Medical Genius Chapter 934

 Wu Fei Fei's face turned cold and she yelled, "Fine, call the police! If you have the guts, call the police!"

                "If you call the police, I'll immediately spread the news and tell everyone about your family's scandal!"

                Xu Hanxia froze for a moment, "What's so scandalous about my family?"

                Wu Fei Fei sneered, "Hmph, your family, it was my mother who raised you in the first place."

                "Now that your family has become rich, you turn your face away from others."

                "We were so good to you at the beginning, and now we're asking you for a favour, and you're just pushing us around and not showing up."

                "If word of this gets out, guess what your business partners will think of you?"

                "Xu Hanxia, if you don't want your company's image to be tarnished because of you, then honestly give us the twenty-three million."

                "Or else, I will ......"

                Without waiting for her to finish, Xu Hanxia waved her hand directly: "Security guards, get her out of here!"

                Several security guards immediately rushed over and dragged Fei Fei Wu away.

                Wu Fei Fei was extremely angry and hissed loudly, "Xu Hanxia, I'm warning you!"

                "If you don't pay, we'll fight you to the death!"

                "Humph, we're poor, we don't care about our reputation, we're not afraid of those who wear shoes!"

                "You are the chairman of Xu Pharmaceuticals, such a big group, if your reputation is ruined, the loss will be more than 23 million!"

                "Xu Hanxia, you can think clearly ......"

                Xu Hanxia did not even look at her and drove away directly.

                Only after driving out of the area did Xu Hanxia say angrily, "What kind of people are these?"

                "Lin Mo, this family, why are they so rogue?"

                Lin Mo shrugged, "When people are in desperate times, they can only be like this."

                "Besides, this time, mum has spoiled them too much, and they're used to running around spilling their guts and asking for things."

                Xu Hanxia said indignantly, "This kind of people, they shouldn't be spoiled."

                Lin Mo nodded deeply, in fact, from the very beginning he had said that Wu Bing and Wu Fei Fei didn't have good personalities and that something would happen sooner or later.

                Unexpectedly, these two had only been back for such a short time and had already caused so much trouble.

                In fact, it was mainly because these two people had always felt that they were foreigners and that they were superior to others.

                No matter what they did, they felt full of care and did not consider the consequences at all.

                This, coupled with the fact that Fang Hui had helped them deal with so many things one after another, led them to have the illusion that no matter how much trouble they caused, someone would help them to take care of the aftermath.

                That's why they acted with increasing recklessness.

                And this time, Wu Bing had really gotten into a big trouble.

                Four dead and one injured, such a big car accident, he couldn't escape punishment at all!

                All morning, Wu Fei Fei and Fang Ling were guarding the entrance to the Shengshi Mansion.

                When Xu Dongxue and Huang Liang came out, they stopped them once.

                Xu Dongxue was not going to be polite with them and went straight up and slapped Wu Fei Fei a few times, had the security guards drag them to the roadside and drove off in a high spirited manner.

                When Xu Jiangong came out, he was also stopped once.

                Xu Jiangong was even more dry and called the police directly to have the two women arrested.

                As for Fang Hui, she learned that these two people were guarding the outside and didn't go out at all.

                All through the afternoon, Lin Mo was attending to a patient when he suddenly received a call from Xu Hanxia.

                "Lin Mo, book a private room at Yi Pin Xuan."

                Xu Hanxia's voice was low, as if she was very dissatisfied.

                Lin Mo was surprised: "What's wrong?"

                Xu Hanxia sighed, "My third grandfather and the others are coming, as well as my uncle and the others, my great aunt, my sister-in-law, all of them are coming."

                "In the evening ...... have to treat them to dinner tonight."

                Lin Mo frowned, "How come they're here at this time?"

                "It's not about Wu Bing, is it?"

                Xu Hanxia was helpless: "It's definitely about Wu Bing!"

                "Ai, I'm really convinced!"

                "This family, they really can toss and turn!"