Medical Genius Chapter 978

 Huang Liang was a little reluctant, and Xu Dongxue was even more direct: "Dad, you ...... how can you do this?"

                "The construction company has so many assets, all of them are under Lin Mo's control alone, can you feel at ease?"

                "If he steals and embezzles our family's assets, what then?"

                "No matter what, our family has to have someone over there to keep an eye on it!"

                "This time, it was just an accident, Huang Liang will definitely do a good job in the future."

                Xu Jian Gong glared at her angrily, "Hmph, I think it's you two who have embezzled the most from our Xu family's property!"

                "Xu Dongxue, don't think I don't know that little mind of yours."

                "I'm telling you, what's in this family, what should be yours, I will naturally give it to you."

                "If it's not yours, don't even think about touching it!"

                "Stop talking nonsense to me, if you are not convinced, you can take your husband with you and get out!"

                Xu Dongxue opened her mouth, but in the end, she didn't dare to say a word.

                When Xu Jiangong was in a rage, he would really dare to throw them out!

                Xu Jiangong walked up to Lin Mo and patted him on the shoulder, "Lin Mo, you're still the most responsible!"

                "At the most critical time, only you stood up and took on everything for the family!"

                "Don't worry, from today onwards, the construction company is yours alone, no one will try to hit the construction company!"

                "I guarantee you with my old life!"

                Lin Mo nodded, "Thank you, Dad!"

                After all this fuss, he was finally able to get the control of the construction company, which was not easy at all.

                After walking out of the Xu household, Lin Mo called Zhou Qingwu directly.

                This time, it had actually been Lin Mo who had been behind the whole thing.

                Because he knew very well that if he continued to let Huang Liang make trouble, this project, in the end, would probably not make much money.

                Therefore, he had to think of a way to kick Huang Liang out.

                As for what happened behind the scenes, it would be simple.

                The Zhou family and Old Zhang and the others had already raised a large sum of money.

                Moreover, the money that Huang Liang had squandered out before had also been collected by Lin Mo.

                This also included the more than three hundred million in Huang Liang's account.

                And those inferior quality decoration materials were also returned directly by Lin Mo.

                There were a few material dealers who didn't want to return the money, they had made a lot of money from Huang Liang and were unwilling to spit out this profit that had come to their mouths.

                As a result, after Tiger had talked to them, one returned the money faster than the other.

                After getting all this money back, in fact, there was not much of a funding gap left.

                In addition, Fang Wu De had also secretly raised a sum of money.

                In this way, there was no more problem with this funding.

                Of course, when the funds arrived, it was not immediately necessary to return all of them.

                Among them, quite a number of people returned their homes, which was actually the result of the Zhou family and Old Zhang and their secret encouragement.

                There were also some who wanted to withdraw after seeing the negative news.

                Those who were encouraged by the Zhou family and Old Zhang immediately stopped asking for a refund after Lin Mo took control of the construction company.

                As for the others, Lin Mo publicly promised that he would make the project the best it could be.

                Some of them still insisted on withdrawing from the project, and Lin Mo would not force them to do so, so he simply gave them the withdrawal procedures.

                Others, on the other hand, were in a wait-and-see attitude.

                After they saw that Lin Mo had refunded their money so simply, they instead did not particularly want to check out.

                At least, at this point, Lin Mo had done a much more responsible job than Huang Liang.

                The reason why the people were so eager to return the room was because Huang Liang had refused to give them a refund before, and these people felt that the construction company was trying to cheat.

                Now, Lin Mo refunded the money so simply, instead, they felt that the construction company was not fooling people.

                So, in the end, the number of people who withdrew was actually in the minority.

                All in all, only 30% of the people chose to withdraw, and their losses were greatly reduced.