Medical Genius Chapter 981

 Looking at He Qianxue's furious look, Lin Mo couldn't help but be surprised.

                "Who is it that has made you angry like this?"

                "Tell me about it, or should I help you out?"

                Lin Mo laughed.

                He Qianxue sighed, "Yesterday, the hospital picked up an injured person."

                "Her family is in very poor conditions, a woman with a daughter alone."

                "Her daughter goes to school in Guangyang City, she came to see her daughter a few days ago, and as a result, she found out that her daughter was living with a punk outside."

                "She got angry and told her daughter to go back, and as a result, she clashed with those punks and was hit by a punk on a motorbike."

                Lin Mo frowned, these people were going too far in their actions.

                He Qianxue picked up, "After this woman was sent to the hospital, she realised that the card that the family had saved money on, had run out of money."

                "Her daughter had withdrawn all the money at some point, and, moreover, her daughter wouldn't pay her medical bills."

                "Our medical fund took over this patient and advanced her medical bills so she could be hospitalised."

                "Even the caregiver last night was watched by someone we hired from the medical fund, her daughter didn't even come to watch."

                "When her daughter came in the morning and I met her, I told her to stay here and look after her mother."

                "Unexpectedly, she threw a tantrum with me straight away and said something about telling us to get lost and not letting us mind her family's business."

                "Lin Mo, you say, how can there be such people in the world?"

                Lin Mo sighed, "Come on, you don't need to get angry about such things."

                "You work as a medical foundation, and when you come into contact with more people in the future, you will find that in this world, there are all kinds of people."

                He Qianxue said indignantly, "Such people, they simply don't deserve to live!"

                Lin Mo smiled, "Since when have you become so cynical?"

                He Qianxue gave him a blank look and said, "By the way, there is a patient in front of us, his condition is a bit troublesome, go over and help me take a look!"

                He Qianxue was in charge of this fund, and usually when she encountered patients with complicated conditions, she would come directly to Lin Mo for help.

                Lin Mo was also willing to help her, after all, He Qianxue was doing a good deed, Lin Mo would of course fully support her.

                "Fine, it just so happens that I'm fine now, let's go over together."

                Lin Mo nodded with a smile and followed He Qianxue over to the ward.

                The patient He Qianxue was talking about was a middle-aged man with a rather complicated physical condition.

                However, to Lin Mo, this minor illness was not a problem at all.

                After he administered a few stitches, the patient's condition was immediately relieved.

                He prescribed a few more pills for the patient, and after taking them, he would be fine.

                He Qianxue witnessed all this from the side and heartily sighed, "Brother Lin, why don't you simply come to our medical fund as well?"

                "With this medical skill of yours, those patients, it won't cost much at all, and our fund will be able to rescue more patients!"

                Lin Mo waved his hand, "Forget it, how many people can I save by myself?"

                "If you do a good job with this fund, it can benefit tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of people, that's the right thing to do!"

                He Qianxue laughed and was about to speak.

                At that moment, there was a sudden commotion from outside.

                "Aiya, I've told you, you can't leave the hospital yet!"

                "You've been hit quite badly, your internal organs are all damaged, you need to recuperate!"

                "Why are you like this?"

                "Miss Man He's medical fund has already padded all your medical bills, so just stay here and recuperate at ease."

                He Qianxue immediately rushed out, only to see a woman, who was being stopped by a few nurses.

                Several nurses were trying hard to persuade her, but the woman just wouldn't listen and insisted on leaving.

                Lin Mo took a glance at her from behind and his face suddenly changed.

                Because, this woman he knew, was none other than Xu Hanxia's sister-in-law, Fang Qian, the only relative of the Fang family that Lin Mo recognised!