Medical Genius Chapter 9-10

 Chapter 9

Walking over to the hospital bed, Lin Mo sighed softly.

                On the hospital bed was a stunningly beautiful woman, who, in terms of looks, was no worse than Xu Hanxia.

                However, she was now so thin that only a silhouette remained, and looked extremely miserable.

                Lin Mo circled around the bed and suddenly looked up, "Mr. Nan, how much did you spend to hire Xie Fangming to take care of Miss Nan?"

                "I didn't come here for payment when I worked for Mr. Nan!" Xie Fangming immediately said, "I have a close relationship with Mr. Nan, his business is my business!"

                Nan Batian was silent, with slight gratitude in his eyes. Xie Fangming had taken care of his daughter here for half a year, he was indeed touched.

                Lin Mo, on the other hand, gave a cold laugh: "Not a penny? Xie Fangming, then you should really die!"

                "What the hell are you ...... talking about?" Xie Fangming was annoyed.

                Nanba Tian was also slightly dissatisfied, what did that mean?

                Lin Mo ignored him and just looked at Elder He: "Elder He, you were actually right to place the needle!"

                "Oh?" He Lao was surprised: "Then why didn't Miss Nan wake up and, furthermore, ...... got even worse ......"

                "Because, someone has moved on her!" Lin Mo looked at Xie Fangming with a faint smile, "Someone planted silver needles in her body and sealed her acupuncture points. If an outsider rashly pushes the needles, it will only cause her body's vitality to dissipate quickly, and she may even die as a result!"

                Xie Fangming's face immediately turned pale and he was sweating profusely.

                Nanba Tian's face also changed, and he gave Xie Fangming a deep look.

                In these six months, only Xie Fangming had the most contact with his daughter, so who did this matter, did it even need to be said?

                "Surnamed Lin, you ...... you want to spew blood?" Xie Fangming pretended to be calm: "You have to speak with evidence, and for the past six months, it has been the old man here. What do you mean by this, is that the old man has moved?"

                "You don't need to be anxious, it will be clear soon!" Lin Mo walked over to Miss Nan's bedside at this point.

                He reached out and nodded at Miss Nan's forehead, his two fingers quickly nudging several acupuncture points on her face. At the same time, his left hand grabbed three silver needles and stabbed them accurately into the three acupuncture points on Miss Nan's face with the swiftness of lightning.

                With the three needles, a small bump appeared on Miss Nan's forehead, as if something was about to come out.

                Lin Mo's fingers did not stop, grabbing out silver needles one after another and continuously stabbing into the acupuncture points on Miss Nan's body.

                A total of eighteen stitches, the whole process, in less than half a minute, all eighteen stitches were accurately placed!

                At this moment, even Xie Fangming's eyes widened. He was an expert acupuncturist himself, so he could naturally tell that Lin Mo's technique was very strong, far superior to his!

                At this moment, a blood spot unexpectedly slowly appeared on Miss Nan's forehead.

                Nan Batian hurriedly took a step forward, and in the midst of that blood spot, there was surprisingly a needle tip that slowly revealed itself.

                Lin Mo stretched out his hands, caught the tip of that needle and gently pulled it out.

                It was half a silver needle, only about three centimetres.

                Nan Batian's face changed greatly and he said urgently, "This ...... is the silver needle that sealed her acupuncture point?"

                "Exactly!" Lin Mo nodded his head.

                Nan Batian immediately looked at Xie Fangming, who changed his face sharply and slyly argued, "That ...... wasn't left by me either, it's not like my name was written on this silver needle ......"

                "There's no hurry, we'll find out in a moment!" Lin Mo said calmly.

                Xie Fangming looked fearful but still said unconvincingly, "You ...... are not trying to frame me ......"

                Lin Mo ignored him as the Creation God Needle struck again, stabbing into thirty-six major acupuncture points on Miss Nan's body one after another.

                After the last needle was stabbed in, Lin Mo then slapped his palm on Miss Nan's head and said softly, "Wake up!"

                As the crowd watched, Miss Nan's eyelids moved, and after being in a coma for over a year, she opened her eyes slowly.

                The crowd was in an uproar and Nan Batian ran to the bedside, even though he was as strong as he was, his eyes were full of hot tears at this moment.

                This was his only daughter, his only hope and trust!

                After being in a coma for a year and finally waking up, Nanba Tian's emotions could be imagined.

                "Bing'er, you ...... you've finally woken up ......," Nan Batian's voice was choked with sobs.

                Miss Nan looked around blankly and said weakly, "Dad ......"

                Tears finally welled up in Nanba Tian's eyes, he had dreamed of this word countless times over the past year. Today, finally, he was able to hear it!

                Just then, Lin Mo suddenly shouted coldly, "Xie Fangming, you seek death!"

                As he spoke, Xie Fangming happened to wave his right hand, and three silver needles flew directly towards Miss Nan.

                Lin Mo had already grabbed the bed sheet next to him and blocked those three silver needles at the same time.

                Nan Batian's face was very cold and he directly waved his hand, and a man next to him rushed up like a dragon like a tiger and fought with Xie Fangming.

                Xie Fangming was still a bit strong, but he was no match for the man after all. It didn't take long before the man broke his hands and threw him in front of Nanba Tian.

                Nan Batian's face was ice-cold to the core, those three silver needles had just flown towards his daughter. If Lin Mo hadn't stopped them, his daughter might have been in danger.

                "Xie Fangming, what are you trying to do!" Nanba Tian said in a cold voice.

                Xie Fangming gasped for breath and gritted his teeth without speaking.

                "Mr. Nan, why don't you ask your daughter first." Lin Mo said softly, "Isn't it obvious that he is going to make a move to kill your daughter as soon as she wakes up?"

                Nan Batian immediately looked at his daughter, and although Miss Nan was weak, she still gritted her teeth and said, "Dad, the one who hit ...... me was Xie Tianlin ......"

                "What!?" Nan Baitian was furious, Xie Tianlin, was none other than Xie Fangming's son!

                At this moment, everything became clear.

                No wonder Xie Fangming would personally run to take care of Miss Nan, he didn't come to save Miss Nan, he wanted to make sure that Miss Nan would never be able to revive. In this way, this matter could never be revealed.

                Of course, he wouldn't dare to kill Miss Nan. Once Miss Nan died, then he would not be able to get away with it even if he was here to take care of it.

                So, he took advantage of this incident with He Lao and secretly moved on Miss Nan's body. By placing the needles, He Lao had inspired the silver needles he had placed in Miss Nan's body, and it would kill Miss Nan.

                Nan Batian's face was cold: "No wonder for so long I have been unable to find out who actually hit and injured my daughter, it was all because of your Xie family. Xie Fangming, you are really vicious!"

                Xie Fangming gritted his teeth and said in a deep voice, "Nanba Tian, the king is the loser, I admit to losing. However, there is a reason for injustice, this is a matter for me alone ......"

                "Hmph, I, Nanba Tian, never talk about what one person does!" Nanba Tian said coldly, "This is your matter alone, but the entire Xie family must be buried with you."

                After speaking, Nanba Tian waved his hand and shouted coldly, "All members of the direct line of the Xie family, kill them all. Everyone else, expel them from Guangyang City and never set foot in Guangyang City again for eternity!"

                "Yes!" The man next to him bowed in response, turned and walked out.

                Lin Mo stood beside him with a shocked look on his face.

                Nanba Tian, he really was so powerful.

                With a single word, he decided the life and death of a great clan!

                "Mr. Lin, please accept a bow from Nan!" Nan Batian actually turned around and knelt before Lin Mo: "Thank you for saving my daughter, I will never forget it! If Mr. Lin needs anything, please do not hesitate to give orders to Nan. In this Guangyang City, there is nothing that Nan can't do!"

Chapter 10

Next to him, Chen Shengyuan He Lao was dumbfounded, how could a big shot like Nanba Tian kneel down for someone?

                This time, just how much of a favor Lin Mo had received from Nan Baitian!

                "Mr. Nan needn't be polite!" Lin Mo waved his hand, "A healer's heart, this is all what I should do, no need to hang on to it. However, I hope that Mr. Nan can do me a favour!"

                "Mr. Lin, please do as you wish!" Nan Baitian hurriedly said, "No matter what it is, be it a mountain of swords or a sea of fire, I will definitely die!"

                "It's nothing, it's just that this time, don't make any noise about it." Lin Mo said softly, "I like to keep quiet."

                Nan Batian froze for a moment, then understood Lin Mo's meaning, and immediately nodded, "Good, no one can announce today's incident!"

                The next few people nodded their heads, Nanba Tian's words were like holy orders, who dared to disobey?

                Next, Lin Mo re-wrote another prescription.

                "Although Miss Nan has woken up, she has been in a coma for a year after all, and her body is weak. Moreover, she has a dark illness, so it will be even harder for her body to recover. This prescription will help her recover her vitality. In half a month's time, she will be completely recovered, and when that time comes, Mr. Nan will bring her to see me again, and I will help her treat her dark illness!"

                Nan Batian was overjoyed and hurriedly extended his hand to receive the prescription, "Many thanks, Mr. Lin!"

                Lin Mo did not hand him the prescription, but handed it to He Lao who was next to him.

                "Mr. Nan, pill refining is not something that can be done casually. If there is a mistake in refining the medicine, the medicinal effects will vary greatly. I think it's better to leave the pill refining to Elder He, after all, Elder He is more experienced!"

                At these words, He Lao was directly confused.

                This might seem like Lin Mo was giving him a job, but in fact, it was a heavenly opportunity.

                Personally refining medicine here and helping Miss Nan to heal, Nanba Tian would definitely be grateful to him. Who, in general, would be able to gain Nan Batian's gratitude?

                Nan Batian immediately nodded: ''Good, let's do as Mr. Lin says. Elder He, this matter, I'll trouble you!"

                "You're welcome, Mr. Nan, it's all my duty!" He Lao hurriedly bowed his hand and returned.

                Bidding farewell to Nan Batian, Lin Mo first went back to the Sacred Origin Pharmacy.

                Lin Xi's vital signs had returned to normal, and Lin Mo intended to take her home, it was not suitable to stay at the Grand Pharmacy all the time.

                He Lao followed him all the way. He stayed several times, but was refused by Lin Mo. He had no choice but to follow Lin Mo and take him home.

                The place where Lin Mo lived was in the North Bazaar Street of Guangyang City.

                This was a famous slum area in Guangyang City, where mainly people who worked as labourers lived.

                Although Lin Mo had joined the Xu family, Lin Xi could not follow him into the Xu family. There was no choice but to rent a house for her here, and Lin Mo lived here most of the time.

                He Lao looked at the dirty grounds outside and was amazed.

                With a medical skill like Lin Mo's, earning money was absolutely easy, so how could he live in such an isolated place?

                It didn't take long for the vehicle to arrive outside the set of houses that Lin Mo had rented.

                Before Lin Mo could enter the house, he saw his bedding and clothes thrown outside the door and scattered all over the place.

                His face changed as he got out of the car and walked over, just in time to see the landlady coming out from inside.

                The landlady was a notoriously shrewish woman in this area, greedy to the core, and Lin Mo had suffered a lot from her in the past.

                "Lin Mo, you've come back just in time!" The landlady pointed at Lin Mo with one hand on her waist, "I'm not renting that house to you anymore. You've already moved your things out, so pack up and get out!"

                "Why?" Lin Mo was annoyed: "I paid the rent!"

                "So what?" The landlady shouted, "What's your sister's situation, don't you know it yourself? If she dies in my house, who will I rent this house to in the future?"

                "Then you can't go so far!" Lin Mo said angrily, "I've paid the rent, even if you want us to move, you should at least tell us first, so that we can find a place to stay!"

                "This is my house, I can do whatever I want, what else can you do?" The landlady cursed, "You're a son-in-law who eats soft food, why don't you take a piss and look at yourself, who are you to talk to me like this?"

                Lin Mo: "You ......"

                The landlady: "What am I? If you don't get lost, believe it or not, I'll have my husband break your dog's legs!"

                At that moment, He Lao slowly walked over, "Whose legs are you going to break?"

                The landlady glanced at He Lao and restrained herself a little: "What's it to do with you?"

                "Mr. Lin is my friend, what's his business, is my business!" He Lao said in a cold voice, "Say it again, whose leg are you going to break?"

                He Lao's imposing manner caused the chartered lady to panic a little. She forced her composure and said loudly, "What? I don't want to rent my own house to him, so I won't rent it to him. What are you trying to do? Forcing me to rent a room? Are you robbers?"

                "Don't worry, this house of yours, Mr. Lin won't live in it either!" He Lao said softly, "Mr. Lin, if you don't mind, I have a lookout villa by the Guangyang River, so for the time being, I'll condemn you to live there!"

                The landlady was stunned and then laughed, "A villa on the Wangjiang River? Old man, you can really brag. Do you know how much a Wangjiang villa costs? If you don't have 30 million, you won't be able to get it. How much is thirty million, have you seen it?"

                He Lao simply ignored the landlady, and only looked at Lin Mo respectfully.

                Lin Mo knew what He Lao meant, he wanted to take the opportunity to get closer to him. Of course Lin Mo wouldn't refuse, he was very short of money right now and needed this very much.

                He didn't ask Nan Batian for money because he still had to get Nan Batian to help him with more important things. Nanba Tian's value was by no means as simple as money, the most crucial thing was his power!

                "Then, thank you very much, Elder He!"

                Elder He was overjoyed and hurriedly said, "It's an honour for old man Lin to stay in my house. Xiao Ding, help Mr. Lin carry his things onto the car!"

                After a pause, He Lao said softly, "Also, have someone come and take care of things here. Mr. Lin's rental date has not yet arrived, and this landlord is forcibly evicting people, which is a serious breach of contract. Have the company's legal affairs follow up personally, and remember, the heaviest punishment possible!"

                The driver, Xiaodin, nodded in a hurry, "Yes, Elder He!"

                The chartered lady was dumbfounded, if this matter really went to court, she would definitely be finished.

                "Old man, I'm just kidding. Lin Mo, this house, I ...... I still rent it to you ......"

                No matter how much the landlady begged, no one paid any attention to her anymore.

                He Lao personally helped Lin Mo carry his things into the car and drove him straight away, leaving the charter lady sitting on the ground alone.