she have any money on her right now?

                Fang Hui whispered, "Qianqian, your mother is in such a state now, don't you come in and ask how her health is?"

                "Besides, with all that 130,000 taken away, your mother doesn't even have the money to see a doctor, don't you even think about her?"

                "Why don't you feel for your mother at all?"