Medical Genius Chapter 984

 Fang Qian sighed, she was having a hard time in her heart too.

                When Fang Hui saw her like this, her heart softened again.

                "Hey, forget it, let's not talk about that first."

                "Lin Mo, how is your sister-in-law doing?"

                "Her body isn't ...... alright?"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "The situation isn't particularly good."

                "There is damage to her internal organs and she needs to rest in bed for a while."

                "But, Little Aunt insists on leaving the hospital and not cooperating with the treatment, this is very detrimental to the recovery of her injuries!"

                Fang Hui was instantly anxious, "Qian Qian, why do you want to be discharged from the hospital?"

                "Your body is in such a state, can't you cooperate with the treatment?"

                Fang Qian sighed, "Second sister, I ...... my company over there is still busy."

                "If I don't go back to work, people will say I'm absent from work and will fire me ......"

                Fang Hui glared, "What kind of company is that so insensitive?"

                "How can you go to work when you're like this?"

                "Qianqian, don't lie, did Linlin take all the money away and you don't have money for hospital?"

                "I'm telling you, you're looking down on me!"

                "I'm your own sister, what's wrong with you, why can't you tell me, why can't you come to me?"

                "Lin Mo, no matter how much this medical bill is, I'll pay for it all!"

                Lin Mo smiled, "Mom, the previous medical expenses, Miss He's medical fund has already been advanced."

                "The follow-up, I've already arranged for it."

                Fang Hui nodded in satisfaction, this action of Lin Mo made her feel a little more good about him.

                Fang Qian, however, was anxious: "Second sister, I ...... I can't use your money ......"

                "I know, you are my own sister, you are good to me."

                "But, you married out, you ...... spend money on your mother's family like this, it will ...... make your in-laws look down on you ......"

                "If this matter is known to brother-in-law and you two ...... you two have a conflict again, it will not be good."

                "Second sister, family peace and prosperity ......"

                Fang Hui's eyes were red, this sister of hers, at all times, was thinking of others.

                Just then, a voice came from the doorway, "I know what's wrong?"

                "I know, I should have scolded your sister!"

                The crowd looked up, only to see Xu Jiankong standing at the door of the ward at some point.

                Fang Qian's face changed and she said urgently, "Sister ...... brother-in-law, you're here ......"

                "It's okay, second sister ...... second sister didn't spend any money ......"

                "I still have some money at home, I'll have someone bring it over tomorrow ......"

                Xu Jiangong waved his hand directly, "Don't you say anything!"

                "I came to nag your second sister!"

                "Fang Hui ah, I'm not saying you, how can you be this sister?"

                "Your own sister is in such a state, and you don't even know?"

                "She's been in Guangyang City for a few days now, and you haven't even heard anything?"

                "If Lin Mo hadn't met her, would we never have known about this?"

                "Can't you care more about your sister?"

                "She's not like Fang Ling and Fang Jian!"

                "If you want to help Fang Ling and Fang Jian, I'll scold you!"

                "But about Qianqian, if you don't help, I'll scold you instead!"

                Fang Qian froze.

                The time at the previous gathering, she had thought that Xu Jiangong was very unhappy with Fang's family.

                So, this time, she didn't dare to let Fang Hui know about it, also because she was afraid that Xu Jiangong would be angry.

                She didn't expect that Xu Jiangong would say something like that.

                Xu Hanxia glanced at Xu Jiangong and laughed: "Dad, I'm really impressed by what you said today!"

                Xu Jiangong glared at her, "You child, how do you speak?"

                "Making it sound like I'm usually not even close to people!"

                "I'm telling you, I'm not unapproachable, I just don't like those who are greedy and shameless."

                "Your sister-in-law, is not this kind of person!"

                Xu Hanxia nodded deeply, the reason why she was concerned about her sister-in-law was also for this reason.