Medical Genius Chapter 953

 Zhou Lin said, even going to grab Xu Hanxia's hand.

                Lin Mo frowned and directly grabbed Zhou Lin's wrist, casually twisting it, Zhou Lin directly cried out in pain.

                Wang Lei's face changed and he pointed at Lin Mo and roared, "Damn it, how dare you do it?"

                "Let go of me!"

                Lin Mo glanced at him coldly, "This is none of your business here, get lost!"

                Wang Lei was furious and grabbed the bottle on the table, "Who the fuck are you talking to?"

                "Why don't you go out and ask around, what kind of person am I, Wang Lei?"

                "Fuck, believe it or not I'll open your mouth!"

                Lin Mo took a look at the wine bottle and suddenly punched it, which was directly shattered.

                Wang Lei was startled and involuntarily took a step back.

                After a moment of silence, Wang Lei gritted his teeth and said, "You have two tricks up your sleeve, no wonder you're so arrogant!"

                "But, kid, you think you can scare me with these two strokes of yours?"

                "I'm telling you, I still have a dozen brothers outside."

                "If you're so fucking arrogant, can you beat my dozen brothers?"

                "With one word from me, I can sink you into the Guangyang River tonight, believe it or not!"

                Lin Mo didn't even bother to look at him, he casually threw Zhou Lin aside: "Talk is talk, don't move your hands!"

                "She's my wife, if you dare touch her, I'll kill you!"

                Xu Hanxia also glared at him indignantly, "Zhou Lin, watch what you say!"

                "I won't divorce my husband, and I won't marry you."

                "We are classmates, I hope you can respect me and stop saying these things!"

                Zhou Lin's face was blue and he stared indignantly at Lin Mo for half a day, his eyes full of coldness.

                Wang Lei stood next to him, "Brother Zhou, do you want to get rid of him?"

                "Just one word from you, I can have my brothers come in right now and chop this bastard to death!"

                Zhou Lin waved his hand, "Forget it."

                "Food for Heaven is the shop of General Manager Song Zhilan Song, so give General Manager Song some face!"

                Hearing this, the whole room was shocked.

                Piao Piao said excitedly, "Zhou Lin, you know Mr. Song too?"

                Zhou Cai'er said excitedly, "Class leader, do you know Mr. Song well?"

                Zhou Lin smiled, "I've met him twice."

                "The project I'm working on back home this time, with the Yun Chuang Group, there are quite a few connections and private contacts."

                "Mr Song is very nice, I don't want to cause trouble in her field!"

                The implication of the words was, firstly, to express that he had a good relationship with Song Zhilan.

                Secondly, it was a warning to Lin Mo, I am not unable to clean you up, I am just giving face to Song Zhilan!

                Lin Mo smiled speechlessly, this Zhou Lin, he could really brag too.

                Given Song Zhilan's character, it was normal to talk business with him.

                If he were to say that they had private contacts, Lin Mo would never believe it!

                However, Lin Mo didn't bother to break it down.

                He did not want to get too involved in such a classmate gathering.

                After this meal, everyone would just disperse!

                Wang Lei helped Zhou Lin to sit down at the main seat and immediately started to talk high and mighty, bragging about Zhou Lin's career and bragging about his own career.

                Anyway, basically every word was a show-off.

                In fact, they were all said for Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia to hear.

                He was deliberately raising Zhou Lin to put Lin Mo down, so that Xu Hanxia would turn her mind to Zhou Lin.

                It was a pity that Xu Hanxia did not look at Zhou Lin from the beginning to the end.

                She really didn't have a good feeling about this man.

                Especially when he spoke and acted like that just now, it made Xu Hanxia even more bored to death.

                After chatting for a while, Wang Lei suddenly picked up his glass of wine and laughed, "They say that a reunion is when old classmates get together to bond!"

                "If you want to talk about relationships, I guess, in your class, only Zhou Lin has the best relationship with this Xu Hanxia."

                "It's not easy for you two to meet old lovers!"

                "Why don't you two have a toast and see if you can renew your relationship?"

                "What do you all say?"