Medical Genius Chapter 954

 The crowd was all stunned.

                Wang Lei's request was, to put it bluntly, deliberately aimed at Lin Mo, he still wanted to provoke Lin Mo ah.

                Xu Hanxia was angry first, she said in a cold voice, "Piao Piao, if your husband can't speak, tell him to shut up!"

                "Zhou Lin and I are only classmates at best, how can we get involved in the lover aspect?"

                Piao Piao sneered, "Halfsia, why are you angry?"

                "We're all classmates, we all know what's going on between you and Zhou Lin, and my husband wasn't wrong."

                "Okay, tonight is my husband's treat, so why don't you give us some face and have a drink with our class president?"

                Xu Hanxia was so angry that her body shivered, this Piao Piao was really damaging.

                If she didn't say it clearly, people who didn't know would think that she really had something to do with Zhou Lin!

                She was about to open her mouth to retort, when Lin Mo suddenly pressed her hand.

                Lin Mo picked up his wine glass and laughed lightly, "Today is a reunion, not an old lover's party, this is not appropriate, right?"

                "If you really have to drink a cross-cup of wine just to meet an old lover, Miss Piao Piao, then how many cross-cups of wine do you have to drink in your life?"

                When the words came out, the scene burst into laughter.

                With these words, Lin Mo was mocking Piao Piao for having too many old lovers.

                Piao Piao's face changed, and Wang Lei even shot up, pointing at Lin Mo and cursing, "Fuck you, you son of a bitch, how do you speak?"

                "Are you looking for death?"

                Lin Mo glanced at him, "What, you want to fight?"

                Wang Lei was furious, "Kid, you've got some fucking balls, don't you?"

                "You want to fight with me, don't you?"

                "Fine, I'll give you a chance now!"

                "Let's go out and settle this before we come back in, how about that?"

                Lin Mo laughed outright, "Sure, let's go!"

                Wang Lei froze, he didn't expect that Lin Mo would be so confident.

                Did it mean that Lin Mo wasn't afraid of himself at all?

                Thinking about what happened just now when Lin Mo broke the wine bottle with one punch, he panicked a little instead.

                If Lin Mo was really good at fighting, then could the dozen of brothers he had outside beat him?

                Therefore, Wang Lei was a little hesitant for a while.

                At this moment, Zhou Lin stopped Wang Lei.

                He gave Lin Mo a deep look and said softly, "Tonight is our classmate's party, Old Wang, consider it a favor to me."

                Wang Lei immediately nodded, "Good, brother Zhou, since you said so, then I'll give you face!"

                "Kid, we're not done here, you wait for me!"

                After Wang Lei sat down, he immediately took out his mobile phone and asked his junior to get someone to come and help.

                With everything arranged, he sneered and glanced at Lin Mo.

                He had already decided that when Lin Mo walked out of Food for Heaven tonight, he would immediately make his move!

                Lin Mo was calm, he didn't even touch his phone.

                To deal with these trash, why did he need to call anyone?

                After the crowd chatted for a while, Wang Lei deliberately brought the topic of conversation to Zhou Lin.

                "Brother Zhou, I heard that you're back in China to make a few investments?"

                "Over on Wall Street, there's gold everywhere, why do you want to go back to China to invest?"

                Zhou Lin smiled, "There are plenty of opportunities over on Wall Street, but, after all, I am a Chinese, and I want to make a contribution to the construction of China."

                "In recent years, many new industries have emerged in the country, which are very valuable for investment."

                "I have come back this time because I also have my eyes on a few domestic projects, so I want to make some investments."

                Speaking here, he suddenly glanced at Xu Hanxia and smiled, "By the way, Hanxia, you're still at Xu Pharmaceuticals, right?"

                "There's a project I'm looking at this time, and it's also related to your Xu Pharmaceuticals."

                "I heard one of our colleagues say that a new drug recently developed by Xu Pharmaceutical has great potential."

                "I'm also going to look into it recently and see if I can work with Xu Pharmaceutical!"