Medical Genius Chapter 961

 Lin Mo smiled, he knew that he would not be able to hide from Song Zhilan if he came to eat at Food for Heaven.

                But to his surprise, Song Zhilan had come again tonight.

                "Halfsia, what do you think?"

                Lin Mo asked.

                Xu Hanxia immediately got up, "I really don't want to eat here."

                "Let's go, go upstairs, and eat dirt today!"

                Lin Mo smiled and nodded, following Xu Hanxia straight away.

                The people in the room were dumbfounded, looking at the backs of these two, unable to say a word.

                It was only after a long time that the crowd came back to their senses and began to whisper and discuss what was going on.

                Someone even asked Zhou Lin directly, "Class leader, don't you know Mr. Song quite well?"

                "Why didn't Mr Song invite you?"

                "I guess Mr. Song doesn't know that the class monitor is here, right? Class Leader, why don't you give Mr. Song a call and tell him about it?"

                "Yes, Class Leader, why don't you invite Mr. Song to come and visit? This is the most beautiful and powerful woman in our Guangyang City, let us open our eyes too ......"

                The crowd laughed, and within these words, more than anything else, they were flirting with Zhou Lin.

                Zhou Lin's face was swollen red, and he was now embarrassed to the extreme.

                He had said before that he had a private connection with Song Zhilan, but in fact it was all bragging.

                In fact, he had only met Song Zhilan twice. The subsequent matters were all handled by Song Zhilan's secretary, and he was not even qualified to meet Song Zhilan.

                Now the crowd asked him to call Song Zhilan, how could he do so? He didn't even have Song Zhilan's number!

                At this moment, a girl suddenly said: "You guys, what is Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia's relationship with Song Zhilan? Why would Song Zhilan ask them out to dinner alone?"

                "Who knows?"

                "These two people, they don't seem to be that simple!"

                "I reckon it must be Xu Hanxia who knows Song Zhilan. The Xu family now, looks like they're quite rich!"

                "I think so, otherwise, Song Zhilan couldn't have asked a man out to dinner."

                "This Lin Mo is really lucky, dipping into his daughter-in-law's light and still getting to meet Song Zhilan ......"

                The crowd was talking, they all thought that Song Zhilan was familiar with Xu Hanxia and Lin Mo was just invited up with her.

                Just then, Manager Xue suddenly walked through the door.

                Wang Lei's eyes lit up and he hurriedly ran out, pulling Manager Xue in, "Old Xue, old Xue, take it easy for now!"

                "A few words, just a few words!"

                Manager Xue frowned slightly, "Wang Lei, I'm still busy over there!"

                "What do you want to talk about, just say it!"

                Wang Lei said, "Hasn't Mr. Song arrived yet? What's there to be busy about?"

                Manager Xue glared at him, "Nonsense!"

                "Mr. Song explained that I must entertain Mr. Lin!"

                "I have to entertain up there myself!"

                The crowd was stunned when these words came out.

                Zhou Lin said sharply, "Mr. Song told you to entertain Mr. Lin well? No...... not Xu Hanxia?"

                Manager Xue glanced at him, "What difference does it make?"

                Zhou Lin said, "Isn't Mr. Song on good terms with Xu Hanxia?"

                "How did she ...... explain that she would let Lin Mo be entertained?"

                Manager Xue gave him a blank look, "What the hell do you know!"

                "The entire Food for Heaven knows that General Song is always on good terms with Mr. Lin."

                "As for General Manager Xu, he also met General Manager Song through Mr. Lin."

                When this statement was made, the whole room was shocked.

                They had originally thought that Lin Mo had been able to go up because he had been blessed by Xu Hanxia.

                Only now did they realise that, in fact, Xu Hanxia had been blessed by Lin Mo.

                But the question was, what was going on here?

                Song Zhilan didn't have a good face for any man, so why was she so nice to Lin Mo?

                She even asked him upstairs for dinner and, moreover, came over to entertain him personally.

                Even Song Zhilan's partners couldn't enjoy such treatment.

                The crowd was dumbfounded, they really couldn't understand how that son-in-law of the family could have such a great charm!