Medical Genius Chapter 959

 At these words, the entire crowd was once again in an uproar.

                Everyone was stunned.

                This Huang Liang, he actually called Xu Hanxia his sister?

                They knew each other? Moreover, they were still relatives?

                However, the crowd was still a little confused.

                Even if they were really related, Xu Hanxia was not qualified to question Huang Liang like this!

                Xu Hanxia's face was icy cold: "You don't know?"

                "Wang Lei just said clearly, one hundred and thirty million, you take one hundred million in rebates first!"

                "The remaining 30 million, he'll give you another 10 million, he'll get 10 million for himself, and in the end the materials will only cost 10 million!"

                "And now you're giving me that you don't know?"

                Huang Liang glared angrily at Wang Lei, he was simply furious now.

                This pig of a teammate, how could he say such things?

                "Wang Lei, tell me clearly, what the hell is going on here?"

                Xu Dongxue angrily scolded, while quietly giving Wang Lei a wink.

                Wang Lei was also close to pissing himself at this moment, and hurriedly said, "I ...... am talking about another project, not about you guys ah ......"

                "Mr. Huang, this has nothing to do with you guys!"

                Xu Dongxue immediately said, "Sister, listen, this is a mistake."

                "Wang Lei is not talking about us!"

                Xu Hanxia's face was icy cold: "Humph, if it's you guys, you know it in your hearts!"

                "I said that the funds on the construction company's side, why are they suddenly being used so quickly, now I finally understand!"

                "Lin Mo, you are the chairman of the construction company, tell me how this matter should be handled!"

                The crowd at the scene was in an uproar, everyone was dumbfounded.

                The crowd looked at Lin Mo with wide eyes, no one could have imagined that this door-to-door son-in-law, was actually the chairman of the construction company?

                What was this all about?

                In that case, was Huang Liang, not working for him?

                Wouldn't the money Huang Liang had embezzled be Lin Mo's?

                Wang Lei's eyes widened: "What ...... are you talking about?"

                "What are you talking nonsense about?"

                "What ...... what chairman?"

                Xu Hanxia glanced at Xu Dongxue: "You tell him!"

                Xu Hanxia was indignant to the extreme, but still gritted her teeth and said, "The shares of the construction company are all mainly under Lin Mo's name."

                "He is now the chairman of the construction company!"

                At these words, the whole room was once again shocked.

                They were all staring at Lin Mo with dumbfounded eyes, no one could have imagined that this man, who had just been regarded as a wimp, would have such a big identity!

                The chairman of a construction company, a project for a villa area, was worth tens of billions of dollars?

                Wouldn't that mean that Lin Mo was worth billions of dollars?

                The crowd at the scene looked at each other in disbelief, now, they finally knew who was the richest person at the scene!

                Zhou Lin's face completely changed, he originally did not put Lin Mo in his eyes, thinking that Lin Mo was just a wimp and he could easily kill him in seconds.

                Now, he suddenly discovered that Lin Mo was much stronger than he had imagined, which gave him a feeling of despair.

                Trying to snatch Xu Hanxia from such a person, could he still do it?

                Wang Lei Piao Piao was all pale.

                To think that he had just boasted in front of Lin Mo, exposing everything.

                This time, if Lin Mo pursued the matter, wouldn't they both be dead?

                At this moment, Xu Dongxue, however, suddenly seemed to be in a rage and pointed at Xu Hanxia, "Xu Hanxia, you need not talk such nonsense to me!"

                "Although Lin Mo is the chairman of the company, these shares, too, were all transferred to him by Dad!"

                "After all is said and done, these shares are always owned by our Xu family, and the construction company, is also owned by our Xu family!"

                "He's only managing the construction company in Dad's place, he's not qualified to shout at us yet!"

                "It's not his turn to be in charge of the company's affairs either!"

                The crowd was stunned, what was this?

                The construction company was not Lin Mo's own, it was still the Xu family's?

                Lin Mo, still just that soft-earned loser?