Medical Genius Chapter 944

 Fang Jian also looked depressed, "Second sister, didn't you guys say at the time that this matter was all settled?"

                "What is this now?"

                Fang Hui had already seen that this must have been Lin Mo's arrangement.

                Of course, she certainly wouldn't say it out loud, she just sighed, "Ai, the last time, Mr. Song's daughter almost died!"

                "At that time, although General Song didn't say anything, this anger has been held in her heart."

                "Some time ago, you guys went back to your hometown, and when Mr. Song didn't see you guys, he didn't care about it."

                "As a result, you guys came back again, and Mr. Song is a person who can't rub sand in his eyes!"

                "So he came over to look for you!"

                Fang Jian said anxiously, "So ...... what now?"

                "He wants five million, where are we going to get him the five million?"

                Xu Jiangong said directly, "I don't care where you go, don't come to us!"

                "The person Song Zhilan said, if this money was paid by our Xu family, it would be one billion!"

                Huang Xiuqin frowned tightly and suddenly said, "On what grounds?"

                "On what basis do we pay, it would be five million, and they pay, it would be one billion?"

                "This ...... is clearly bullying people!"

                "Xu Jiangong, this Song Zhilan, did you deliberately invite her here and deliberately bully people?"

                Xu Dongxue sneered, "Auntie, just stop this nonsense!"

                "Why Chief Song is here, we don't know!"

                "But, you remember one sentence. If Mr. Song wants to bully you, you are not qualified to resist!"

                "In this Guangyang City, if Mr. Song wants your lives, it's just a matter of words!"

                "It's a good thing you begged for mercy early enough, otherwise, it's hard to say whether you'll survive the night or not!"

                Huang Xiuqin was furious: "I don't believe it, she is still lawless ......"

                Before she could finish her sentence, the henchman that Song Zhilan had left behind gave her a direct slap on the face.

                "Speak more politely!"

                "Or else, I'll knock out your mouth full of teeth!"

                Huang Xiuqin thundered, but in the end, she didn't dare to say anything.

                Song Zhilan's intimidating power was still there!

                At this moment, Xu Jiangong laughed loudly, "Now things are very obvious!"

                "Fang Ling's family's twenty five million, we'll pay for it."

                "Uh, Qiao Qiao's five million, we can't pay for it."

                "So, now it's up to you few families to put together the five million!"

                Several people at the scene were confused, and one woman said urgently, "How can we ...... have so much money?"

                "Five million, how can we scrape it together?"

                Fang Jian nodded, "Yes, we're all poor."

                "Our savings together are not even estimated to be more than one million, how can we scrape together so much money?"

                Lin Mo laughed, "It's alright, you still have a house!"

                "If we sell the house, won't that be enough?"

                "People's lives are at stake, you don't want to see your uncle's family die here, do you?"

                Xu Jiangong laughed loudly, "That's right!"

                "You can sell your houses, a few of your families' houses are sold, and you'll be able to come up with six million."

                "The rest of the money is still enough for you to rent a house to live in, how suitable!"

                "Hahahaha ......"

                Xu Jiangong was now in a happy and anxious mood.

                Just now it had been these people who had been talking about them, and now, it was finally his turn to retort.

                The anger he had suffered before, he now also had a feeling of raising his eyebrows ah.

                After a long moment of silence, the Fang family boss directly shot up, "This is none of my business!"

                "Why should my family be allowed to sell my house!"

                "This matter, I don't care anyway!"

                Xu Dongxue immediately said, "Aiya, aunt, it's not right for you to talk like that."

                "We are all relatives of our own, how can we behave like this?"

                "That wasn't your attitude when you said you wanted us to help Fang Ling just now, was it?"

                "What, it's okay if my family pays for it, but not yours? What kind of logic is that?"