Medical Genius Chapter 970

 Old Zhang had a disdainful look on his face, "Xu Jian Gong, you need not put such a label on me!"

                "I just don't understand, what renovation, can cost so much!"

                "I'm going to check the accounts!"

                "If you don't let me check the accounts, I won't leave!"

                Xu Jiangong sneered, "Old Zhang, are you trying to cheat here?"

                "Hmph, I'm telling you, I treat you like an old friend, that's why I'm being polite to you!"

                "But that doesn't mean you can do whatever you want here!"

                "Take your men and get out immediately, or else, don't blame me for being rude!"

                Old Zhang exclaimed, "What, you still want to threaten me?"

                "Heh, you think I'm not afraid of you?"

                "Xu Jiangong, what can you do to me?"

                Xu Jiangong was furious and shouted, "Go, get the tiger, get rid of them all!"

                The people next to him looked at each other, and one of them whispered, "Mr Xu, Master Tiger ...... Master Tiger has resigned ......"

                Xu Jian Gong froze, "What ...... what the hell?"

                "Tiger resigned? Why?"

                The man shook his head, "I don't know, he resigned together with Brother Jun."

                "It's said that the two of them are going out to start their own business and don't want to work here anymore."

                Xu Jiangong was confused, how could it be so sudden?

                Old Zhang sneered, "What's wrong, the tiger can't come?"

                "Xu Jiankong, I'm telling you, today, either let me check the accounts. Either that, or I'm going to withdraw my capital!"

                "You'll see to it yourself!"

                Xu Jiangong smiled at his words.

                This project could make tens of billions of dollars, he simply didn't want others to share the money ah.

                Before, it was because there was no money, so, they had to find others to invest.

                Now that the villa had been sold, the company had plenty of money on its books.

                At this point in time, he was still desperate for others to withdraw their investment!

                "Old Zhang, you can think it over!"

                "Once you withdraw your investment, you won't be able to come back!"

                Xu Jiangong said smilingly.

                Old Zhang spat, "Cut the fucking crap, if you don't check the accounts, I'll withdraw my capital!"

                "Xu Jiangong, I've seen it all, no one can make money if they do business with you, you son of a bitch!"

                "I don't care how profitable your villa is, I'm not playing anymore!"

                Xu Jiangong laughed, "Fine, since you want to pull out, I'll give you the chance!"

                "Huang Liang, do the formalities for him, and put his shares, under my name!"

                Huang Liang immediately smiled, "No problem, Dad, leave it to me!"

                "Uncle Zhang, do you really want to withdraw your capital? Why are you so desperate?"

                "You're about to share the money and you're running away?"

                Old Zhang bristled, "Cut the fucking crap, hurry up and do the paperwork for me!"

                Huang Liang immediately found someone to do the formalities, and Zhang and the shareholders all withdrew their capital.

                Their investment was not much, so they could not get much money now, and it would not affect the company at all.

                However, not long after they left, other shareholders also came to withdraw their capital.

                The next day, even the Zhou family withdrew their capital, and all the shareholders ran away.

                The money on the company's books was more than enough to settle the matter, and there was even a lot left over at the end!

                Xu Jiangong couldn't stop smiling!

                In this way, the money earned from the villa will all go to them!

                "Xiao Huang, well done!"

                "I didn't expect that with a few tricks, all these shareholders would be driven away!"

                "Hahahaha, this time, we can make almost tens of billions from this villa area!"

                Xu Jiangong said excitedly.

                Huang Liang was also beaming, after these shareholders were removed, he no longer had to worry about the board of directors checking his accounts.

                This way, he would be able to build more and more!

                "Dad, no problem!"

                Huang Liang replied excitedly.

                Xu Jiangong laughed loudly and sat down on the recliner, starting to fantasise about his life after he had money.

                They didn't even notice that a crisis was looming over them.