Medical Genius Chapter 922

 Xu Dongxue glanced at Lin Mo, "Ah Lin Mo, why are you like this?"

                "Either you don't promise them, or if you do, you have to at least do it!"

                "What do you mean by that now?"

                "Promising and then not doing anything, aren't you making our Xu family lose face?"

                Fang Hui also glared at Lin Mo with hatred, her face full of annoyance.

                Xu Hanxia couldn't help herself, "Have you guys had enough?"

                "It's all of you talking, shouldn't you all listen to what Lin Mo has to say?"

                "How do you guys know that Lin Mo didn't help?"

                Fang Hui waved her hand, "I don't want to hear his explanation!"

                "Since you promised someone, if you didn't do it, you didn't do it, so what's there to explain."

                Just then, the door to the operating room opened.

                Elder Yue walked out surrounded by a few doctors.

                Wu Weiguo's eyes lit up and he hurriedly greeted them, "Greetings, Elder Yue, I am Wu Weiguo, the general manager of Warren Corporation's branch in China!"

                "I am very grateful to you for treating my son, I wonder how my son's condition is now?"

                Wu Fei Fei stood next to him with an excited look on her face.

                This was a divine doctor who was even more powerful than Elder He, if he could make his acquaintance, he would have a capital to brag about in the future when he went out.

                Yue Lao glanced at him and frowned slightly, "Excuse me, do we know each other?"

                Wu Weiguo hurriedly said, "Miss Lucia, is my superior!"

                Fei Fei Wu also hurriedly said, "Miss Lucia, is our boss's daughter!"

                Yue Lao shook his head, "Sorry, the Lucia you mentioned, I don't know her either."

                Wu Weiguo froze, what was this? Wasn't it Lucia who invited Elder Yue?

                Just then, Yue Lao suddenly laughed.

                He bypassed Wu Weiguo Wu Fei Fei and walked straight up to Lin Mo: "Mr. Lin, you're here too!"

                At this moment, everyone was stunned.

                Including the few people who were following behind, Fang Hui, were also dumbfounded.

                What was this?

                Elder Yue, who had gone to greet Lin Mo specifically, and with such a respectful attitude?

                Elder Yue, too, knew Lin Mo?

                As for Wu Fei Fei, the three of them were completely dumbfounded.

                What kind of relationship was there between Elder Yue and Lin Mo?

                Elder Yue didn't even know Lucia, yet he was so polite to Lin Mo, what was going on?

                Lin Mo had a calm expression, smiling lightly as he shook hands with Elder Yue.

                "Elder Yue, I'm really sorry for asking you to come all the way here in the middle of the night."

                Elder Yue quickly waved his hand, "Aiya, Mr. Lin, you mustn't be polite."

                "We are all friends, your matter is my matter."

                "This is a small matter, it's nothing to worry about!"

                At this moment, the surrounding crowd was once again shocked.

                Fang Hui couldn't help but say, "Lin Mo, Yue ...... Yue Lao was invited by you?"

                Elder Yue nodded, "Yes."

                "Just now Mr. Lin called me and asked me to come and help treat a patient."

                "Fortunately, it didn't disappoint Mr. Lin's expectations, the operation was successful and the patient no longer has any problems!"

                At the back, Wu Weiguo's three faces changed, at this point, they didn't know whether they should be happy or embarrassed.

                Wu Bing was cured, but the problem was that this Yue Lao was running after Lin Mo, which made it difficult for them to accept.

                Especially Wu Fei Fei, she was now embarrassed to the extreme when she thought about the way she had just flaunted her power in front of the Xu family.

                Who would have thought that Elder Yue was actually invited by Lin Mo?

                She had thought it was Lucia who had invited him!

                Now, this was a loss of face!

                Xu Dongxue was the first to react and immediately laughed out loud, "Aiyo, so it was my brother-in-law who invited Elder Yue."

                "Hey, Fei Fei, Fei Fei, come here for a moment."

                "What did you say just now?"

                "What's that saying again? There are mountains outside the mountains, there are people outside the people?"

                "Come, come, come and take a look, this is what it means to have people outside of you, do you understand?"