Medical Genius Chapter 926

 Fang Hui was dumbfounded, she hadn't expected that her sister would rise to the occasion like this.

                Xu Jian Gong roared, "Fang Hui, you stupid bitch!"

                "How many times have I told you not to have anything to do with this family!"

                "You just didn't listen, and you secretly gave them so much money behind my back!"

                "Now that this has happened, people are looking for you, what do you think we should do?"

                Fang Hui said anxiously, "I ...... I didn't give them so much money ah."

                "This money, at that time, was borrowed by them to invest."

                "Fifi was cheated by her boyfriend, I thought all the money was gone, I ...... didn't know they still kept some of it ah!"

                "I ...... I'm a victim too!"

                Fang Ling looked at Fei Fei Wu, who immediately said, "Second Aunt, don't talk nonsense."

                "This money is obviously what you gave us to spend, what investment, what being cheated, I don't even know what you're talking about!"

                Fang Hui froze, she didn't expect that Wu Fei Fei would say something with her eyes open.

                "Fei Fei, you ...... how can you talk like that?"

                "It was clearly you who borrowed the money from me at that time, you ...... said you wanted to invest it, have you forgotten?"

                "Fei Fei ah, you have to tell the truth ah, you can not lie ah ......"

                Fang Hui said urgently.

                Wu Fei Fei's face was disdainful: "Second Aunt, I didn't lie."

                "This money, it's what you gave us to buy things."

                "What investment, what borrowing money, I don't even know."

                "By the way, you said we borrowed this money from you, do you have the IOU?"

                Fang Hui: "I ...... I ......"

                At that time, Wu Fei Fei did write an IOU, but she didn't ask for it.

                She thought this was her niece, could she still cheat herself?

                Who would have thought that this niece of hers would stab her in the back here!

                Wu Weiguo said in a deep voice: "Fang Hui, if you can produce the IOUs, then you can prove that it was indeed them who borrowed the money from you."

                "If you can't produce IOUs, then you'll have to explain to me why you gave them so much money?"

                "They are just children, they have no self-control, you are deliberately trying to get them killed by giving them so much money!"

                Xu Dongxue couldn't help but say, "Aiyo, this is the first time I've heard that giving money is to harm them?"

                "Wu Weiguo, this is really amazing thinking on your part."

                "According to you, your boss is also harming you by giving you a salary?"

                Wu Weiguo perked up, "I work and my boss gives me a salary, that's normal pay."

                "But what does Fang Hui mean? Giving Xiaobing and Fei Fei so much money at once, what exactly does she have in mind?"

                "Besides, I'm an adult, I have the ability to distinguish between right and wrong."

                "Xiao Bing and Fei Fei are still children, you gave them so much money at once, they have no self-control and cause any trouble, who should this be on?"

                Xu Dongxue was furious: "You guys are really shameless!"

                "My mother loves them and gives them money, so what's wrong with that?"

                "Why should my mother be held responsible!"

                Fang Ling even shouted angrily, "Fang Hui, if you hadn't given them so much money, how could such a thing happen?"

                "Fang Hui, you must take responsibility for this matter!"

                Fang Hui's face was embarrassed to the extreme, she had never thought that things would come to this point.

                At this moment, Xu Jiangong impatiently waved his hand, "You can make as much trouble as you want, but not in my Xu family!"

                "All of you, get out!"

                "Fang Hui, you too, get out!"

                "You get out with them, with this sister of yours, this niece of yours, get out with them!"

                "From now on, this matter has nothing more to do with my Xu family!"

                "If you dare to come here again, I'll have the security guards send you all to the police station!"

                After Xu Jiangong finished speaking, he went back to the house in a rage, not even looking at Fang Hui.