Medical Genius Chapter 906

 Lin Mo's brow furrowed.

                He knew that Huang Liang must have wanted to take the opportunity to greed for some money, and he didn't care, not wanting to clash with Xu Jiangong Fang Hui again over this matter.

                But he didn't expect that Huang Liang would be so greedy.

                He wanted to get a billion dollars for something that was two hundred million dollars, this was to make a fortune from it.

                Huang Liang ran out of the company and the first thing he did was find Xu Dongxue who was shopping, "Xue'er, Lin Mo just came to the construction site."

                "He's going to check the company's accounts!"

                Xu Dongxue's face changed greatly, "So soon?"

                "What about ...... that?"

                Huang Liang smiled, "It's okay, I've already told Mom and Dad."

                "Let's both go and have dinner with mum and dad later, and talk to them about it again by the way."

                "As long as Mom and Dad don't let Lin Mo check the accounts, there's nothing he can do!"

                Xu Dongxue suddenly realized and laughed, "Honey, it's still you who's thoughtful, pulling both Mom and Dad down in advance."

                "Otherwise, this would have been troublesome!"

                Huang Liang heatedly smiled, "Alright, you go find Mom first and talk to her about this."

                "I'm going to find Dad now, let's have dinner together tonight!"

                Huang Liang hurriedly ran to the pharmacy, Xu Jiangong had been busy with the renovation of the pharmacy this time.

                When he saw Huang Liang coming, Xu Jian Gong was surprised: "Little Huang, aren't you busy today?"

                Huang Liang smiled, "The construction site is fine for now."

                "Oh, right dad, last time you bought that stock, how is it now?"

                Xu Jiangong's face couldn't help but change.

                Some time ago, he had been recommended by a friend to buy stocks and made some small profits himself, making him think that it was an opportunity to get rich.

                So, he transferred a million from the pharmacy's account to speculate on stocks, and made some more.

                This time, he went on a rampage and transferred more than 10 million from the company's account to speculate in stocks.

                However, this time he did not make any money, but lost some.

                Moreover, fearing that Fang Hui would check his accounts, he dared not continue to speculate and hurriedly transferred the money back to his pharmacy account.

                But he was really not willing to lose money, so he went to find Huang Liang.

                Without saying a word, Huang Liang transferred 20 million to him and let him speculate in the stock market.

                However, this time, Xu Jiankong was not so lucky.

                This ten days, more than twenty million, became more than ten million, a loss of almost 40%, Xu Jiangong have a heart to die.

                Huang Liang asked about this, he was naturally embarrassed beyond measure: "Uh, this ...... stock, recently it's okay, right?"

                "What, do you need money over at the construction company?"

                Seeing Xu Jiangong's expression, Huang Liang basically guessed what the situation was.

                He smiled, "It's not so much about using money."

                "It's just that this ...... this Lin Mo now wants to check the accounts of my company, and it's a bit hard to reconcile."

                "Dad, why don't you transfer the money to the company's account first, and I'll deal with Lin Mo first?"

                When Xu Jiangong heard this, he shivered with fear.

                How could he have the money to pay Huang Liang back now!

                He frowned and said indignantly, "What the hell is this Lin Mo up to?"

                "The company is so busy over there, and he suddenly runs off to ask for a check on the accounts, isn't that nonsense?"

                "The construction schedule of the villa area is so tight, what if he gets involved so blindly and delays the construction schedule?"

                Huang Liang immediately said, "Hey, Dad, I've told him that too."

                "But he just won't listen, saying something about the construction company spending too much money lately."

                "Dad, we're doing the highest-end villa area, so we must spend more money."

                "Didn't you ask me to be the general manager so that I could keep an eye on things and get the quality right?"

                "Now he's running off to check the accounts, is this a case of not trusting me, or not trusting you?"

                This sentence directly angered Xu Jiangong.

                He slapped the table and said angrily, "Tell him that it's not his turn to take charge of the company's accounts!"

                "If he wants to check the accounts, he has to ask me first too!"

                "What? You really think that no one in this family can control him?"