Medical Genius Chapter 942

 With a single word, Huang Xiuqin was speechless.

                After a long time, she only whispered, "Your family is rich, this money, to your family, is nothing!"

                Lin Mo: "Auntie, you can't say things like that!"

                "Relative affection is not something that can be measured by money."

                "Besides, our family has money, so we took on the biggest part of it, twenty-three million."

                "Now, that's a small amount of one million, so it would be a bit of a stretch if you guys didn't help out, wouldn't it?"

                "Dad, mum, what do you think?"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui also understood Lin Mo's meaning, and the two of them instantly laughed.

                Xu Jiangong exclaimed, "My son-in-law is right!"

                "Twenty-three million, we'll take it!"

                "This one million, it's yours!"

                "We are all relatives, we have to treat everyone equally!"

                "If you don't get this million together, I won't give the twenty-three million!"

                Fang Hui also nodded her head repeatedly, sneering at Huang Xiuqin and the others.

                She knew that these people were all miserly. Letting others pay, they certainly didn't care.

                However, how could they be willing to pay for it if they were asked to?

                The crowd couldn't help but look at Third Grandfather.

                Third Grandfather had an embarrassed look on his face; this relative, too, included him.

                He took a deep breath, "Aiya, Hui ah, you're not saying that right!"

                "Your family is so rich, whether it's twenty-three million, or twenty-four million, it's nothing!"

                "But this one million, for us, is a big number."

                "If we really have to pay this million, what about our future life?"

                "Or else, this money, it's better for your family to pay, it won't affect you much anyway!"

                Xu Jiangong almost cursed directly, what kind of talk is this?

                You want us to pay $24 million without a single cent? Are these human words?

                Just then, the door to the room was pushed open again, and Elder He walked in with a group of people.

                "Fang Ling, your son attempted to kidnap my granddaughter last time, let's settle this score."

                "I want one million dollars in compensation!"

                "If you don't pay, your son will wait to go to jail!"

                He Lao said directly in a cold voice.

                The crowd's faces changed, the matter of Du Jianbang had not yet been resolved, and now a million dollars was coming out.

                Fang Ling was about to collapse, how could they have come to this moment to find trouble?

                As soon as He Lao led the people out, the eyes of the crowd gathered on Fang Hui in unison.

                "Twenty-four million, and twenty-five million, the difference isn't that big, is it ......"

                Huang Xiuqin muttered in a low voice while the others nodded their heads.

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was furious, what kind of people are these?

                However, without waiting for the two of them to say anything, the door to the room opened again and Song Zhilan walked in.

                Her gaze fell on Qiao Qiao and she said in a cold voice, "You're that Qiao Qiao, aren't you?"

                "Last time you wrecked my car and almost killed my daughter, we haven't settled this score yet!"

                "I heard that you've come to Guangyang City, so it's time to settle this score!"

                Qiao Qiao immediately became angry: "What does it have to do with me, I didn't drive the car last time!"

                "You ...... you bitch, what kind of thing are you ......"

                Before the words left her mouth, Song Zhilan threw a slap at her face.

                Huang Xiuqin roared, "You dare to hit my daughter ......"

                She had just stood up when a group of people rushed in from the doorway and pinned the whole family to the ground.

                Song Zhilan's face was cold: "Introduce yourself, my name is Song Zhilan!"

                "The Song family of the top ten families in Guangyang City, that's our family."

                "The top ten companies in Guangyang City, the Yunchuang Group, was founded by me!"

                "In all my years in Guangyang City, no one has dared to speak to me like this!"

                "You, are the first!"

                "There is a price to pay for cursing!"

                "Throw her out of the window for me!"