Medical Genius Chapter 937

 The waiter was confused, he had never seen an order like this before.

                "Sir, we have a lot of dishes."

                "Serve one of each, you won't be able to finish them all."

                "If you serve ten portions ......"

                Fang Jian glared directly and said, "What do you care?"

                "If I can't finish it, I'll pack it up and go home, what's wrong?"

                Huang Xiuqin immediately laughed: "Yes, if you can't finish it, you can pack it up!"

                "It doesn't cost anything anyway, come on, come on, make it all for me!"

                Several other people also laughed out loud.

                The waiter looked embarrassed, he had never met such a situation before and had no idea how to handle it.

                Just then, Lin Mo spoke up, "Uncle, I'm afraid you can't order food like this."

                "Although the Supreme Card can waive the bill, however, the premise is that it cannot be wasted."

                "You can't pack it, and if you can't finish it, you'll have to double the charge when you reach a certain amount!"

                This was a temporary rule added by Lin Mo, he knew Fang Jian Huang Xiuqin's character.

                If they really said they wouldn't charge, they would probably have to move the whole building of Yipin Xuan.

                Fang Jian froze, "There's still such a rule?"

                "What kind of bullshit rule is that?"

                Huang Xiuqin also said indignantly, "That's not true!"

                "It's like a big deal to say that the bill is free."

                "As a result, who's being fooled by such rules?"

                "This boss, he's not very generous at all!"

                Xu Hanxia opened her mouth and was tempted to retort, but was eventually pulled back by Lin Mo.

                Fighting with these two people would be asking for trouble!

                With this rule in place, Fang Jian was finally honest.

                But he still took the menu and ordered the most expensive ones.

                As for the ten portions of fried rice, it was too late.

                Because, the God of Haojiang Cooking, had already gone back to Haojiang.

                After Fang Jian and Huang Xiuqin had ordered indiscriminately, Lin Mo took a general glance at the table and estimated that it would cost more than 300,000 yuan.

                This group of people really wanted to eat to death!

                However, this wasn't the end of it.

                When it was time to order the wine, Fang Jian yelled for the 82-year-old Lafite to be served.

                But Wu Fei Fei stopped him, "Uncle, what kind of Lafite is there to drink?"

                "He has Maotai here, let's drink Maotai!"

                Fang Jian frowned, "How much is Maotai only?"

                "This 82 year old Lafite, it's several tens of thousands a bottle!"

                Wu Fei Fei smiled, "Uncle, there's a batch of high-end Maotai here, a bottle would cost 300,000!"

                Fang Jian's eyes widened, "Are you kidding?"

                "Moutai can be that expensive?"

                Fei Fei Wu: "Of course it is!"

                "The Maotai here was bought by their boss himself."

                "Their boss, that's a tycoon with almost a hundred billion dollars, the wine he drinks, can it be cheap?"

                Fang Jian immediately came to life: "Then ...... that for Maotai ......"

                "Hey, it's mainly your third grandfather, who is not used to drinking foreign wine!"

                Xu Hanxia was speechless to the extreme, if you want to drink, just say so, why pretend to pretend ah?

                Eventually, the waiter carried four cases of Maotai in.

                Several members of the Fang family ran over and stared at the Maotai for half a day.

                They finally came to the conclusion that this Maotai was definitely not a cheap product!

                A few people took a bottle each and took photos and sent them to their friends.

                After tossing and turning for a while, they dismantled this Maotai, each of them intoxicated to the extreme.

                As for Fei Fei Wu, she even set her eyes on the rest of the wine straight away.

                There were so many of them, they wouldn't be able to finish the four cases.

                When the time came, she could just take out a few bottles and sell them for a million dollars, that was a lot of money!

                Soon, the dishes were brought up and the crowd ate them in a frenzy.

                As they ate, they lamented that the food here was really superb, they had never eaten such delicious food in their lives.

                In particular, Fang Jian and Huang Xiuqin were frantically pinching the food, only afraid of eating less than the others.

                And the bottles of wine, they also fought to be the first to drink them.

                After all, who would want to drink less when this one sip is ten thousand?