Medical Genius Chapter 895

 The next morning, Lin Mo did not go to work and went to Wangjiang Garden by himself.

                First, he saw Lin Xi, then went to Barbara's place.

                The skin on Ah Man's body had recovered quite a bit, and both of her arms could now be exposed.

                The skin was as smooth as jade, as if it were a child's skin.

                One could tell that without these pustules, she would have been a very pretty girl.

                Seeing Lin Mo, Barbara ran over happily and shouted vaguely, "Brother Lin."

                Lin Mo smiled as he handed a bag to Barbara.

                Barbara opened it and saw that inside was the corpse of the poisonous toad.

                Barbara was not the least bit afraid, instead she was delighted as she took the poisonous toad out and put it in her hand to observe it carefully.

                If the people of the Fang family had seen this scene, they would have been shocked.

                One must know that this poisonous toad is extremely poisonous and will kill you if you touch it.

                Barbara was holding it in her hand like this, yet nothing happened at all!

                Lin Mo took the porcelain vase out and the snake centipede crawled out as well.

                It seemed to like Barbara very much, crawling directly onto Barbara's arm and crawling around Barbara's wrist, as if it was being pampered, intimate to the extreme.

                Barbara also liked this snake centipede and gently stroked it. The snake centipede actually lay on Barbara's arm and did not move a muscle, allowing Barbara to stroke itself.

                As Lin Mo watched this scene, his heart was even more shocked.

                He pondered for a moment and said in a low voice, "Barbara, I've found out your origin."

                Ah Barbara froze for a moment, her emotions becoming somewhat downcast as she looked at Lin Mo: "Brother Lin, are you ...... you going to kick me out?"

                Lin Mo smiled, "Barbara, you've misunderstood."

                "I just found out about your birth, I didn't say I wanted to kick you out."

                "As long as you want, you can live here forever!"

                Barbara instantly smiled, "Brother Lin, as long as you don't kick me out, I'll stay with you forever!"

                Lin Mo's smile was a little forced, he would have liked to let Barbara stay.

                However, some people might not think so.

                "Right, Barbara, do you still have an impression of your father?"

                Lin Mo asked.

                Ah Man shook her head, she was still a child still in swaddling clothes when she was brought out of the Miao border.

                How could she possibly have any impressions about her father?

                After a moment of silence, Ah Man suddenly said, "Mother said that Father felt that I was a plague and wanted to kill me."

                "That's why Mother took me and ran away."

                Lin Mo sighed, this was similar to what he had been given on the information.

                When Barbara was born, she was covered in pus and was considered unlucky, and the clan wanted to kill her to sacrifice to the heavens.

                It was Barbara's mother who took her to escape from the Miao frontier and she was able to save her life.

                Lin Mo chatted with Ah Man for a while, and finally took two porcelain vases from Ah Man and left first.

                As for the snake centipede, it stayed by Ah Man's side.

                Sang Zhuo's guess was correct, this snake centipede had, indeed, come into contact with Ah Man.

                In fact, in the last few days, all of the five poisonous compulsions that Lin Mo had obtained earlier were left here with Barbarian, and were personally cultivated by Barbarian.

                At night, Lin Mo would come to her place and take one of the compulsions with him to prevent accidents from happening.

                Last night, it was fortunate that she had brought the snake centipede with her, otherwise, that poisonous toad, would not be very good to tackle.

                With Lin Mo's strength, it was not difficult to chop off that poisonous toad.

                But the problem was that there were too many people at the scene.

                If Lin Mo chopped off the poisonous toad by force, the venom would splash around and hurt the innocent, which was not what Lin Mo wanted to see.

                And by using the snake centipede to solve the poisonous toad, the casualties were reduced to a minimum.

                At the same time, Lin Mo also had to be impressed.

                Barbara was truly magical, after these parasites followed her around, their toxicity was all greatly increased.

                One should know that the poisonous toads were far more toxic than the snake centipedes.

                However, it was incredible that the snake centipede could effortlessly kill the poisonous toad after following Barbara for two days.