Medical Genius Chapter 91-93

 Chapter 91

The Xu family.

                Xu Jiankong Fang Hui has already gone home, and Huang Liang and Xu Dongxue have also returned.

                Only Xu Hanxia did not come back, she was still dealing with the company.

                Fang Hui's eyes were red and swollen from crying, "This boss Zhou, how is he a fraud?"

                "Three hundred million ah, just like that it was cheated away!"

                "Why don't you guys do a proper investigation into his background?"

                Xu Jiangong's face was ironic: "Huang Liang, this person was introduced by you. What do you say, what about this matter?"

                Huang Liang said awkwardly, "Dad, I also wanted to do something for the family, I didn't know this was a fraud!"

                Fang Hui said angrily, "Why did you introduce someone to us if you didn't know about him?"

                "Mum, don't blame him, he didn't want to either!" Xu Dongxue said urgently, "If you want me to say so, blame Lin Mo for this!"

                Fang Hui was stunned, "What does this ...... have to do with Lin Mo?"

                "How is it not related?" Xu Dongxue said angrily, "From the very beginning, he said that Boss Zhou was a liar. It means that he knew the bottom of this Boss Zhou's identity a long time ago."

                "But then, he wouldn't tell us the details of Boss Zhou's identity, instead he kept winding up mocking us."

                "Mom and Dad, Mom and Dad, you two have been cautious all your lives. But why are you in such a hurry to invest this time?"

                "It's not because of this Lin Mo!"

                "If Lin Mo hadn't kept muttering that Boss Zhou was a fraud, would we have been so hot-headed as to transfer the 300 million straight away?"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui's brow furrowed, and his anger began to shift towards Lin Mo.

                Huang Liang's eyes lit up as he listened, nodding his head repeatedly, "Yes, what Xue'er said is right, this Lin Mo's intentions are too vicious, he did it on purpose!"

                "Also, since he knows that this Boss Zhou is a fraud, then why didn't he just stop Boss Zhou?"

                "He obviously knew that we were being cheated, and he ended up watching Boss Zhou run away."

                "This man is too sinister, he just wants us to fail in our investment and wants our family to get into such a big trouble."

                "In this way, Sister Hanxia won't be able to get rid of him!"

                Hearing this, Xu Jiangong finally couldn't help himself and slapped the table and roared, "This beast, he ...... is too despicable!"

                Fang Hui said with tears in her eyes, "How can people be so bad!"

                "People's hearts are separated from their bellies!" Huang Liang said softly, "Mom and Dad, this Lin Mo seems honest and loyal, but he's actually full of bad intentions."

                "Look at what he's done to Sister Hanxia lately."

                "Sister Hanxia listens to you two the most, but how many times has she disobeyed you lately?"

                "It's all because of what this Lin Mo has taught us!"

                Xu Jiangong shivered with anger, "This son of a bitch, he wants to pester Hanxia, that's simply not possible."

                "Unless I die, the two of them must get a divorce!"

                Fang Hui also nodded along, "Yes, they must be divorced. I'll get a lawyer later ......"

                "Mom!" Huang Liang hurriedly waved his hand, "Don't rush yet, in fact, this Lin Mo is still of some use."

                "Useful?" Fang Hui wondered.

                Huang Liang smiled and said softly, "If Lin Mo is willing to take on the company's affairs, just say that he stole the official seal and privately embezzled three hundred million from the company."

                "Then, this matter, then, has nothing to do with us."

                "Whether it's mum and dad, or sister Hanxia, they don't have to take responsibility!"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui's eyes lit up, that was a way to go.

Chapter 92

Not long after Lin Mo came out of Huang's group, he received a call from Fang Hui, asking him to come home to discuss things.

                When he entered the house, Xu Jiangong, Fang Hui and Xu Dongxue were already sitting in the living room.

                "Xiao Lin, you're back, have a seat!" Fang Hui had a rare warm face.

                Lin Mo was puzzled, this family had never given him a good look, why were they so polite today?

                "Mom, you guys are looking for me for something?"

                Fang Hui said, "Oh, it's nothing much, I just want to talk about you and Hanxia."

                Lin Mo frowned and said softly, "I won't divorce Hanxia."

                Fang Hui shook her head, "I didn't say I wanted you to divorce Hanxia!"

                "I just want to ask you, do you really like Hanxia?"

                Lin Mo nodded, "I really love Hanxia!"

                Fang Hui was delighted: "Then ...... then are you willing to do anything for Hanxia?"

                Lin Mo nodded again, "I am willing!"

                "Great!" Fang Hui was overjoyed and nodded, "Lin Mo, I really didn't misjudge you, you are indeed a man of commitment."

                "It's really the greatest blessing for Hanxia to have found you!"

                Lin Mo's head was full of confusion, what was this Fang Hui drama? Why was she suddenly so nice to herself?

                "Mom, what exactly are you trying to say?"

                Fang Hui smiled, "Nothing, I just want to ask you to do Hanxia a favour."

                Lin Mo: "What kind of favour?"

                Fang Hui smiled, "You go to the police station and tell them that this time, these three hundred million dollars, you stole the official seal and transferred it privately, that's all!"

                "What!?" Lin Mo's eyes widened in shock, wasn't this asking him to turn himself in and confess his guilt?

                You guys made a mess and you want me to take all the blame?

                How can this be justified?

                Fang Hui said softly, "Lin Mo, aren't you willing to do anything for Han Xia?"

                "Now, if you go to the police station and take up this matter for Hanxia, you're doing Hanxia a big favour!"

                "In this way, Hanxia will have nothing to do with this matter."

                Lin Mo's face turned cold: "Why should I be allowed to go? It's not like I did this!"

                Xu Jiangong: "If you don't go, who will?"

                "Do you want us, the old couple, to go?"

                "Lin Mo, do you think Han Xia will let us take on this matter?"

                "Once something happens to us both, she will definitely take all the blame and it will still be her business in the end! "

                "Do you want to see Hanxia go to jail?"

                Lin Mo glanced at Xu Dongxue, "This matter was caused by Huang Liang, why not let him go?"

                "Why should my husband be allowed to go!" Xu Dongxue immediately said, "If you go, you are taking the blame for my sister. Letting my husband go, what does that mean?"

                Lin Mo: "Shouldn't your husband take care of the trouble he caused?"

                Xu Dongxue said angrily, "How is this something my husband has caused?"

                "If you hadn't been taunting Mom and Dad, would we have gotten into such a big mess?"

                "Lin Mo, you have to take the main responsibility for this time, you should be the one to deal with it!"

                "I'm telling you, this time around, either you take the blame or my sister does, you're on your own!"

                Xu Jiangong: "Lin Mo, don't worry."

                "As long as you take on this matter, it means that you have no ill will towards our family."

                "Then, in the future, we will fully approve of what you and Hanxia do."

                "Not only that, we'll also hire the best lawyers and try to make you take the least amount of responsibility!"

                "You won't be in jail for a few years either, and when you get out, how nice it will be for our family to live in peace and harmony."

Chapter 93

Lin Mo's heart was cold.

                From the beginning to the end, he had been advising them.

                They didn't listen to a single word, and even let it slip that even if they were duped, it had nothing to do with Lin Mo.

                In the end, they had caused such a big trouble, but then they licked their faces and asked Lin Mo to take the blame.

                Just how thick-skinned was this family to do such a thing?

                "I'm not going to take the blame for this, and Hanxia won't go to jail either!"

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice.

                Several people's faces changed, and Xu Jiangong stormed out, "You're not going, and you won't let Hanxia go, so you're going to let me go to jail?"

                "Fine, I'm half in the ground anyway, there's not much point in living anymore."

                "Why don't you just let me drink the medicine and die, so I don't have to go through this!"

                "But, Lin Mo, listen carefully."

                "If I die because of you, my daughter will never forgive you for the rest of her life!"

                Lin Mo scoffed, this Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui, had always used suicide as a threat to people. But in fact, they both cherished their lives more than anyone else.

                In the family, only Xu Hanxia would be threatened, and Lin Mo wasn't afraid of this at all.

                "You don't need to toss and turn."

                "I said that I would recover the three hundred million."

                Dropping a sentence, Lin Mo left straight away.

                The four people in the room were all furious, Xu Jiangong slapped the table, "This Lin Mo, what a poorly fed dog."

                "Our family treated him so well, saved him when he was at his worst, and this is how he treats us?"

                Fang Hui nodded vigorously, "Yes, if it weren't for our family, he would have been begging on the streets long ago."

                "Now he's just asking him to do something for us, and he's reluctant.

                Xu Dongxue bristled, "Huang Liang is right. People's hearts are all over the place, these people are just full of bad intentions, what can they not do?"

                Huang Liang nodded repeatedly, "Let's get Sister Hanxia to divorce him as a matter of urgency."

                The four of them grumbled for a while, but eventually fell silent.

                Fang Hui whispered, "Lin Mo doesn't want to turn himself in, what now?"

                Xu Jiangong looked at Huang Liang, who was suddenly flustered: "It's alright, this matter is out of his hands. When the time comes, we'll just bite the bullet and say that he did it!"

                Xu Jiangong: "Is this ...... going to work?"

                Huang Liang's eyes were fierce: "Whether he can or not, he can't get away with it anyway."

                "If something happens to us, he can't get away with it!"

                "Besides, if more people take the blame, each of us will be less culpable."

                Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui looked at each other and nodded slowly: "If he is unkind, don't blame us for being unrighteous."

                "If we don't have a good life, he won't have one either!"

                City Hospital.

                Once Huang Shao's condition was stabilised, he was transferred directly to the city hospital where the medical conditions were the best.

                In the afternoon, Madam Huang brought a group of people to this place, and also specially invited Elder Yue to come here to mainly watch over Young Huang.

                A group of people were guarding the entrance of the ward, and Madam Huang also brought her cousin, Fatty White, to guard the inside of the ward.

                Fatty White had a smug look on his face, "Sister, I just asked the doctor, my nephew's condition is very stable, he will be fine at all."

                "That Lin, he's just making things up. This is in the hospital, what can happen?"

                "Humph, there are so many of us here. If anything happens again, I'll die here!"

                Madam Huang nodded in satisfaction, "Very well, I'll leave this place to you, I'll go to the next room to rest."

                "Remember, no mistakes are allowed!"

                "Humph, how dare the surname Lin curse my son and say twenty-four hours."

                "When these twenty-four hours have passed and nothing has happened to my son at all, let's see how he ends up!"