Medical Genius Chapter 919

 Lin Mo hung up the phone, he called Xu Hanxia first and discussed the matter with her.

                After hearing this, Xu Hanxia was so angry that she almost cursed, "They still have the nerve to ask you to find He Lao?"

                "Last time, not only did they lose face, we also lost face with them, how can we go to He Lao now?"

                "Lin Mo, you ...... how can you manage such things?"

                Lin Mo sighed, "I know what you mean."

                "But, if we sit back and do nothing about this time."

                "In the future, with your Third Aunt's character, she will definitely have to put all her hatred on us."

                "Plus your mother's relationship with your third aunt, by then, this is sure to be a mess."

                "Besides, this is your cousin after all, if we can save him, we can't just stand by and watch him actually amputate his leg!"

                When these words came out, Xu Hanxia couldn't help but be silent.

                After a long time, she sighed and said, "Lin Mo, I know that you are doing this for my own good."

                "But, in doing so, you ...... are too aggravated!"

                Lin Mo smiled gently, "I am a big man, what is there to be aggravated about?"

                "Well, let me talk to you, mainly to let you follow a little to the hospital."

                "Just now, when mum was talking, she wanted to say something, I reckon, the situation is not that simple!"

                Xu Hanxia said in a deep voice, "She's not making a scene again, is she?"

                "Hey, forget it, I'll go to the hospital with you later!"

                Lin Mo didn't contact Elder He, because he knew that Elder He definitely wouldn't do anything.

                Therefore, he contacted Elder Yue directly.

                Although he and Elder Yue had not met much, Elder Yue had great respect for Lin Mo.

                When he heard Lin Mo's words, without saying a word, Elder Yue agreed to go and treat Wu Bing on the spot.

                On his side, Lin Mo also packed up and rushed straight to the hospital.

                He did not go to treat him personally because he did not want to expose his medical skills in front of these people yet, lest he cause more trouble.

                On the hospital side, Wu Weiguo and the others were waiting anxiously.

                After half an hour, Wu Fei Fei couldn't help but say, "Mom, this Lin Mo still hasn't called, is he ...... deliberately amusing us?"

                "He has no intention of begging Elder He, he's just deliberately stalling for time, deliberately trying to get Xiaobing to amputate his leg, right?"

                Fang Ling scratched her head, "Not so much, right?"

                "Lin Mo ...... Lin Mo just now promised, he shouldn't do that, right?"

                Wu Fei Fei said indignantly, "Since you promised, then hurry up and find someone."

                "It's been so long and there's no news at all, what's going on?"

                "No matter if that He Lao is coming or not, at least give us a word, right?"

                "What's the point of not even calling?"

                Fang Ling was also a bit panicked: "Yes, how ...... did it take so long and no news at all?"

                "Why don't I call again and ask?"

                Wu Fei Fei bristled, "What else to ask?"

                "I think, he is simply deliberately fooling us!"

                "Mom, you can't trust Lin Mo!"

                "After what happened last time, do you think he'll help Xiaobing?"

                "He's probably praying for Xiaobing's death right now!"

                Fang Ling's eyes were fierce, "How dare he?"

                "If anything happens to Little Soldier, I ...... won't be done with him!"

                At that moment, there was a sudden commotion in the distance.

                The crowd looked up, only to see several men in white coats, flanking an old man walking over.

                A few nurses beside him hurriedly greeted him, "Oh my God, why is the dean here?"

                "A few vice-deans are here too, what's this?"

                "Who's that old gentleman in the middle? The dean is so respectful to him?"

                "I don't know, I've never seen him before, but I guess he's a big shot. Our hospital is one of the top three hospitals in the city, who can make the director so respectful?"