Medical Genius Chapter 914

 Wu Fei Fei looked at Fang Hui indignantly, "Second Aunt, it's not right for you to talk like that."

                "Who cheated you out of money?"

                "This money, you gave it to us willingly."

                "The money was given by you, then this motorbike, naturally, should also be considered as bought by you."

                "Since it was your motorbike and there was an accident, then why are you not responsible for it?"

                Fang Hui was confused: "You ...... are simply stirring up nonsense!"

                Wu Fei Fei still wanted to speak, at this time, the ward door opened and a hospital bed was pushed out.

                The patient on top of the bed, covered by a white cloth, was, without a doubt, hopeless.

                Fang Ling jumped straight up and cried out, "My son ......"

                The nurse glared at her, "This is not your son, your son is in the operating room over there!"

                Fang Ling froze for a moment, "Then this is ......"

                Nurse: "This is the girl that your son took with him when he was racing with someone, he can't be resuscitated anymore!"

                Fang Ling immediately let go of her hand and looked at the corpse on the hospital bed in horror.

                "Then ...... what about my son?"

                Fang Ling said in a trembling voice.

                The nurse gave her an impatient look, "From what the doctor said, it's estimated that the leg will have to be amputated!"

                Fang Ling: "Ah!?"

                Her eyes rolled over and she fainted straight away.

                Wu Weiguo said urgently, "Why ...... why is it so serious?"

                "Why should the limb be amputated?"

                The nurse glared at him, "Amputation is considered good!"

                "He hit two motorbikes, six people were brought to the hospital, two died on the way, and this girl just broke."

                "There are still three left in there to be resuscitated, your son is considered the luckiest, he can still have his leg amputated."

                "The other two, it's hard to say whether they can be resuscitated or not!"

                Wu Weiguo's face suddenly turned miserable white, this car accident, it was really a big deal.

                The nurse, with an angry face, muttered in a low voice, "Drag racing drag racing!"

                "I'm most annoyed with these car racing parties!"

                "Harming people and themselves!"

                Fang Ling sulked awake and cried out again.

                At that moment, some family members also came running from afar, none other than the girl's relatives.

                As soon as they heard that the girl had died, two old people fainted on the spot.

                And the others, first with a flurry of angry curses, then ran over and surrounded Wu Weiguo's family.

                "It was his son who took Yingzi on his motorbike, this matter, they have to be found!"

                "That's right, you give back my daughter's life!"

                "Aiyo, my poor niece ah ......"

                A group of people were furious, and some even started to hit each other.

                Wu Weiguo hurriedly shielded Fang Ling behind him and said urgently, "Aiya, have a good talk, don't get excited!"

                "We ...... we are victims too ......"

                A man shouted angrily, "Put your mother's bullshit!"

                "Your son rode a motorbike with my sister and ran her over, what kind of victims are you?"

                "Fuck you, beat him to death!"

                The group was about to strike again, but luckily, at that moment, people from the hospital's security department ran over and pulled them apart.

                Wu Weiguo looked helpless, "I didn't want this to happen, either."

                "My son is also in the operating room right now resuscitating him ......"

                The man roared, "Your son deserved to die, that's what he deserved!"

                "But my sister is innocent!"

                "You must give us an account of this matter!"

                "Or else we ...... we'll sue you!"

                The others yelled up too, furiously suing them.

                Wu Weiguo's face was blue and he couldn't reply at all.

                At this moment, Wu Fei Fei suddenly came over, "You guys don't pull us around!"

                "My brother is still lying in there, what use are you looking for us?"

                "There's a reason for injustice, you guys have to at least go to the owner of this motorbike!"

                The crowd were all stunned, and the man in charge frowned: "Who is the owner of the motorbike?"

                Wu Fei Fei pointed at Fang Hui, "Here, she's the one who bought the motorbike!"