Medical Genius Chapter 915

 A group of people immediately ran over and surrounded Fang Hui in the middle.

                Fang Hui was all confused: "You guys ...... what are you doing?"

                "I didn't buy this motorbike!"

                Wu Fei Fei exclaimed, "Second Aunt, you obviously paid for it, how can you say you didn't buy it?"

                "Humph, you rich people, how shameless!"

                "Billions of dollars of family wealth, and when things go wrong, you still think of shirking your responsibilities!"

                "Can't you think of others? Don't you have any sympathy for people who have lost their daughters?"

                At these words, the gang's eyes lit up.

                They didn't care whose motorbike it was or who was riding it. The key thing was that Fang Hui's multi-billion dollar family fortune!

                The reason for all this fuss was not to ask for compensation!

                At this time, it was definitely necessary to find the richest person to pay for it!

                So, the group immediately surrounded Fang Hui again, clamouring for her to pay compensation.

                Fang Hui tried hard to tell the crowd that it was none of her business, but no one paid any attention to her.

                The crowd held her in place and demanded compensation no matter what.

                Fang Hui was almost angry, so she had no choice but to call Huang Liang and ask him to come and help her deal with the matter.

                Fifteen minutes later, Huang Liang arrived at the scene with Xu Dongxue.

                As soon as she heard the specifics, Xu Dongxue was the first to jump up.

                "Wu Fei Fei, fuck you, you're so shameless!"

                "You cheated my mother out of 10 million dollars and sneaked off to buy a car."

                "And now you're blaming my mother for what happened!"

                "I've never seen such a shameless person like you in my life, do you even have a bottom line anymore?"

                Wu Fei Fei crossed her arms and said angrily, "Xu Dongxue, cut the crap!"

                "I'm asking you, did your mother pay for Xiaobing's motorbike?"

                "Xiaobing doesn't even have a driving licence, but your mother gave him money to buy a motorbike, do you think your mother needs to be held responsible?"

                Xu Dongxue said angrily, "My mother lent you the money, who knows what you did with it?"

                "Besides, it's the motorbike shop's business whether they have a driving licence or not, what does it have to do with my mother?"

                "It's not like the motorbike is in my mother's name!"

                "Are you trying to blackmail us?"

                "I'm telling you, dream on!"

                Huang Liang was also indignant, pointing at the girl's family and cursing, "I'm warning you, this matter, has nothing to do with my family at all!"

                "You should go to whoever you want, don't fucking talk to me here!"

                "If you stay here any longer, I'll get someone to kill you!"

                With these words, the families were even more annoyed.

                The man in the lead shouted, "You killed my sister, you don't want to pay for it, and now you want to kill us to silence us?"

                "Fine, fine, go ahead, kill me!"

                "I don't believe it, there is no law in this world!"

                "Go on, kill me if you dare ......"

                The others also roared and rushed up, a few women, even rushed up to tear and beat Huang Liang.

                Huang Liang was a little annoyed by the grab, and violently threw a slap outward, trying to open these women.

                As a result, he accidentally knocked an old lady to the ground.

                This old lady immediately lay on the ground and wailed, "Ouch, I'm dying ......"

                "My bones are broken, I'm having a heart attack, I can't live ......"

                "Call the police, call the police, he assaulted an old man ......"

                The others all started yelling, "Are you even human? You beat up an old man in his eighties?"

                "There are surveillance cameras in this hospital, they must have captured it all. If anything happens to my grandmother, I will definitely fight them!"

                "Call the police, call the police quickly. Do you want to kill the old man? I'm telling you, today, none of you are going to run away!"