Medical Genius Chapter 966

 Xu Jiangong directly clapped his hands, "Good, let's go by ten billion!"

                "This ten billion, after deducting some other expenses, in the end, there's almost nine billion."

                "You have sixty percent of the shares, so the final dividend you can get is over five billion."

                "That means that there's still almost four billion, to be distributed to the other shareholders, right?"

                Lin Mo nodded, ideally this was the case, but the truth, often, was that there was some difference.

                Xu Jiangong took over, "Let's calculate it according to you taking five billion and the shareholders sharing four billion."

                "That means, after this project is done, we will end up with a share of five billion, or even less than five billion."

                "But, Lin Mo, do you know that if you make Huang Liang the general manager, he will get back almost 1.5 billion to 2 billion from the rebate on this basic decoration alone!"

                "That's money that doesn't have to be shared with those shareholders!"

                Lin Mo frowned, he vaguely understood what Xu Jiangong meant.

                The more Xu Jiangong spoke, the more excited he became and said aloud, "This nearly two billion is what we have already earned!"

                "And that's not all."

                "This side spent more money on the basic renovation, and the money earned subsequently will have to be shaved off the money spent on this basic renovation."

                "That means that what can be shared in the end is about seven billion."

                "Seven billion, you can get four billion, other shareholders, share three billion."

                "With this calculation, our family will be able to earn six billion!"

                "Lin Mo, do you understand what concept this is?"

                "It means that if we let Huang Liang run the business, our family, will be able to earn an additional one billion, do you understand what this means?"

                Xu Hanxia finally understood and her eyes widened, "Dad, you guys ...... how can you do something like this?"

                "You guys are clearly deceiving those shareholders by doing this!"

                "Those people, they all trusted us and only cooperated with us, you ...... guys are doing this, are you doing them justice?"

                Xu Jiangong waved his hand, "So, I'll say you're not fit to be the chairman!"

                "Hanxia, that's how business is done, you have to be careful with your calculations to get the maximum return."

                "Do those people trust us to work with us?"

                "They are here to work with us for the benefits!"

                "If there was no profit, just look, one is guaranteed to run faster than the other!"

                "I'm telling you, in front of real interests, all trust is false, making money, is the real purpose of doing business!"

                "I let Xiao Huang do all this, just to maximize our family's profit, do you understand?"

                Xu Hanxia was confused, how come according to Xu Jiangong's logic, Huang Liang was still a good person?

                He had embezzled so much money from the company just so that the Xu family could make more money? He was still a credit to the Xu family?

                "Dad, you're not right!"

                "Spending so much money, there's no way to account for it on the shareholders' side."

                "Besides, this is too serious of him to cut corners, those who bought the house, when they pursue the matter, this is not good either!"

                Lin Mo said.

                Xu Jiangong waved his hand: "In business, how can you not cheat people?"

                "On the shareholders' side, you'll take care of it, they trust you completely, don't they?"

                "As for those who bought the house, heh, first coax them and sell the house."

                "As for what happens afterwards, the houses are sold, what does it have to do with us?"

                "There are so many people in Guangyang who bought houses and then defended their rights, how many of them have succeeded?"

                "In the end, they all had to hold their noses and admit it!"

                "Lin Mo, I'll tell you again, in business, making money is the most important thing!"

                Lin Mo frowned tightly, this Xu Jiangong's three views were too distorted.

                For the sake of making money, this bottom line is gone!