Medical Genius Chapter 939

 Xu Dongxue and Fei Fei Wu argued directly.

                The crowd listened for a while and were all a little impatient.

                Fang Jian directly slapped the table and said angrily, "Enough!"

                "Shut up, all of you!"

                "What are you two sisters arguing about in this regard? What's the point?"

                "No matter what, even if Fei Fei and the others did something wrong, you shouldn't say such things and chill people's hearts like this!"

                "They are the closest relatives, what's the point of never letting them go to the house again?"

                "Xu Dongxue, are you not going to let us relatives go to your house either?"

                The other relatives all stared at Xu Dongxue with righteous indignation at her words.

                Xu Dongxue was confused, "Uncle, I ...... didn't say anything about you guys!"

                Huang Xiuqin sneered, "Heh, it's true that you didn't say anything in your mouth, but what you think in your heart, who knows?"

                "At first Ling Ling helped your family so much, now both her children can be kicked out when they go to your house."

                "How can we dare to go to your house?"

                "Oh, it's different when you're rich."

                "They don't even recognise their relatives anymore!"

                "Fang Jian, I think we should go home."

                "People Fang Hui is now a rich person, not your second sister anymore, we can't speak in front of people anymore!"

                These harsh words made Fang Hui's face swell red: "Xiuqin, don't talk nonsense!"

                "Let's talk about the matter!"

                Huang Xiuqin slapped the table, "Let's talk about the matter, it's also your fault!"

                "Even if a child makes a mistake, you, as elders, should still focus on education."

                "Instead of relying on your own family's money, you should be kicking people out at the drop of a hat!"

                "Third uncle, tell me, are these the words of an elder?"

                Third grandfather nodded slowly, "That's right!"

                "Hui ah, how can you guys talk like this?"

                "It's just too chilling!"

                Fang Hui's eyes were red, the family was now accusing her alone, she was also aggrieved to the extreme.

                Xu Jiangong clenched his fist, if it wasn't for the presence of his third grandfather, he would have lashed out long ago.

                Wu Fei Fei rambled on for a while longer, putting all the blame on the Xu family anyway.

                Xu Dongxue argued with her a few times, and in the end, the Fang family sided with Wu Fei Fei.

                In particular, Fang Jian and Huang Xiuqin kept speaking up for Wu Fei Fei.

                Xu Hanxia listened with annoyance from the side and said in a low voice, "This family, they're really too biased!"

                "Keeping speaking up for the Wu family, what kind of people are they!"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly and whispered, "Normal!"

                Xu Hanxia was surprised: "Why is it normal?"

                Lin Mo: "If they can help the Wu family ask for money from our family today, then later on, everyone else will have an excuse to ask us for money."

                "This isn't some family gathering tonight, and they're not here to judge."

                "To put it bluntly, they just want to ask for money from our family!"

                Xu Hanxia was confused: "How ...... can this happen?"

                "Why do you want money from us?"

                Lin Mo gave Xu Hanxia a look: "A man is not guilty, he is guilty."

                "You have money and in their eyes, you should give it to them."

                Xu Hanxia was furious: "This ...... what kind of logic is this?"

                Lin Mo laughed, some relatives are like that.

                When you don't have money, he looks down on you. When you have money, he tries every possible way to get some money over from you.

                If you don't give it to him, he will even spit on you for being unkind to the rich and so on.

                Anyway, this is the reason why many relatives are difficult to get along with.

                After some arguments, Grandpa patronised him, "After all, it's still Hui Hui's fault for what you did this time!"

                "Hui Hui ah, they are all relatives of your own, they are all the closest people, how can you do things like this?"

                "I know you've made some money over the years, but as a human being, you still can't forget your roots!"