Medical Genius Chapter 900

 Xu Dongxue was somewhat discontented and became anxious directly after sending Fang Hui away, "Huang Liang, are you crazy?"

                "She said she wanted 10 million, so you gave it, you didn't even ask her what she was actually going to do?"

                Huang Liang sneered, "Xue'er, what do you care about her?"

                "I still think she's asking for too little!"

                Xu Dongxue was confused, "What ...... what does that mean?"

                Huang Liang glanced at her, "What do you mean?"

                "During this period of time, we both swallowed so much money from the construction company, do you think Lin Mo won't go to check the accounts later?"

                "Once he goes to check the accounts, when the time comes, how will we be able to explain?"

                Xu Dongxue bristled, "Humph, we're still afraid of him?"

                "He's just a son-in-law, is he allowed to speak in this family?"

                "The construction company is also our Xu family's business, no matter how much money we swallow, it's not his turn to take charge!"

                Huang Liang nodded, "You're right."

                "But the problem is, if Mom and Dad ask after us, how are we going to answer?"

                Xu Dongxue was stumped for a moment and frowned, "So, what exactly are you trying to say?"

                Huang Liang laughed, "A few days ago, I bought Dad a new car, a Rolls Royce."

                "And, that watch of Dad's, I also replaced it with a new one for him, over a million dollars."

                "I bought another piece of jewellery for Mum, costing more than seven hundred thousand."

                Xu Dongxue's eyes widened, "You ...... are you crazy?"

                "What's the point of buying so many things for them?"

                "More than seven hundred thousand dollars of jewellery, I don't even have any!"

                Huang Liang said slowly, "Don't be in a hurry!"

                "This money is spent, when the time comes, if they really check the accounts and pursue these things, we'll have an excuse ah."

                "Once Mom and Dad ask after it, we can say that it was bought for them and that the money was spent on them ah."

                "As long as mom and dad spent the money, when the time comes, it's a muddled account and they both won't be able to pursue it."

                "So, this time Ma wants $10 million, I don't even need to know what she's doing."

                "She's got our money now, when the time comes, she'll have to speak for us, understand?"

                Xu Dongxue dawned on her and said happily, "Aiya, husband, you're still shrewd."

                "Dragging them both down in advance, when the time comes, Lin Mo will be useless even if he checks the accounts!"

                "Could it even be that Mom and Dad are checking up on them too? Hahahaha ......"

                The next day, Xu Hanxia really did raid the pharmacy's accounts.

                However, Fang Hui had already made up the 10 million long ago, so she didn't find out anything.

                When Xu Hanxia saw that the money in the pharmacy was not missing, she was relieved and did not pay any more attention to the matter.

                After three days, Fang Hui suddenly received a call from Wu Bing.

                With a crying voice, Wu Bing said in a trembling voice: "Second Aunt, come quickly, I ...... my sister is going to commit suicide ......"

                Fang Hui shivered in fear: "What ...... is going on?"

                "Where are you, I'll be right there!"

                Ten minutes later, Fang Hui ran to a hotel in a hurry.

                Pushing the door into the room, she found Wu Fei Fei sitting on the floor with a look of despair.

                Wu Bing was standing next to her, his face full of anxiety, and as soon as he saw Fang Hui, he said urgently, "Second Aunt, please persuade my sister quickly."

                "She doesn't want to live anymore ......"

                Fang Hui hurriedly ran over, "Fifi, what's wrong with you ......?"

                "Don't you scare second aunt!"

                "What happened, you tell second aunt, don't do anything stupid!"

                Wu Fei Fei raised her head, her eyes red, and said in a trembling voice: "Second Aunt, I ...... I've been cheated ......"

                "Peter's phone is off, I can't get through no matter how I call."

                "I went to the place he rented and all his things had moved out."

                "I went to Wong's group to ask about it and no one knew him at all."

                "Huang's group side said that their company, simply ...... doesn't have this person at all ......"