Medical Genius Chapter 947

 Dean Chen now had the utmost admiration and gratitude for Lin Mo.

                He had collected many special cases for Lin Mo during this period of time, all of which they could not cure, and which the joint consultation could not cure.

                As a result, Lin Mo made them cure the patient easily with a few simple words, which naturally shocked people to the core.

                Of course, the most crucial thing was Barbara's situation.

                Dean Chen's daughter had died early, and he now treated Barbara as his own daughter.

                He was happier than anyone else as he watched Barbara recover day by day, and was naturally even more grateful to Lin Mo.

                Dean Chen suddenly remembered something: "Oh, yes."

                "A few days ago, there were a few foreigners who went to the hospital to look for the angler you cured."

                "They also asked carefully about you, however, I didn't let the doctor tell them."

                Lin Mo's heart twitched, could it be that people from Miaojiang had gone to look for that angler?

                Why did they look for that angler and why did they ask about themselves?

                Could it be that the people from Miaojiang, had started to notice themselves?

                After what happened to Sang Zhuo last time, Lin Mo had become wary of Miaojiang's people.

                Now that the people of Miaojiang had even started looking for themselves, could it be that they already knew that Barbara was here with them and were coming to look for her?

                Lin Mo couldn't help but look at Ah Man, during this period of time, although Ah Man had recovered a lot, he hadn't reached the level he wanted.

                At this time, he couldn't go to Miaojiang's people for the time being.

                Only when Barbara's condition was better could he start working on this matter!

                After pondering for a moment, Lin Mo said, "Dean Chen, if anyone comes to inquire in the future, have someone inform me."

                "It would be best to find out the identities of these few people, or their contact details."

                Dean Chen nodded his head, "No problem!"

                "Turn around, I'll inform those few hospitals."

                "I reckon that it should be someone who is admiring the name and wants to come to you for medical treatment."

                "Mr. Lin, in fact, with your medical skills, if you are willing to sit in the clinic, it would be a blessing for the people!"

                Lin Mo smiled, "Dean Chen, I'm used to being lazy, I'm not quite used to sitting there all day and treating people."

                Dean Chen nodded his head, he could understand this point.

                After all, Lin Mo was young and had the status and financial power he had today, if it was anyone else, they wouldn't be willing to work hard to sit in the clinic.

                Moreover, with Lin Mo's medical skills, if he really went to the clinic, then there was no telling how many people would come to seek medical treatment.

                If that were to happen, Lin Mo wouldn't know how busy he would be!

                After chatting for a while, Lin Mo left first.

                When he returned home, he heard Xu Jiangong laughing loudly in the living room from afar.

                "What a beautiful job Lin Mo has done with this tonight!"

                "Did you guys notice the expressions on those guys' faces just now, they're practically dying of anger!"

                "Hahahaha, these bastards, they have their day too ......"

                Lin Mo just happened to enter the room, and as soon as Xu Jiangong saw him, he immediately greeted him.

                "Aiya, Lin Mo, you're finally back!"

                "Come, come, come and sit down, have a cup of tea!"

                "Tonight, you've made your mark, well done!"

                "You kid, I told you that you were reliable!"

                Xu Jiangong gave Lin Mo some rare praise.

                Xu Hanxia sat next to him with a light smile on her face.

                This was the scene she wanted most, for her parents to no longer have any prejudice against Lin Mo, and for the family to be at peace, which was better than anything else.

                Xu Dongxue, on the other hand, glanced at Lin Mo with displeasure: "Heh, Dad, you're too exaggerating too!"

                "Didn't Lin Mo just find a few people and put them off, what's the big deal?"

                "Look at how you're praising him, those who don't know, will think he's saved the planet."

                "If you had told me earlier, I would have asked Huang Liang to find a few people too, and cleaned them up just as well ......"