Medical Genius Chapter 896

 Wu Bing stayed in hospital for three days before he was discharged.

                The first thing he did was to find Fei Fei Wu and ask her how she was doing with her revenge for herself.

                For the past few days, Wu Fei Fei had been tangled up with Peter.

                Being questioned by Wu Bing, Wu Fei Fei couldn't help but be filled with embarrassment.

                "Little Bing, ah, this matter, you should not be in a hurry for now."

                "During this period of time, your brother-in-law Peter is busy with a big project."

                "Once this project is made, your brother-in-law will be the general manager of the Huang Group."

                "When that time comes, those snobs in the Xu family will surely run over to beg us immediately."

                "Not to mention revenge, even if you want to drive Lin Mo out of the Xu family, no one would dare to say anything!"

                Wu Bing had an excited face, "Really?"

                "Sister, what kind of project did I ...... my brother-in-law do?"

                Wu Fei Fei smiled, "Your brother-in-law said that this project, for the time being, has to be kept secret."

                "This is one of the most important projects he came to Huaxia for, and it can't be known by others."

                "As you know, Chinese people don't have the spirit of contract. Once they let others know, they might use some method to take away this project from your brother-in-law."

                "That's why your brother-in-law is now even investing his own money for research and development."

                "He doesn't even use a single cent of the money Huang Yongfeng gives him, he just wants to hold all the control of this project!"

                Wu Bing was even more excited, "Wow, so this is a big project."

                "Sister, what exactly is the project?"

                "Can you tell me about it?"

                Wu Fei Fei smiled and waved her hand, "Not to mention you, even I only know a little bit about it."

                "Your brother-in-law said, once this project is made, it's hundreds of billions of profit."

                "By then, all those big conglomerates in China will probably be lining up to work with him."

                Wu Bing's eyes were shining: "Sister, then after this project is completed, can brother-in-law put me in?"

                Wu Fei Fei smiled smugly, "Don't worry, your brother-in-law has already said so."

                "When this project is made, you will go and follow him afterwards."

                "By then, no matter which company he is in, you can follow him there, or at least become a department manager."

                "Of course, this is just the beginning. Your brother-in-law said that you are still young and have to start from the grassroots, so you have to at least start as a department manager, can you understand your brother-in-law's pains?"

                Wu Bing nodded his head repeatedly, "Understood, understood."

                "Sister, you're still great, you found me such a capable brother-in-law."

                "Hahahaha, Peter is much better than that Lin Mo, that wimp."

                "That's all the Xu family has, look at the way they all have no one in their sights."

                "And they want to cut off relations with us?"

                "Hmph, when brother-in-law's hundred billion dollar project is done, I'll see how they'll cry then!"

                "I'm telling you first, when the time comes, even if they come on their knees to beg you, you can't be soft-hearted!"

                "Those snobs in the Xu family, you absolutely can't give them any face!"

                Wu Fei Fei nodded her head vigorously.

                Having been cheated by Fang Wu De this time, and having been kicked out by the Xu family, she was also saving up a lot of anger in her heart, expecting Peter to avenge herself.

                Wu Bing looked joyful: "By the way, brother-in-law, this project, when will it be done?"

                Wu Fei Fei looked a bit gloomy and sighed, "Hey, it's hard to say."

                "Your brother-in-law has recently engaged in research and development, and has invested all his money, and is rather short of funds on hand."

                "He is contacting his friends abroad and asking those friends to help pull some investment over."

                "If the investment can be in place, in half a month at most, a week at least, this project will be completed!"

                "Oh, by the way, Xiaobing, do you have any money there?"

                "Get me some first, in the past two days, your brother-in-law has sublet all the houses, just for this project."

                "I want to get some money and give him some support!"