Medical Genius Chapter 982

 Fang Qian's face was pale and looked very weak.

                She barely managed to hold on and whispered, "Thank you guys, thank you."

                "I ...... I know you guys are doing it for my own good, but ...... but I can't keep lying here ......"

                "I still have to work, and my daughter needs money for school."

                "Please, just let me go back, it's not a big deal for me, I'll just go back and take some medicine and I'll be fine."

                "Please, please ......"

                At this moment, He Qianxue walked over.

                She had a look of hatred, "Ms. Fang, do you know that you are not taking responsibility for your own health!"

                "Even if you want to earn money, is it urgent this day or two?"

                "If you don't get well this time, then for the rest of your life, you will fall ill, do you understand?"

                Fang Qian saw He Qianxue, with a face of guilt and gratitude, and whispered, "Miss He, I really thank you."

                "But, I ...... really don't think I have anything to do with myself ......"

                "Miss He, you just let me go back."

                "I will never forget your great kindness in my life."

                "But I really have to go, if I don't go, my daughter ...... my daughter will have to drop out of school ......"

                "I have to earn money for her to go to school!"

                He Qianxue was instantly angry, "What is she dropping out of school for?"

                "Ms. Fang, your daughter has withdrawn the 130,000 from your card, how can she not have money for school?"

                "Besides, isn't her boyfriend quite capable, why isn't he paying for her schooling?"

                "You're a mother, you're in such a state, you've been hit by her boyfriend on a motorbike and she has no remorse, and you still want to pay for her schooling?"

                "What the hell do you ...... think? This kind of daughter, why do you still love her so much?"

                Fang Qian bowed her head, "Miss He, Lin Lin was just confused for a moment."

                "I wasn't hit by her boyfriend either, it ...... was her boyfriend's friend who accidentally hit me on his motorbike, and he has apologized ......"

                "Miss He, if I don't earn money, Linlin will have no money to eat and will really have to drop out of school and go home."

                "I beg you, let me out of the hospital, I ...... I'll go back and take my medicine properly ......"

                He Qianxue was so angry that her face turned red, she really had never seen such a woman ah.

                Just at that moment, Lin Mo walked over.

                "Little Aunt?"

                Fang Qian froze as she looked up and saw Lin Mo, her face instantly changed.

                After a moment of silence, He Qianxue said in surprise, "Lin Mo, you know?"

                Without waiting for Lin Mo to speak, Fang Qian suddenly turned around and ran.

                Lin Mo hurriedly stopped her, "Little Aunt, why are you here?"

                "You were in Guangyang City, why didn't you give us a heads up?"

                "We thought you had gone back!"

                Fang Qian covered her face, "You're mistaken, you've mistaken someone!"

                "I'm not your sister-in-law, I'm not Fang Qian ......"

                Lin Mo: "......"

                That's not admitting it yourself!

                Fang Qian struggled to run, Lin Mo waved his hand and several nurses hurriedly came over to stop her.

                "Little Aunt, you can't run around with this health condition."

                "You should go back and rest first, no matter what happens, we will definitely help you."

                Lin Mo said sincerely.

                Fang Qian, on the other hand, cried straight away as she grabbed Lin Mo's arm, "Lin Mo, you ...... you let me go ......"

                "Don't let my sister know about this, I ...... I don't want her to worry!"

                Lin Mo sighed, Fang Qian and Fang Ling Fang Jian, are really two extremes ah.

                Fang Ling Fang Jian, that is hated to move everything away from the Xu family.

                Fang Qian, on the other hand, even when her daughter came to school in Guangyang City, she didn't even tell Fang Hui, she was afraid of bothering others.

                All these years, she was a single mother, raising her children alone, never begging anyone.

                She was a very strong woman, she wasn't actually afraid that Fang Hui would worry, she was afraid that people would laugh at her!