Medical Genius Chapter 97-98

 Chapter 97

Huang Yongfeng suppressed his anger and called Lin Mo, apologizing and begging one after another, asking him to come and save his life.

                Lin Mo was not much disgusted with Huang Yongfeng and rushed straight to the hospital.

                As soon as he saw Lin Mo, Huang Yongfeng walked straight over and bent over to the bottom.

                "Mr. Lin, I sincerely say sorry to you for what my wife has done."

                "I didn't know that you had come to see me, nor did I know that she was so bold as to do such a thing."

                "This is my mistake, and I would like to ask Mr. Lin to reprimand me!"

                Said Huang Yongfeng, glaring at Madam Huang.

                Mrs. Huang shivered and hurriedly ran over to kneel in front of Lin Mo: "Mr. Lin, I ...... know I was wrong. You are magnanimous, save ...... save my son ......"

                On the other side, someone also carried the fat white man, who was covered in blood and dying, over.

                After Huang Yongfeng had called Lin Mo, he had someone drag the fat white man out and beat him up, just to give Lin Mo an explanation.

                Lin Mo glanced at them and calmly said, "Mr. Huang, there's no need to go to such trouble."

                "I am going to charge a consultation fee for saving people this time!"

                Huang Yongfeng breathed a sigh of relief, he wasn't worried about the money, he was worried that Lin Mo wouldn't come to the rescue.

                "Mr. Lin, you name a price, I will never return the price!"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "Mr. Huang, I'm afraid you can't accept the price I'm talking about."

                Huang Yongfeng was stunned, he was worth nearly ten billion dollars, what was there that he could not accept?

                "Mr. Lin, you can say whatever you want!"

                Lin Mo nodded his head and slowly spat out two words, "Three hundred million!"

                "Three what?" Madam Huang instantly exclaimed, "Three hundred million? Why don't you ...... go rob it!"

                Huang Yongfeng was also dumbfounded, three hundred million, who would dare to ask for such a high consultation fee? Is this Lin Mo's desire for money crazy?

                Lin Mo said, "Three hundred million, not only to save your son, but also to save your family!"

                Mrs. Huang jumped up, as if she were a shrew scolding the street, "What save my family? You're cursing my family?"

                "Who do you think you are? You're just asking for 300 million?"

                "Do you know how much three hundred million is?"

                "Big talk, talking out of your ass, are you crazy?"

                Huang Yongfeng's face was gloomy as he angrily scolded, "Shut up!"

                "I ......" Mrs. Huang still wanted to speak, Huang Yongfeng threw a slap at her face and Mrs. Huang shut up instantly.

                Huang Yongfeng took a deep breath and said through clenched teeth, "Mr. Lin, three hundred million, I can pay. But, you must save my son!"

                Lin Mo glanced at him and said softly, "I know you are somewhat unconvinced, but you will soon feel that the three hundred million, is well worth the price paid!"

                With those words, Lin Mo walked straight to the emergency room.

                Divine Doctor Xue stood at the entrance with a respectful face, "Mr. Lin, it's an honour to meet you!"

                Lin Mo nodded, and Dr. Xue was instantly filled with excitement, with a sense of joy at being recognised.

                Madam Huang came up to Huang Yongfeng and gritted her teeth, "Husband, this much money, you've promised him?"

                "It's 300 million, is he crazy?"

                "What kind of doctor, charges such an expensive consultation fee?"

                Yue Lao also sighed and shook his head, "For those who practice medicine, medical skills are important, but medical ethics are even more important. If you only want to make a profit, even if you have the best medical skills, you will hardly gain respect!"

                Huang Yongfeng gritted his teeth and did not say anything, Lin Mo's lion's mouth made him feel unhappy too.

                Lin Mo went in for less than five minutes and came straight out.

                "Find a surgeon, clean up his wounds and sew them up, and you'll be fine."

                Huang Yongfeng was stunned, "So soon?"

                Divine Doctor Xue and Elder Yue had already entered the ward, and not long after, the two walked out.

                "Mr. Lin is indeed a godly man!" Divine Doctor Xue sighed from the bottom of his heart.

Chapter 98

Elder Yue nodded, "Young Huang is already fine."

                Huang Yongfeng breathed a sigh of relief, but Mrs. Huang was annoyed: "Five minutes to earn three hundred million?"

                "Lin Mo, you're using this money, is it against your conscience!"

                "Honey, don't give him so much. As I see it, giving a hundred thousand will do!"

                "Shut up!" Huang Yongfeng angrily scolded, "Since Mr. Lin has saved the person, we have to pay the money we promised Mr. Lin as it is."

                "In my life, I have never gone back on what I promised, Huang!"

                Lin Mo smiled, "Don't worry, I don't renege on things I promise others either."

                "Huang Yongfeng, saving your son is a small matter, saving you, is really not easy!"

                "Me?" Huang Yongfeng was surprised, "Mr. Lin, I'm not sick or in pain, why should I be saved?"

                "No illness, no pain?" Lin Mo sneered, "Pull up your clothes."

                With doubts, Huang Yongfeng pulled his shirt up, revealing his stomach.

                Lin Mo suddenly struck out and instantly punctured Huang Yongfeng's seven acupuncture points.

                In an instant, Huang Yongfeng's face turned red and even his breathing became difficult.

                "What are you doing!" Madam Huang shouted urgently.

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice, "Look at what's on his stomach!"

                The crowd looked in unison, only to see Huang Yongfeng's belly, slowly shrinking backwards.

                On the belly, the outline of a face gradually appeared.

                The outline became clearer and clearer, and finally, it completely took on the shape of a face.

                It had a nose, eyes and a mouth, and looked extremely creepy.

                "What is this ...... thing?" Madam Huang exclaimed in shock.

                Everyone else was also confused, who had ever seen anything like this before?

                Divine Doctor Xue came over and exclaimed, "This ...... could this be the legendary sphinx sore?"

                "Sphinx sores?" Elder Yue's face changed, "Isn't this a rumour? Is there really such a thing?"

                Divine Doctor Xue nodded, "My master has mentioned to me before that there is indeed this strange disease."

                "However, this disease is extremely rare, and ordinary people don't get it."

                "Countless doctors have practiced medicine all their lives and have never seen this disease before."

                "My master's master, saw it once."

                "That's why we, as a clan, know about this sphinx sore!"

                "This sphinx sore has yet to take shape, once the eyes open, Chief Huang will definitely die!"

                "Huh?" Mrs. Huang exclaimed, "This ...... is really a disease?"

                "Yes!" Divine Doctor Xue nodded his head.

                Mrs. Huang hurriedly said, "Then ...... how can it be cured?"

                Divine Doctor Xue: "Take medicine."

                Madam Huang: "Take what kind of medicine?"

                "Not necessarily." Divine Doctor Xue: "The medicine is not for the person, but for this face."

                "No one is sure which medicine this sphinx sore, exactly, fears."

                "Therefore, the only way to treat the sphinx sore is to feed various medicines to this face."

                "If it doesn't eat one of these medicines, then that means that this medicine is its nemesis."

                "Then, force-feeding this medicine will cure it!"

                Mrs. Wong breathed a sigh of relief, "Then this is too easy, hurry up and get the medicine."

                "Buy all kinds of medicine, just feed it!"

                "Hmph, Lin Mo, who are you trying to scare with this?"

                "You dare to ask for 300 million for a disease that is so curable? Do you still want to be shameless?"

                Lin Mo laughed coldly without saying anything.

                "Never!" Divine Doctor Xue hurriedly waved his hand.

                "Why?" Madam Huang was stunned.

                The divine Doctor Xue sighed, "When I say treatment, I mean sphinx sores growing on other parts of the body."

                "But your sphinx sores are on your stomach, so this method won't work."