Medical Genius Chapter 931

 Fang Hui was at a loss for words.

                She and Xu Jiankong looked at each other, and both fell into silence.

                This time, each of them had lost ten million dollars, and no one was talking about anyone else.

                After a while, Fang Hui whispered, "Hey, forget it."

                "The money is gone, just as long as the person is safe and sound."

                "No matter what, don't let Hanxia know about this!"

                Xu Jiangong glared, "My money is fine, your money, it's already exposed!"

                "If the board finds out about this, our pharmacy, maybe we'll have to replace it!"

                "Forget it, anyway, Xiao Huang has helped you fill the hole, so be it."

                "But, still, you can't let them check the construction company's books."

                "Otherwise, we both have this money, who may have to pay it back, and in the future we both probably won't want to see any money!"

                Fang Hui nodded her head vigorously, she also thought the same as Xu Jiankong.

                At that moment, Fang Hui's mobile phone suddenly rang.

                She picked up the phone and looked at it, her brow immediately furrowed, it was Fang Ling's number.

                Xu Jian Gong glanced at it and said indignantly, "What is she doing calling again?"

                "Don't you answer it!"

                Fang Hui sighed, "Forget it, let's hear what she has to say!"

                "She is my sister after all!"

                Fang Hui picked up the phone and Fang Ling's voice with a crying tone came from the other side, "Sister, you ...... come out for a while, I want to see you!"

                Fang Hui froze: "Where are you?"

                Fang Ling: "I'm at the entrance of Shengshi Mansion, the security guard won't let me in."

                "Sister, I'm in Guangyang City, you're the only family member ......"

                Fang Hui was suddenly soft-hearted: "Wait, I'll ask the security guard to let you in ......"

                Before he finished his words, Xu Jian Gong directly slapped the table, "Don't you dare let her in!"

                "As soon as she comes in, I'll chop her to death with a knife!"

                Fang Hui was startled and hurriedly said, "Wait a minute, I ...... will see you outside!"

                Xu Jiangong was furious, "You are not allowed to go out either!"

                Fang Hui glared at him, "Xu Jian Gong, that's enough!"

                "That's my own sister, what's wrong with me going out for a while?"

                "You, why don't you have any human feelings at all?"

                Xu Jiangong said angrily, "Your sister has a human touch, who took you to court today?"

                "Don't you understand what she wants?"

                "Suing you today is simply to blackmail money. When she couldn't, she's now coming to complain, pretending to be pitiful and begging you for money."

                "Fang Hui, Fang Hui, how many times do you have to fall on this sister of yours before you come to your senses?"

                Fang Hui frowned and waved her hand, "All right, I know!"

                "I'll see to it!"

                Fang Hui arrived at the entrance of the district and found Fang Ling and Wu Fei Fei standing in the corner.

                The security guards stood imposingly at the entrance staring at them, not letting them into the courtyard at all.

                "Mom, Second Aunt is here!"

                Fei Fei Wu said urgently.

                Fang Ling hurriedly greeted her, "Second sister, you've finally come out!"

                "Second sister, you ...... you help us ......"

                Said Fang Ling, she directly cried.

                Wu Fei Fei was also pitiful: "Third Aunt, I'm sorry, I know I'm wrong."

                "I shouldn't have lied, I shouldn't have lied to people."

                "You were so kind to me and I let you down, it was my fault."

                "Don't worry, I will never lie again, I will never lie to you again!"

                If it was in the past, when she heard these words, Fang Hui would definitely be soft-hearted.

                However, after what happened today, Fang Hui was already desperate for this family.

                She frowned at Fang Ling, "What is going on?"

                "How can I help you?"

                Fang Ling hurriedly said, "Second sister, I ...... we discussed it with the families of those who died."

                "As long as the money is paid out and they ...... are willing to understand Xiaobing, then Xiaobing will be able to sit in jail for a few years at most."

                "Second sister, you ...... you lend us some money to pay this compensation first, okay?"