Medical Genius Chapter 945

 After Xu Dongxue finished speaking, he and Xu Jiankong once again looked at each other and smiled.

                That was what these people had said about them before, and now, it felt so good to finally have that phrase applied to them!

                The Fang family boss said indignantly, "You child, what kind of words are you saying?"

                "Their family didn't educate their children properly, that's their responsibility, why should we pay for it?"

                "And we have to sell our house to help them deal with it?"

                "If the house is sold, where will we live?"

                Several other relatives also nodded their heads, expressing their support for the words of the Fang family's boss.

                Xu Jiangong, on the other hand, leaned back slowly on the sofa, "Then I don't care!"

                "Anyway, we're all relatives!"

                "If you guys are willing to help, then we'll help too."

                "If you don't want to help, then we won't help either."

                "Otherwise, it would seem like you guys are too impersonal!"

                The Fang family boss glared at him, "What does it matter to us if you don't help and forget about it?"

                "Anyway, that's what I said, make your own mistakes and deal with them yourself!"

                "This matter, has nothing to do with us!"

                Fang Jian was anxious: "Third uncle, you talk about them ......"

                Third grandfather sighed, "Hey, actually, the boss is right."

                "If you do something wrong, you have to take the blame yourself."

                "Others, can't help you for the rest of your lives."

                This statement directly made Fang Ling Wu Fei Fei confused.

                The three grandfathers were not even supportive, what else could they do at this instant?

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui, however, laughed outright.

                This third grandfather was also a thief, and when he didn't have to spend money, he was of course happy to watch the fun.

                Now that this matter even involved him, how could he possibly agree to it?

                Xu Jiangong stood up, "Aiya, it looks like we can't negotiate on this tonight."

                "Let's leave it at that, I'm leaving it here anyway!"

                "When you give Qiao Qiao the five million, I'll give Fang Ling twenty-five million!"

                "Everyone, I have things to do at home, so I'll leave first and talk to you later!"

                "Oh yes, Huang Liang, your grandfather has come here for a long time, you should take care of him tonight."

                "Book some rooms in that fast hotel next door, let them have a good rest."

                "By the way, when you buy them tickets for tomorrow, remember to buy sleepers!"

                "These are your elders, you can't buy standing tickets, do you understand?"

                Huang Liang laughed loudly, "No problem!"

                "Dad, leave it to me!"

                Xu Jiangong laughed loudly and left, Fang Hui got up, gave the crowd a deep look and left with a sigh as well.

                The people in the room were dumbfounded, this arrangement of Xu Jiangong was too insulting.

                This arrangement was too insulting. An express hotel and, moreover, a direct ticket for the next day? It was clear that he wanted them to stay overnight and get out!

                These people were planning to stay here for a few more days to get some benefits from the Xu family.

                Xu Jian Gong was not giving them any chance!

                However, now that things had come to this point, everyone was too embarrassed to say anything else, so they could only acquiesce.

                Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia also left, and as for this meal, the Supreme Card was waived.

                However, Lin Mo still told the waiter to go in and keep an eye on it.

                All the wine that couldn't be finished, all of them were taken away, they couldn't let these people move the wine away.

                It wasn't that Lin Mo was insensitive, it was just that this family, it was too much!

                The two had just arrived downstairs when a car suddenly drove up to the two of them, and Song Zhilan probed out, "Handsome, beautiful, I'll give you a ride?"

                Xu Hanxia and Lin Mo looked at each other and smiled, they knew they were going to drink tonight, so they didn't drive over at all.

                When they got into the car, Song Zhilan smiled, "How was it? That was not a bad performance by me just now, was it?"

                Xu Hanxia smiled, "Mr. Song, you're really good at cleaning up these shrews!"

                Song Zhilan smiled smugly, "That's for sure!"

                "My second uncle and third uncle's wives are all first class shrews, but I've cleaned them all up! "