Medical Genius Chapter 916

 Huang Liang was also dumbfounded.

                He originally just wanted to scare these people, he didn't even think that he would push an old lady in her eighties over the edge.

                Now things were in trouble!

                Seeing that the other party was about to call the police, he hurriedly said, "Hey, don't ...... get excited!"

                "I didn't mean to do it either, I was careless just now ......"

                The leader of the man cursed, "Cut the crap!"


                "My grandmother is in such a state, and you're telling me I was careless?"

                "I think you are deliberately beating the old man!"

                Huang Liang was furious: "You have to speak with evidence!"

                "I didn't beat her up on purpose!"

                "Besides, they were the ones who just hit me, I ...... defended myself!"

                The man in charge: "There are surveillance cameras all over the place, there is plenty of evidence."

                "You say they hit you? Hmph, an old man in his eighties, what kind of a beating could they give you?"

                "It's you, who is young and strong, who beat an old man into this state, and you still have the face to say something about self-defence?"

                Huang Liang was rendered speechless.

                If it was a young man who had fallen, that was fine.

                Now that an old lady had fallen, he couldn't explain it at all.

                Just then, the door to the operating theatre opened and the doctor shouted, "Who is Wu Bing's family?"

                Wu Weiguo's three men hurried over, "I am, I am, what can I do for you?"

                The doctor: "The patient is in a crisis and needs to have his leg amputated to save his life."

                "For this operation, the family needs to sign, you guys discuss and see if the limb should be amputated or not!"

                Wu Weiguo three are dumbfounded, Fang Ling trembled, "Doctor, just ...... can't you not amputate the limb?"

                "My son, he's only nineteen years old, he's still a child."

                "If this is amputated, later on ...... later on the whole life will be finished ah ......"

                Doctor: "Sorry, in his current condition, I'm afraid we can't save him without amputating his limbs!"

                Wu Weiguo said urgently, "Then ...... then I request to be transferred to a hospital!"

                "I want him transferred to a better hospital, no matter what, I want to keep both of his legs!"

                The doctor gave Wu Weiguo a look, "No problem!"

                "However, let me remind you of one thing."

                "With his current condition, in Guangyang City, it is estimated that not many people can save him."

                "If you want to leave Guangyang City and go to the provincial capital, I advise you not to toss and turn."

                "In his current condition, he won't last long enough to go to the provincial city!"

                Wu Weiguo's face suddenly changed as he took a deep breath, "Doctor, just now ...... just now you said that not many people in Guangyang City are estimated to be able to save him?"

                "Then ...... then who exactly can save him?"

                Wu Fei Fei hurriedly said, "What my father means is, is there anyone who can save him without amputating his leg?"

                The doctor frowned and said, "There are two people that I know of."

                "One is Elder Yue, but he's usually at Huang's group and basically doesn't go out for consultations."

                "The other one, is Elder He of the Shengyuan Group!"

                "If you guys want to find someone to save him, let me advise you for a moment that it would be more appropriate to find Elder He."

                When these words came out from the doctor, Wu Weiguo's few people were directly dumbfounded.

                They didn't know Elder Yue, but they knew Elder He.

                The last time, they had an extremely unpleasant incident with the He family.

                Especially Wu Bing, who was hated by He Lao to the core.

                Under such circumstances, how could Elder He possibly come to his rescue?

                Fang Ling said in a trembling voice, "Why don't we please ...... ask Elder Yue to do so ......"

                Wu Weiguo nodded, He Lao was definitely not going to come, so he could only look for Yue Lao.

                "Doctor, can you please give us Elder Yue's contact information?"

                Wu Weiguo whispered.

                The doctor glanced at him, "You're sick, aren't you?"

                "How could I possibly have Elder Yue's contact information?"

                "Do you think I can get in touch with a big shot like Elder Yue?"