Medical Genius Chapter 943

 Song Zhilan seemed to be talking about a very ordinary thing.

                But the crowd at the scene was stunned.

                This was the eighth floor, and if they threw her out of here, she would fall to her death.

                As a matter of fact, Song Zhi Lan's men were also very simple, pulling Qiao Qiao straight to the window, opening it and lifting her up.

                Qiao Qiao's whole body went outside the window, and she was so frightened that she screamed in terror: "No, don't ......"

                "I know I'm wrong, forgive me, forgive me, I won't dare again ......"

                "Help me, help me ......"

                Fang Jian and Huang Xiuqin were pinned to the ground, shivering in fear, begging for mercy: "Mr. Song, you are magnanimous, spare her!"

                "She's still a child!"

                "We apologize, we kowtow to you ......"

                The two pleaded for half a day, but when Song Zhilan ignored them, Huang Xiuqin snapped, "Murder is a crime, I ...... my daughter if anything happens to her, I ...... I'll sue you!"

                Song Zhilan laughed as she turned her head and glanced at Huang Xiuqin, "Sue me?"

                "Oh, not afraid to tell you. I Song Zhi Lan can stand in today's position, the people who died, not a hundred, but also eighty!"

                "You want to sue me? On what grounds?"

                Huang Xiuqin was trembling in fear: "Mr. Song, please spare her ......"

                "I ...... I really know I'm wrong ......"

                Everyone else followed suit to help beg for forgiveness.

                Song Zhilan glanced at her, "Want to live? You can!"

                "However, you have to compensate for what happened last time!"

                "I don't want much, just five million!"

                "Are you willing to pay it?"

                Huang Xiuqin's face turned pale as she nodded her head repeatedly, "Yes, we'll give, we'll definitely give!"

                Song Zhilan nodded in satisfaction and turned to leave, but it was as if she suddenly saw Xu Hanxia.

                "Yo, General Manager Xu is also here?"

                "This one, it's you ......"

                Xu Hanxia: "That's my aunt and uncle, Qiao Qiao is my cousin!"

                Song Zhilan's eyes lit up, "Really?"

                "Aiyo, I didn't expect that there are such relatives in their family, huh?"

                "Sorry, I've changed my mind!"

                "Five million in compensation isn't enough, I want a billion!"

                Huang Xiuqin's eyes widened: "What are you ...... talking about?"

                "One billion? On what grounds?"

                Song Zhilan glanced at Xu Hanxia: "On the basis that you are Mr. Xu's relatives!"

                "In this matter, General Manager Xu should help you guys, right?"

                "General Manager Xu's Xu Pharmaceuticals has a market value of over a billion dollars."

                "I'll ask her for a billion, that's not too much, is it?"

                Huang Xiuqin was furious: "You ...... guys aren't even injured, why should you ask for a billion?"

                "You ...... why don't you go rob?"

                Song Zhilan sneered, "Is this still not robbery for me now?"

                "Hey, shrew, listen to me clearly."

                "This money, what if you guys pay for it, it's five million."

                "If it's from the Xu family, it'll be a billion!"

                "Someone, keep a close eye on me!"

                With those words, Song Zhilan went out with her toes high and proud.

                At the door, when no one was looking, she suddenly winked at Lin Mo, a wry smile flashing across her face.

                Lin Mo smiled, this Song Zhilan, she was quite fond of acting.

                Tonight, he was looking for Du Jianbang He Lao and Song Zhi Lan, just to deliberately make this scene.

                Once Song Zhilan left, the people in the room fell into a dead silence.

                After a long time, Fang Qian whispered, "Qiao Qiao, you ...... how in the end did you mess with this Song Zhilan ah?"

                "I heard my daughter say that Song Zhilan, in Guangyang City, can be said to have only one hand in the sky!"

                "Even the Song family's assets may not be as much as hers!"

                "Such a big shot, how could you have messed with her?"

                Qiao Qiao lowered her head and just cried without speaking.

                Huang Xiuqin said indignantly, "Who pissed her off!"

                "This bitch ......"

                Just as she said this, she suddenly saw Song Zhilan's men standing next to her and immediately shut her mouth.