Medical Genius Chapter 950

 At six o'clock in the evening, Xu Hanxia drove the Maserati, picked up Lin Mo and went straight to Food for Heaven.

                Many of these old classmates in Guangyang City had heard of Food for the Sky, but not many of them had ever been inside.

                Sitting inside Food for Heaven, the crowd was shocked.

                The decoration, the luxury of the place, was enough to leave everyone in awe!

                Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia arrived, and after greeting a group of students, they sat down on one side.

                Zhou Cai'er and a few girls sat not far away, all looking at Lin Mo with an indignant expression.

                Not long afterwards, a heavily made-up woman walked in.

                The woman was gorgeously dressed, full of designer labels, and had an air of condescension.

                "Aiyo, Piao Piao, you're finally here!"

                "This place, Food for Heaven, in Guangyang City, is a real high-end place, ordinary people can't get in!"

                "I heard that your husband booked the private room?"

                "If you don't come, we wouldn't dare to order!"

                Zhou Caier greeted her with a smile.

                That Piao Piao couldn't help but smile: "What's there to be afraid to order?"

                "Just order whatever you want."

                "Let me tell you, my husband, knows the manager here very well."

                "Even, with the owner of this shop, Song Zhilan Song, he has dined together!"

                The crowd all exclaimed, and Zhou Cai'er's eyes even widened, "Really?"

                "Your husband, knows Mr. Song?"

                "Oh, that's a famous and powerful woman in Guangyang!"

                "It is said that even Nanba Tian and Huang Yongfeng have to give her face, is that true?"

                Piao Piao laughed, "Of course!"

                "Song is not only very wealthy herself, she also has the support of the Song family behind her."

                "Counting up, she's basically like the spokesperson for the ten families."

                "Huang Yongfeng and Nanba Tian, they definitely have to give face to the Ten Great Families!"

                The crowd gasped in awe, Song Zhilan's reputation in Guangyang City was truly resounding.

                That Piao Piao, rightfully, sat on the main seat, her eyes looking askance, as if no one could be looked at by her.

                Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia sat on one side, and ignored the false flattery among these classmates.

                Zhou Cai'er glanced at Lin Mo and suddenly laughed, "Aiyo, Piao Piao, your husband is so progressive!"

                "Hey, this people-comparing-people na, it's infuriating."

                "Look at our big school girl Xu, how many rich young men were chasing her at that time!"

                "But she ended up with a son-in-law who eats soft food."

                "Don't you think that fate is quite interesting?"

                Hearing Zhou Cai'er's words, the crowd looked at Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia in unison, all with curious and teasing expressions on their faces.

                Xu Hanxia frowned, this Zhou Cai'er really had nothing to do.

                We are sitting here without saying a word, and you come up and insult people, this is too much!

                Piao Piao glanced at Xu Hanxia, "Yo, Hanxia, when did you get married, why didn't you even inform?"

                "Is this your husband?"

                "Where's he working?"

                Everyone was looking straight at Xu Hanxia, this was their former school beauty, everyone wanted to know how she had married!

                The most crucial thing was Zhou Cai'er's words just now. Everyone wanted to know if Xu Hanxia had really married a son-in-law!

                Xu Hanxia took a deep breath and tried to keep her tone calm: "Oh, I got married not long after I graduated."

                "At that time, we didn't have a big event either, so we didn't inform everyone."

                "This is my husband Lin Mo, he works in the hospital and is the head of the department."

                Piao Piao glanced at Lin Mo and smiled disdainfully, "So he's a doctor!"

                "Big school girl Xu, back then, the line of people chasing you could have reached the square outside."

                "So many young talents, how could you think of that and end up finding a doctor and getting married ah?"

                "What, too many men and you've lost your eyes?"