Medical Genius Chapter 946

 Laughing all the way, Song Zhilan drove the car to the entrance of the Shengshi Mansion and said directly, "Mr Xu, you go back first."

                "Your husband, I'm commandeering tonight!"

                Xu Hanxia laughed, this Song Zhilan just loved to joke around.

                "Fine, then you remember to return him tomorrow!"

                Xu Hanxia laughed.

                Song Zhilan: "That's not easy to say!"

                "Maybe he'll think I'm better tonight and move on?"

                Xu Hanxia smiled and smacked her, "My husband, would never do such a thing!"

                Song Zhilan laughed and drove Lin Mo away.

                The vehicle finally drove to Wangjiang Garden, where Song Zhilan also had a house, where her best friend, was now housed by her.

                While driving into the house, Song Zhilan said, "Lin Mo, how come your wife is so trusting of you?"

                "In the middle of the night, a beautiful woman like me took you away and she didn't panic at all?"

                Lin Mo smiled, "Because she knows that I love her and I won't let her suffer half as much!"

                Song Zhilan glanced at Lin Mo, her face full of jealousy, "Get lost get lost!"

                "Don't show your love in front of me in the future, be careful that I'll really come across and snatch you away one day!"

                Lin Mo laughed and followed Song Zhilan upstairs.

                Although her best friend's illness had healed, every other week, Lin Mo still had to come and change her medicine, to be able to speed up her recovery.

                Lin Mo skillfully took care of everything, said goodbye to Song Zhilan and went back to the villa in Wangjiang Garden first.

                Lin Xi was already asleep, she was getting better these days and the maids would take her for a walk around the neighbourhood during the day.

                Lin Mo went to Barbara's next, and just as he reached the door, he heard the sound of cheerful laughter coming from inside.

                Lin Mo knocked on the door and went in to find Barbara sitting with Madam Chen, the two of them talking and laughing.

                Dean Chen was sitting on a sofa not far away, also with a smile on his face.

                Ah Man had now removed the layers and layers of clothing that had been wrapped around her body and was wearing a fairly fashionable tracksuit.

                The skin on her face had completely recovered, as white and delicate as milk, better than both Xu Hanxia's and Song Zhilan's skin.

                This was a situation that Lin Mo could understand.

                After all, since Barbara was born, her face had been covered by abscesses and her skin, at all, had never been on display.

                Now that the abscesses had subsided and her skin was revealed, she was naturally almost like a baby.

                What really amazed Lin Mo was Barbara's face, her looks were no worse than Xu Hanxia's and Song Zhilan's.

                Most crucially, for some reason, Lin Mo always felt that there was a flirtatious aura about her. This kind of aura was something that neither Xu Hanxia nor Song Zhilan possessed!

                If the girls were put together now, there was probably no difference in face value. However, the one who attracted the most attention was definitely Barbara!

                It was a unique aura, an aura that belonged to her alone!

                When she saw Lin Mo, Barbara immediately jumped up and ran over to hug Lin Mo's arm, "Brother Lin, you're back!"

                During this period of time, Ah Man had completely treated Lin Mo as the closest person to her, and her status even surpassed that of Dean and Mrs. Chen.

                Dean and Mrs Chen also greeted Lin Mo with a smile.

                They now completely treated Ah Man as their own daughter, and would come here to keep Ah Man company when they were resting.

                Even, they would stay overnight here.

                Mrs. Chen was particularly fond of Barbara, and Barbara also called her mother, so they were like a real family.

                Lin Mo smiled and greeted Dean and Mrs Chen, went to the table and sat down, and accompanied them for a while.

                Lin Mo noticed that Barbara's condition was much better than before.

                He would come every day to observe Barbara's condition, he was waiting for Barbara to recover, and even more so for the right time.

                The incident at the Black Dragon Pool, and the incident with Sang Zhuo, let him know that something was definitely wrong in Miaojiang.

                He was waiting for the right moment, then he would go to the Black Dragon Pool and find out what had happened to Miaojiang!