Medical Genius Chapter 908

 With these words, Xu Hanxia stirred up a hornet's nest.

                Xu Dongxue directly snorted, "Sister, this is not quite right, what you said!"

                "The construction company is under Lin Mo's name, yes."

                "But, you mustn't forget that the shares in his name were transferred to him by Dad."

                "Speaking of which, this company, is still given to him by Dad."

                "Besides, this Lin Mo is a door-to-door son-in-law, what's in this family that belongs to him?"

                "Everything he eats, wears and lives in is the Xu family's. Who is he to say that the company is his?"

                "Everything is the Xu family's. Don't you understand?"

                Xu Jiangong jumped up, "Xu Hanxia, what do you mean?"

                "He, Lin Mo, is just a son-in-law, who are you to say that the construction company is his?"

                "Even if we were to divorce, a son-in-law like him would have to leave the family intact."

                "What does all this stuff at home have to do with him?"

                Fang Hui shook her head repeatedly, "Hanxia, why have you become like this?"

                "Why are you turning your elbow to the outside?"

                "Don't you know who is closest to you?"

                Xu Hanxia was furious: "You guys ...... are just stirring things up!"

                "What's wrong with a son-in-law? Is a son-in-law not a human being?"

                "Yes, it's true that you gave Lin Mo the shares of the construction company at that time."

                "But don't forget why you gave it to him in the first place."

                "At that time, you were afraid of going to jail, that's why you let Lin Mo take the blame."

                "Now that Lin Mo has done a good job with the construction company, you want to come and rob the construction company again, don't you feel ashamed of yourself?"

                Xu Jiangong thundered, "Who are you saying is disgraceful?"

                "Say it again?"

                "What, do you think I've embarrassed you as a father?"

                "Fine, if you think I've embarrassed you, I'll go out now and let a car run me over, I won't embarrass you, that's fine!"

                Xu Jiankong roared as he rushed outside.

                Huang Liang hurriedly stopped him, "Dad, dad, don't be angry."

                "Hey, this is all my fault, I didn't do a good job with the company."

                "Dad, why don't you just let brother-in-law check the accounts."

                "I have a clear conscience anyway ......"

                Xu Jiangong's heart was jumping, you have a clear conscience, but I have a conscience.

                Once Lin Mo checks the accounts, won't that immediately find out my money from the stock speculation?

                Fang Hui was also equally terrified, her own 10 million dollars could not be exposed.

                So, both of them yelled up at the same time, "Bullshit!"

                "He said he would check the accounts, what is he now?"

                "I'm telling you, no one but the two of us can check the construction company's accounts!"

                "Starting tomorrow, your mother and I will take turns to keep an eye on the construction company."

                "Whoever comes to check the accounts again, we will fight with him!"

                Huang Liang laughed darkly, this time, Lin Mo would not be able to check the accounts.

                But Xu Hanxia was annoyed: "Dad, Mum, what are you two doing?"

                "Lin Mo just wants to check his accounts, it's not a big deal, why are you two acting like this?"

                "Since Huang Liang has a clear conscience, then let Lin Mo check it out."

                "You two are so insistent on not allowing the accounts to be checked, what, there's really something wrong with the company's accounts, huh?"

                Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui's faces changed at the same time, and they said in unison, "What could be wrong with the company's accounts?"

                Fang Hui said with a glare, "Hanxia, this is not a matter of whether or not there are problems with the company's accounts, this is a matter of dignity!"

                "Xiao Huang was sent by your father, and is also the representative of our Xu family."

                "Lin Mo went to check his accounts, that's distrustful of him."

                "To distrust him is to distrust your father, to distrust our Xu family!"

                "This account, if we let him check it, then how can we still have the face to go out and meet people in the future?"

                "If word of this gets out, people who don't know will think that our Xu family is now in the hands of a son-in-law!"