Medical Genius Chapter 956

 Piao Piao had an excited look on her face, "I remember, it's Mr. Huang!"

                "Aiya, Mr. Huang is really a big shot!"

                "The person in charge of that villa area is worth tens of billions."

                "A casual move is tens of millions to hundreds of millions."

                "I really didn't think that the Xu family could have such a powerful son-in-law!"

                "In comparison, this husband that our big school girl has found, can't compare with people!"

                The crowd all looked at Lin Mo, Piao Piao's words were clearly mocking Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo, on the other hand, was moved in his heart, taking this opportunity, he could get some information out of Wang Lei's mouth.

                "Is that so?"

                "How come I didn't know that the Xu family had such a capable son-in-law?"

                Wang Lei glanced at him disdainfully, "Of course you don't know!"

                "The Xu family is so big, people like you who are at the bottom of the hierarchy definitely can't get in touch with those big shots!"

                "Mr. Huang, he is now the general manager of that villa area in North City, in charge of all things there!"

                Lin Mo smiled disdainfully, "General manager? That's just a part-time worker!"

                "A part-time worker, how capable can he be?"

                Wang Lei was furious, he shot up and pointed at Lin Mo, "Bastard, who the hell are you to insult Mr. Huang like that?"

                "Fuck you, I've had enough of you!"

                "If I don't get you killed today, I'll take your fucking name!"

                Lin Mo glanced at him, "Are you sure you want to fight me here?"

                Wang Lei was startled by Lin Mo's sharp eyes, and when he thought about Lin Mo's strength, he was paralyzed again.

                "Laozi ...... Laozi gave face to General Song, otherwise, you would have fucking died long ago!"

                Wang Lei sat back down again with a disdainful face, "Trash like you, you don't know anything!"

                "Although General Manager Huang is only the general manager, he has the most power in the construction company!"

                "He's in charge of all the big and small affairs in the villa area, you don't believe me?"

                Lin Mo said slowly, "So what?"

                "At most, he's just getting a dead salary."

                "I work in a hospital and I earn no less than him!"

                At this moment, the crowd around the room was up in arms, and a male student said, "Hanxia, this husband of yours, he really doesn't know anything!"

                "What's a salary when you're the general manager of a construction site? There's more grey income than you can count!"

                "People picking random bits out of their fingers can catch up with your salary for a few years, how can you compare yourself to someone?"

                The others were all looking at Lin Mo with disdain.

                Wang Lei even sneered, "In my life, I've never seen anything as stupid as you!"

                "Salary? Do you think a character like General Manager Huang still lives on his salary?"

                "Heh, let me put it to you this way."

                "Mr. Huang recently ordered thirty million dollars of decorative materials from me, but do you know how much he has to write down in the company's accounts, for this decorative material?"

                Wang Lei deliberately sold out, and the crowd looked over, "How much?"

                Wang Lei laughed: "One hundred and thirty million!"

                The crowd all exclaimed, "That much?"

                Wang Lei smiled smugly, "This is the benefit of power!"

                "For something bought for thirty million, write one hundred and thirty million and he takes one hundred million for himself."

                "And that's not the end of it."

                "The thirty million I got, I have to give another ten million to Mr. Huang to share."

                "The remaining twenty million, I'll take another ten million for myself, and the last ten million, that's the cost of the construction materials!"

                The crowd exclaimed once again, this situation was unimaginable to anyone.

                Lin Mo, on the other hand, frowned, this Huang Liang had a lot of guts.

                At this moment, a man whispered, "One hundred and thirty million dollars for decorative materials and only ten million dollars for them in the end, that's too big a difference, isn't it?"

                "When the time comes, someone will come to check the quality of the project, won't that be a problem?"

                Wang Lei harrumphed, "The ones checking the quality of the project will also be Mr. Huang's own people."

                "You guys say, what can go wrong with this?"