Medical Genius Chapter 932

 Fang Hui looked unhappy, but still asked, "How much is the compensation?"

                Fang Ling: "Five hundred ...... five million!"

                Fang Hui's eyes widened, "What?"

                "Five million?"

                "You ...... you're asking me to pay five million?"

                Fang Ling bowed her head and whispered, "Yes ...... it's five million for one person ......"

                Fang Hui was confused, "Five million for one person? Four people died ah, that ...... is twenty million ah!"

                "What are you ...... talking nonsense about?"

                "Where am I going to find 20 million for you!"

                Fang Ling lowered her head for a long time before whispering, "Sister, maybe ...... it might take twenty three million ......"

                "There's also an injured person who also has to be compensated ......"

                Fang Hui almost vomited blood with anger, is this what people say?

                At this moment, she also could not help but start to re-examine this own sister in front of her.

                The simple and warm-hearted little sister that she remembered was no longer there, and what replaced her now was a vain and selfish woman.

                Fang Hui sighed, it was true that people did change.

                She waved her hand, "Sorry, I don't have any money!"

                Fang Ling was anxious: "Second sister, this house of yours ...... is worth tens of millions!"

                "That company of your house, the market value is more than a billion."

                "There's also the herb company below, the pharmacy under your name."

                "Even, Lin Mo that construction company's villa area, it's said to be worth billions and billions, how can you not have money?"

                "I only need twenty-three million, just twenty-three million!"

                "Sister, help me, you save Xiaobing!"

                "He's still young, he can't go to jail!"

                "If he goes to jail, his life will be over!"

                Wu Fei Fei also said anxiously, "Second Aunt, this amount of money is just a drop in the bucket for your family."

                "But for us, it's life-saving money."

                "Second Aunt, my mother used to be willing to give you all half of her income."

                "As the saying goes, a drop of water repays a spring."

                "We don't want half of your family fortune now, but for this amount of money, you ...... have no reason to refuse it!"

                Fang Hui gave them an indignant look, "Your mother has helped me before, and I'm grateful."

                "But that doesn't mean that I have to go out of my way to help her."

                "To be a human being, you have to be conscientious!"

                "Also, let me tell you, if this matter, you guys do the right thing, then I will definitely help you out even if I have to pour out my family."

                "But in this case, ask yourselves, did you do the right thing?"

                "From the moment you came back until now, what kind of attitude you have towards us, in the end, you yourselves know very well."

                "Last time Xiaobing hit someone with his car and made my family pay for it."

                "What happened to He Lao later, what happened to the Fang family, and the 10 million dollars, all of them were made by your family."

                "I've always treated you all like my own children, but what about you?"

                "You guys just treat me like a stupid person who can be deceived at will, jealous of us while trying to cheat money out of me."

                "You guys didn't even treat me like family, you only came to me when you were in trouble."

                "Now, what qualifications do you have to ask me to help you and to compensate for the twenty million or so?"

                With those words, both Fang Ling and Wu Fei Fei fell into silence.

                After a long time, Wu Fei Fei said in a low voice, "Second Aunt, what happened before, I really know I was wrong."

                "I will definitely correct it in the future, I will never do such a thing again."

                "I beg you, please save Xiaobing, just this once, okay?"

                Fang Hui looked at Wu Fei Fei, her eyes were clearly flickering and even a little disdainful as she spoke.

                It could be seen that this apology of hers was not sincere at all.

                She was only deliberately deceiving Fang Hui in order to get these compensations, she hadn't reflected on what she had done at all!