Medical Genius Chapter 951

Piao Piao's words were simply insulting.

                Xu Hanxia frowned slightly: "What's wrong with the doctor?"

                "My husband earns his money based on his ability, what's wrong with that?"

                "Besides, I love him and married him, shouldn't that be right?"

                "Marriage is pure, how can it be all about money?"

                This statement was an insinuation that Piao Piao was only looking for a rich man.

                Piao Piao could not help but be annoyed and sneered, "Hmph, big school girl Xu, really still so noble!"

                "But, this being human, just having feelings is useless!"

                "Life's food, oil and salt can't be solved with feelings alone!"

                "Take this food as an example, if you come here for a meal and you say you have a good relationship as a couple, will they let you in?"

                A group of students around laughed, and Zhou Caier laughed, "Piao Piao, you're still talking so sharp!"

                "But that's exactly right!"

                Piao Piao glanced at Xu Hanxia disdainfully, "Hanxia, you're still working at your Xu Pharmaceuticals?"

                "Heh, as I recall, Xu's Pharmaceutical, the market value is only a little over 100 million, right?"

                "Let me tell you this, my husband just recently contracted a project, and he got 30 million dollars in rebates alone!"

                "If we go back and finish this project again, we'll almost make another 50 million!"

                "This way miscellaneous calculations, this project, almost earned 80 million."

                "One project, it's almost the same as the market value of your Xu Pharmaceutical."

                "Given your two situations, how many years of work will you be able to earn 80 million?"

                "In this lifetime, is there any hope of that?"

                The crowd around them gasped in awe and looked at Piao Piao with eyes full of envy.

                You know, most of the people present are working people with dead wages, working hard for only a few thousand tens of thousands of dollars a month.

                Now, Piao Piao's husband is earning $80 million for a single project, who could not be envious?

                Xu Hanxia was annoyed, this Piao Piao, when she was in school, she liked to show off her wealth.

                At that time, the boyfriends she found were all rich men.

                In her last college, she had seven boyfriends, all of whom were rich.

                After graduation, she hooked up with a diamond king and married him, not expecting to become even more vain.

                However, she eventually suppressed the anger in her heart, she didn't want to flaunt everything she had.

                She took a deep breath and said in a low voice, "Piao Piao, maybe we have different philosophies."

                "I think that an uneventful life is just fine!"

                Piao Piao laughed coldly, "What do you mean by mediocre?"

                "Incompetence is incompetence!"

                "A man has to put his career first!"

                "Hanxia, do you still remember Zhou Lin?"

                "Our old class president, he's doing very well now, better than my husband."

                "Zhou Lin loved you so much back then. If you could have gotten together with Zhou Lin, why would you be in such a difficult situation now?"

                Xu Hanxia was confused, she didn't expect that Piao Piao would bring up Zhou Lin!

                This Zhou Lin, when she was at school, she had been chasing Xu Hanxia to the point of madness.

                Xu Hanxia didn't have a good feeling towards him, because that person was too radical in his actions, so she didn't even bother with him.

                Zhou Caier gave Piao Piao a deep look, she now finally understood why Piao Piao Piao was holding on to Xu Hanxia.

                It looked like Piao Piao was taking the lead for Zhou Lin!

                All the people around were also talking, "Oh, speaking of Zhou Lin, I remember, he seems to have returned to China recently!"

                "That's right, I heard that he's made it big out there and is now an investor on Wall Street!"

                "This time when he came back, it is said that he is talking to the top ten families about cooperation, and he has met with all the people from the top ten families."

                "Is that true? That's amazing, that's really rich!"

                "If Xu Hanxia had agreed to his advances at that time, she would definitely be a rich wife now. ......"