Medical Genius Chapter 904

 The stone that was hanging in Fang Hui's heart finally fell to the ground as she listened to Huang Liang's words.

                As long as Huang Liang was not in a hurry to ask for money, then her side would not be exposed for the time being.

                Moreover, Huang Liang's words also touched her.

                She nodded, "Little Huang, you still care about mum the most!"

                "Fine, it's not in vain that mum loves you."

                "When this project is done, after a while, your father and I will think of a way to make you the chairman of this side!"

                "Do a good job, don't let us down!"

                Huang Liang nodded his head repeatedly, "Mom, don't worry, I definitely won't let you down!"

                As soon as Fang Hui left, Huang Liang immediately smiled.

                Not long after, the door to the room opened and Deng Jun ran in in a hurry: "What did you ...... do again?"

                "How come the company account has allocated another 30 million out?"

                "Huang Liang, you've only been with the company for a few days, and you've spent almost five hundred million."

                "Even if you spend money, you should at least tell me about it, I'm in charge of the company's finances after all."

                "Now, I don't even know where this money is spent, how do you expect me to manage the finances?"

                Huang Liang had a disdainful look on his face, "Noisy!"

                "I'm the general manager of the company, there are so many big and small matters in the company, do I have to report to you on every single thing?"

                "Are you the general manager, or am I the general manager?"

                "Deng Jun, you know your place clearly!"

                Deng Jun was annoyed to the extreme: "Huang Liang, you are the general manager, yes!"

                "But since I'm the company's treasurer, I'm qualified to manage the company's accounts."

                "You give me the account book, I have to give an explanation to the company's board of directors!"

                Just at that moment, Lin Mo also happened to sneak up to the construction site.

                Xu Hanxia was busy at noon, so he was bored by himself and ran to find Deng Jun for lunch.

                Just as he reached the office door, he heard an argument coming from inside: "Who are you, who are you to check my accounts?"

                "You're just a dog of Lin Mo, and even Lin Mo is just a dog of my Xu family."

                "He doesn't even dare to say he's here to check the accounts, so who are you to check the accounts?"

                Lin Mo's brow furrowed as the voice, which was none other than Huang Liang's.

                What was going on here?

                Deng Jun's angry voice also came out, "I'm in charge of the finance side now, the company's accounts, they should have been under my control."

                "You have all the accounts in your own hands, I don't have anything, do you think you should be approached to find out what's going on?"

                "I don't know anything, how do you expect me to manage the finances?"

                Huang Liang: "You cut the crap!"

                "I'm the general manager, I naturally have the whole arrangement!"

                "If you think you can't manage the company's finances, you can quit and get lost, I definitely won't stop you!"

                Deng Jun: "You ...... are purely stirring things up!"

                Huang Liang said angrily: "Who are you saying is stirring up trouble?"

                "Damn, you lame trash."

                "If we hadn't taken you in, you'd still be begging for a living, and you dare to come here and tell me what to do?"

                "I'm telling you, I'm the general manager, I can do whatever I want!"

                "If you're not convinced, you can go and tell Lin Mo."

                "You see if that trash can back you up ......"

                Lin Mo's face was cold as he directly pushed the door in.

                Huang Liang's face changed, then he gave a cold snort and glanced at Lin Mo disdainfully.

                Lin Mo said in a deep voice: "What the hell is going on?"

                Without waiting for Deng Jun to speak, Huang Liang immediately said, "Lin Mo, what do you mean?"

                "Making me the general manager of the company and sending people to check the accounts twice in three days, are you targeting me?"

                "What, you're not convinced in your heart that Dad made me the general manager, so you're deliberately putting me in small shoes?"

                "If you don't want me to be this general manager, just say so, there's no need to pull these dirty tricks on me."

                Lin Mo frowned: "Huang Liang, be more polite."

                "Who has given you small shoes?"