Medical Genius Chapter 930

 As soon as he heard this, Xu Jiangong was dumbfounded.

                On the other hand, Fang Hui's face changed and she immediately said, "Right, where did your 20 million dollars go?"

                "Xu Jiangong, where did my ten million dollars go, now you know clearly."

                "But where is your twenty million?"

                Xu Jiangong looked embarrassed and immediately got up, "What twenty million?"

                "I don't understand what you're talking about!"

                "I didn't take money from the construction company!"

                Fang Hui was furious: "Bullshit!"

                "You think I don't know?"

                "You just took 20 million from the construction company ......"

                Xu Jiangong: "Nonsense!"

                "I'm too lazy to talk nonsense to you guys!"

                With that, he got up and went straight to the bedroom.

                Fang Hui was furious: "Don't you run!"

                "Explain to me clearly where you spent the 20 million!"

                "Did you take it out to feed a little vixen?"

                "Xu Jiangong, I'll fight you I ......"

                Fang Hui hissed and went to the bedroom.

                Xu Hanxia was bewildered, she was talking about business, why did these two people run away?

                She turned to Huang Liang and Xu Dongxue immediately said, "Xu Hanxia, you've had enough!"

                "Mum and Dad have only just reconciled, and you're deliberately picking a fight to get them into trouble!"

                "What the hell do you mean?"

                "Mom and Dad are so old, do you have to make them get a divorce before you're satisfied?"

                "I've never seen a daughter like you, you don't deserve to be a child!"

                "Forget it, I don't want to talk to you. Honey, let's go back to the house!"

                Xu Dongxue pulled Huang Liang with her and also hastily went back to the bedroom.

                Xu Hanxia frowned, she could see that these people were just avoiding themselves.

                She returned to her room and the first thing she said was, "Lin Mo, the construction company's accounts, there must be something wrong!"

                "Why don't we just do it, and just remove Huang Liang!"

                "Otherwise, the construction company's side is a bottomless pit, there's no telling how much money it will cost!"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "Halfsia, don't be in a hurry."

                "If we remove Huang Liang now, Mom and Dad will think we're targeting them, and then it'll really be a mess."

                "You don't have to worry either, I'm taking care of this matter."

                Xu Hanxia glanced at Lin Mo and nodded her head. In her heart, she had the most trust in Lin Mo!

                Downstairs in the master bedroom.

                After Fang Hui entered the room, she was all still yelling angrily, asking Xu Jiangong to make the whereabouts of the twenty million clear.

                Xu Jiangong closed the door to his room with a look of being a thief: "Aiya, will you stop it?"

                "Twenty million twenty million! Hanxia opens her mouth and says something, and you immediately follow suit?"

                "What, do you want her to know that we're taking money from the construction company?"

                Fang Hui was a bit stumped, and then she said angrily, "Nonsense, tell me where the 20 million dollars went first!"

                "Xu Jian Gong, I'm warning you, if you dare to keep those little vixens outside, you ...... will give me a clean break!"

                Xu Jian Gong glared at her, "You're sick, aren't you?"

                "When did I keep little vixens outside?"

                "I took this money to invest, I bought stocks!"

                Fang Hui froze for a moment, "Really?"

                "You ...... you buy stocks, then why don't you dare to say so?"

                Xu Jiangong sighed, "I lost almost ten million dollars buying stocks, I ...... how can I say that?"

                "Such a big hole, if Hanxia knew about it, what kind of a mess would the family be in?"

                Fang Hui's eyes widened, "What? You lost ten million dollars buying stocks?"

                "Xu Jiangong, you old man, you ...... do you know how hard it is to make money now?"

                "You this 10 million, you buy me what is not good, we buy a house also enough, you ...... you take to lose? You are really a loser you!"

                Xu Jiangong was annoyed: "You talk less about me!"

                "How much better are you than me?"

                "I buy stocks, that still has the possibility of making a profit."

                "You gave 10 million to Fei Fei Wu, that's really meat on the bone!"