Medical Genius Chapter 917

 Wu Weiguo was dumbfounded: "Then ...... how do I contact Elder Yue?"

                The doctor waved his hand impatiently, "How do I know?"

                "Didn't I just tell you very clearly that Elder Yue basically won't be out of the clinic."

                "If you want to contact him, you'd better contact He Lao."

                "It's easier to find He Lao too, the people at Sheng Yuan Pharmacy can contact him!"

                Wu Weiguo's face was pale, of course he knew that the people at Sheng Yuan Pharmacy could contact He Lao.

                But the problem was, he couldn't get hold of He Lao.

                The last incident had been so embarrassing, so how could he find Elder He now?

                "Alright, I'll go in first and observe the patient's condition."

                "If you guys think about it, hurry up and give me an answer, the patient's situation is very unpromising!"

                The doctor finished speaking and went into the operating room.

                Wu Weiguo's three faces turned pale and fell into a dead silence.

                "How about I ...... I contact those friends of mine and see if I can invite Elder Yue?"

                Wu Fei Fei said in a low voice.

                Wu Weiguo immediately nodded, "Yes, let's contact those around us and see if we can find this connection."

                "I'll contact Lucia by the way, she's been in China for a long time, she must have a way."

                Fang Ling said urgently, "Then ...... then you guys hurry up!"

                "Little soldier can't hold on much longer ......"

                Wu Fei Fei and Wu Wei Guo hurriedly ran to the side to make a phone call.

                After almost ten minutes of time, the two men walked back with their heads hanging.

                "How is it?"

                "Can we find Elder Yue?"

                Fang Ling said urgently.

                Wu Weiguo looked at Wu Fei Fei, who sighed, "Mom, I'm afraid it's unlikely!"

                "This Old Man Yue, he stopped going out for consultation a long time ago."

                "He is now considered the Huang Group, the royal doctor of Huang Yongfeng's family, he is usually only at the Huang Group and rarely comes out."

                "Not to mention us, even my rich second generation friends, their elders, are not qualified to see Elder Yue ah!"

                Fang Ling's face suddenly changed, "Wei Guo, what about you?"

                Wu Weiguo sighed, "I asked Lucia, and what she said was pretty much the same as what Fifi said."

                "Lucia said that she would help find a friend to ask, but I guess it's not very likely."

                "Even Lucia can't contact Yue Lao, I ...... can't really do anything on my side either ......"

                Fang Ling blacked out once again and passed out.

                "Mom, mum ......"

                Wu Fei Fei hurriedly helped her up.

                Fang Ling managed to come back to her senses and cried and howled, "My son ah ......"

                "If anything happens to Xiaobing, I ...... won't be able to live ah ......"

                Wu Fei Fei whispered, "Mom, either ...... or just amputate the leg, at least Xiaobing can still live ......"

                Wu Weiguo threw a slap directly at her face, "Amputation?"

                "Didn't you just see, both legs have to be amputated!"

                "If this is amputated, your brother will have to live in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, can you ...... you bear it?"

                Wu Fei Fei's face swelled red, and tears welled up in her eyes.

                Although she was sarcastic and mean to outsiders, she also loved this brother very much.

                After a long time, Wu Weiguo suddenly whispered, "Why not, let's find He Lao ......"

                Fang Ling glared at him, "Do you ...... think He Lao will help us?"

                "What happened last time, it went like that ......"

                Wu Weiguo sighed, "I know it's unlikely, but it's the only way we can do it ah."

                "Lin Mo and He Lao are very close, if ...... Lin Mo personally went to beg He Lao, He Lao would definitely give face, right?"

                "Ling, how about ...... how about you go beg your sister and ask her to look for Lin Mo?"

                "It's a matter of Xiaobing's life, we have to try no matter what!"

                Fang Ling was confused, she had just made a scene with Fang Hui like that, how could she go and ask for Fang Hui's help now?

                Wu Fei Fei also nodded, "Mom, don't hesitate."

                "This is what they owe our family, they should pay us back!"