Medical Genius Chapter 902

 Wu Fei Fei and Fang Hui hugged and cried, both of them now regretting to the extreme.

                It took a long time before the two gradually calmed down.

                "What now?"

                "10 million is gone, I ...... how am I going to explain to your second aunt's husband?"

                Fang Hui sighed despondently.

                Wu Fei Fei thought about it, "Second Aunt, Huang Liang is now in charge of the construction company side, there must be a lot of spare money on hand."

                "This ten million, I reckon he won't be in a hurry to ask for it."

                "Why don't you talk to him and use the 10 million from his side first to cover the gap on this side for now."

                "I ...... me and Xiaobing go out to work, and when we save up enough money, we'll pay you back this $10 million ......"

                If other people heard these words, they would definitely know that this Wu Fei Fei had no intention of paying back the money.

                10 million, she and Wu Bing went out to work, that would take several years to pay back ah!

                Fang Hui, on the other hand, looked at Wu Fei Fei with a pitying face, "Aiya, silly girl, doing this, you and Xiaobing, how much pressure you must be under!"

                Wu Fei Fei sighed, "Second Aunt, this matter was caused by us, of course we should compensate you."

                "Second Aunt, I'm the one who's sorry for you this time."

                "I really want to die and be done with it once and for all."

                "But if I die and you carry this $10 million debt all by yourself, I ...... have a bad conscience."

                "Second Aunt, don't worry, from now on Xiaobing and I will save our money and keep all of it, and we will definitely pay back this ten million!"

                Fang Hui was touched as she patted Wu Fei Fei's hand, "Fei Fei, you shouldn't blame yourself too much."

                "This matter, I ...... I'll figure it out ......"

                "It's a big deal to be scolded by your second aunt's husband, I've been living with him for so many years, he may not kick me out."

                "Well, you guys shouldn't have too much mental burden."

                "You young people, you should be energetic, don't have any pressure, understand?"

                Fang Hui comforted Wu Fei Fei and Wu Bing for a good while, before she left worriedly.

                As soon as she left, Wu Fei Fei and Wu Bing's faces immediately smiled.

                "What, I told you so?"

                "As long as you act pitiful enough, cry a few times, pretend you're going to jump or something, she'll immediately feel sorry for you."

                "See, she really won't let us pay back the 10 million!"

                Wu Bing laughed harshly.

                Wu Fei Fei also looked smug, "How about that? My scene just now was good, right?"

                "Tears were coming out of my eyes, I put quite a few drops of eye drops in advance."

                "Or else, could you fool her?"

                Wu Bing gave her a thumbs up, "Sister, you're still a great actor!"

                Wu Fei Fei laughed, but after a moment, she sighed again, "Damn, I really didn't expect that Peter, this son of a bitch, was really a liar!"

                "Seven million ah, just like that, this son of a bitch cheated away."

                "I was so blind, how could I fall in love with such a bastard!"

                Wu Bing spat, "Just this or a foreigner?"

                "I pooh, he's even more rubbish than all those Chinese men!"

                "Sister, I see, from now on, you shouldn't trust only those foreign men either."

                Fei Fei Wu waved her hand, "Xiaobing, you can't say that."

                "You can't dismiss a group of people just because of one person."

                "Peter is only his personal problem, foreigners as a whole are still of good quality!"

                "Besides, this Peter has been in China for too long and has been brought down by Chinese men, he's not really like that by nature."

                Wu Bing bristled, unimpressed, "Come on, sis, Peter has run away, let's not discuss him anymore."

                Wu Fei Fei hated him with a passion, "But he cheated me out of seven million dollars!"

                Wu Bing: "What's wrong with seven million?"

                "It wasn't your money, it was the Xu family's money, so why are you angry!"

                "Besides, we don't still have three million left in our hands!"